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Found 10 results

  1. Finished this morning a pretty basic kit with some decent detail,color is Tamiya Bright Red.Wheels from the Aoshima Huracan,decals went on well despite being over 30 years old.Was aiming for a different look if the kit was new to the supercar scene. A few more outdoor pictures
  2. Started a new build a few days ago,decided not to build it in the box art colors,going with a Tamiya Bright Red exterior and a wheel swap.Interior colors i'm still debating. Wheels are from the Huracan. Have a few of the chassis parts painted.
  3. Crown Vic meets Rolls Royce tank engine. https://www.autoblog.com/2020/06/18/ford-crown-victoria-gets-tank-engine/?fbclid=IwAR3dWAWHWUOrg0EMDXUfYcv3T2gxaKp_fmNT1R93TVIrwY7q2Ytpw1sss_8
  4. One of my absolute favorite supercars. Mclaren F1 Longtail. it has the Aoshima photoetch kit as well..... enjoy!
  5. Another project i have been pulling out of the box when waiting on parts for other project. You would think i had learned by now to get everything before i start somthing new. This was a idea that pop into my head a year ago,i`m not sure it is a good or bad idea yet. I had to lenghten and section the hood,lengthen the frame,section and adapt the front fenders and make them reach a little longer down at the rear,below the molding. Quite the challenge for a rookie as me,but so far so good. I have to try make some trim running forward on the hood,or remove the part from the donor (48 Revell Ford). I had in mind doing it mild custom,try make it look original beside having it a little bit lowered and use some tires with fat whitewalls. I found a flathead v12 on Ebay i want to use,it`s got some mild tuning look to it,tripple carbs and finned heads, it should be right around the corner so i can attempt making it fit. I`m also thinking dual exhaust,not with lakepipes, but coming out the back,the v8Ford only got one. I will be using Lincoln bumpers and the crome,also i want to try drill out the stock front lights and add buckets and glass,if i can find a decent donor. Well,it`s pretty ugly now,but hopefully it can be made into somthing in the end. This is just some rough mock up. Thanks for looking.
  6. Okay, so I was working on a scale front placement conversion of the 4th generation 'vette LS V8 drivetrain, and came across/inspired by this article about some guys making a LS V12 engine from couple of V8s ....it's even easier for us to do in plastic, and so I figured why not? How cool would a V12 LS hot rod be!? going to work on the block next, but otherwise should use all the same ancillaries, only manifolds to construct otherwise
  7. om617

    1949 Mercury

    Just finished this AMT kit,just needs some more blackwash on the grill and install of the radiator hoses. It`s built out of the box,i used some flame mask i found on Ebay and Tamiya paint. From the parts box are outside mirror,antenna and front indicators,they are the same style as the rear lights,59 Cadillac-ish. The v12 is the original v8 with added 4cyl from a parts engine from a 48 Ford. I used 2 webers and exhaust tips from an old Ferrari kit,added an supercharger and some small things. Not really that nice so this will keep its hood shut lol. I was aiming more at the hot rods over the custom lead slead style. Anyway,here are some pics. Comments and constructive critique is welcome.
  8. Been snooping around but not found anything besides the Parts Box v12. Is there any options besides this engine?
  9. Thought i should try give this old Tamiya Benz new life. Not sure what style it is but there is some 80s tuner Lorinser bodykit,VIP wheels,i think they are Work,but the package does not say. The tires are 295-35-18 at the rear and 235-40-18 at the front. The paint have lots of pink pearl on it but i did not manage to capture it. The engine is a 6liter 48valve 408hp from w140 S-class AMG,also Tamiya. I painted it like the engine in the Brabus 7,3. This one have 582hp & 772nm. The interior is called bull blood red,but i`m sure it`s got a better name,i forgot to take a picture before assembly. The plenum and covers on each side of the engine is treated with Kosutte-Ginsan (This stuff is amazing). I mounted some fat exhaustips,put on some VIP stickers on front fenders and rear hatch,polished the body with meguiars and put on some strips of BMF. Anyway i hope you like it and here are some pictures. Comments and critice are welcome.
  10. Hello. This idea of making a private racer of the 450SLC popped into my head a while ago. I got the donor the other day so now i`m mostly searching parts and stuff for the build. The engine/drivetrain i`m not 100% about,but i was thinking about using the 6litre AMG v12 with ITB`s,and maby transmission and drivetrain from the SLS AMG,maby Fujimi. I also have some straight six engines,3,2litre and 3litre 24v wich would look good with ITB`s. The are some 32v and 16v v8 engines among the spare parts,but i cant decide yet. I just like the idea of a hight rev natural aspiratet v12 and manual transmission. The donor. Just silly fitting the engine donor in the engine room. Plan is to adapt flares and front spoiler form an old Monogram Porsche 924 Grp5 kit. Sorry about the quality on the pictures. Here is a bit of inspiration. I`m thinking a street legal car,not full race. Not sure about mpg in city with v12 Thanks for watching. Also comments are welcome,good or bad.
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