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Scale I Build

Found 19 results

  1. I started this one near the beginning of Covid19 lockdowns as a quicky (laugh). This was finished recently, and I've been waiting for perfect dry overcast day to photograph it. You can see the build thread Here Here are some of the things I learned along the way... 1. This was my first time using a Tamiya TS aerosol. The paint is lovely, but I did not find it as tough as others. I did not clear coat over the top, but if I had it would not have been an issue. The paint finished seemed to pick up micro scratches very easily during the final stages of the build. 2. All the extra work put into modifying the interior door trim was mostly wasted. You can barely see it and it held up progress a lot. 3. This kit has a lot of trim to add to the body. It’s extremely fiddly and drained the fun out of the build towards the end. If I were building it again, I may be tempted to build as a modded car without the trim, or actually fit the trim before paint and then apply foil afterwards. 4. Although many have had good results with embossing powder for carpet, it did not agree with me. I will be using flocking from now on. 5. The biggest hold-up with this project was figuring out how to do the front and rear window trim. They should be chrome trim and black rubber seals (like most cars of this period). I just could not figure out how to replicate this in an easy way. I could foil it and it would all be chrome, or I could paint it and it would all be black. In the end I used the kit supplied decals, which are okay, but they are silver/black not chrome/black. I’m constantly trying to learn, so your comments, criticisms and advice are welcome. Here is the end result. I hope you like it. Thanks for looking. Overall this kit is a joy. Despite the fiddly bits, things like the self-adhesive chrome badges and multi-piece tail-lights make this kit stand out. You won't be surprised to know that I have now purchased the Turbo version of this kit and it is waiting in my stash for a future build.
  2. A friend of mine asked if I could replicate his friend's track car, a BMW M3 GTS with track mods and a unique lime green wrap. See pics. Found the Kyosho model online for a reasonable price. She's now dismantled and being prepped for interior mods and a new paint job. Need to commission the decals and make new aero aids front and rear. Also need to source carbon fiber decals for hood and trunk. Pics show wheels and interior tray primed. Everything came apart pretty well with little fuss. The wrap color is Avery Gloss Lime Green. Cheers....Geoff
  3. Came across one a few months back, but couldn't afford the price. I fell in love with the design and knew I wanted one. So, when I got the unforeseen money of the stimulus I knew it was the first car on my list to buy. The kit itself is not bad. I just don't like that some pieces are molded in black. I'd love to get another one so I can do a different color. I don't think the white color does it justice. It doesn't show the lines of the car that well. I saw one in a nice blue color when looking them up online to see what combinations they had. It is a really nice kit for an old Revell kit. SAM_0058 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0059 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0060 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0061 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0062 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0063 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0064 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  4. I bought this kit from ebay a while ago, it's original decals are included, but they are crackled. the kit came with a set of B*H decals for the Longhurst version, and a resin piece for the rear spoiler I've already got the paints from zero, I'm going for Camel Yellow & Zero Gloss white, i'll do the body first!
  5. A slight departure from my usual builds.. I lowered the ride height and used aftermarket BBS wheels and a metal muffler. I replace the tail lights with red bullet lenses and flocked the floor. Molotow chrome ink was airbrushed onto the parcel and luggage racks. Paint is mostly nail polish with some rattle can (& candy) paint decanted and thinned for airbrushing. This Revell kit is well made and has Tamiya fit quality. It's not often I build kits with such new tooling, so parts cleanup felt like a breeze. I hope you like it
  6. This Revell kit is nice quality. The parts required minimal cleanup and virtually snap together. I'm giving this a custom paint job, tinted glass and a wheel swap. Silver base first, then some tape lines:
  7. When Tamiya introduced the AMG GT3 race car I knew I would have to get one, after building it as the kit intended, I got 5 more. Then Platz introduced the BMW M6 GT3, I built one, and then got 5 more of that one too. Below are 4 versions of each car. I have 2 more of each in the Que. The AMG in the "Watch" version, IWC #50 (dull charcoal) and in the HTP Motorsport Mann Filter #84 (yellow with green trim) both decal sets from Slotfabrik of Germany. The remaining BMW livery's are the Falken blue and green car just released, and the Sepang 2017 Fiste #90 car with decals from Slotfabrik. First up, the AMG's Now the BMW M6's
  8. Hello, I dare to make a construction report here. A mini will be built in a Liberty Walk robe. The entire Liberty Walk Kit I have created on the PC and printed using my 3D printer. Here is the progress so far. Here are the bumpers. And with body.
  9. Hello everyone! Here is my latest finished model. Its Hasegawa BMW 2002 tii. I had bad luck with painting it, and after 2 times of stripping the paint, i started to make some patina look, and leave my show room clean and shiny plans for some other project. I used lot of detailing parts from differend aftermarket shops like Scaleproduction and High light model studio. I also made some scrach building like inner door panel for driver side has only "skeleton" left with handles. Tiger seats are hand painted with Tamiya colors. Roof rack is from Gunze Sagnyos Karmann Ghia, and i made those wooden parts from balsa wood sheet.. Model is weathered with Tamiya weathering sets, Vallejo color washes and some oil colors. besides white painted front fender, all dirty and rusty white areas are actually weathered and matt clear coated white plastic. Yellow tint in rear side window is made from Evergreen sheet. Some decals are prited by myself and rest are from decal sheets i have here and there.. Finnish licence plates are printed on photo paper with my printer. Now less talk since my english is not that good, and more photos of this BMW with thousand and one stories.. oh and feel free for comments and questions what you might have about this build.
  10. All, this was finished a few months ago, but I was quite annoyed at the fact that the AC Schnitzer decals fell apart when trying to apply, that i lost the heart to post it... I thought I'd take advantage of the sun today to post some pics. It is coated in Tamiya Silver base coat, BMW green touch up paint (filtered for large flakes) and clear coated with 1K Zero paints without any polish. the kit is basic, but builds up ok, there is a build thread on this site too. the interior is turquoise, but doesn't suit the car. If I was to do this again, the interior would be black, white or cream. All the decals were shot on this kit, they looked OK, but they disintegrated when trying to apply. Comments and criticisms welcome!
  11. I am coming to the end of 2 of my current 3 unfinished builds. So I need to start 2 more, one of which will be this BMW by Fujimi. It's an old kit, but was re-issued recently, and can be bought for not much, I think tis was about a tenner a few years ago. It's really simple, curb side, and not much detail. The energy here is in the body & interior. I will be doing a completely OOB build, the only additions if I feel up to it, will be flocking and seatbelts. I wanted to do this in the medium metallic green exterior colour, however, I haven't found a good match, so the exterior will be black & interior with be blue. Here are some sprue shots...
  12. Revell of Germany's kit built straight from the box with no worries. Yes, the color is factory stock. The tennis racquet is a charm bead.
  13. Hello ... finally finished. Final details took a lot of time, also because had a funny custom build in the middle. Perhaps I show this later. Here the link to WIP: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/112970-bmw-327-roadster-from-1939-scratchbuild-in-balsa/
  14. Hello ... I thought to show some pictures of my ongoing project, a BMW 327 Roadster from 1939, guess not very famous in USA. Today I finished the body, not easy built, but as a first trial I am happy ...
  15. One of my absolute favorite supercars. Mclaren F1 Longtail. it has the Aoshima photoetch kit as well..... enjoy!
  16. Traded this a while back,was missing wheels other then this nice and complete. The instructions and some other clues i have found makes this an 1986 issue. So there where plenty of pinmarks and other small imperfections to fill and sand. Anyway,i got the idea og this car from a good friend of mine,we where talking about cars,and older BMW models,and he said i always dreamed about a white "sharknose" with more modern wheels on. So this kit came to mind and i ordered some wheels for it,it was nervous they could be to big,but i think they look good. They are replica of BBS LM 19",the lip on the rears are a tiny bit wider then on front,pefect! The paint is Tamiya,also white primer was used. This white color is way more bright white then the "Racing White" wich is kinda cream. I tried detail under the hood a little. Beside the wheels the model is 100% stock,even the ride hight. I`m no huge BMW fanatic myself,but this model for sure would be on my top 5 list of BMW. This is the M model with the 286hp straight six out of the legendary BMW M1,wich also found it`s way into the 5 series (e28) aka M5. Ok,enough chit chat. Btw wheels and tires are from Scale Production.de I have not shown it to him yet,but i hope he will like it. Just needs a little bit of black on the side window molding first. Here are some pictures.
  17. Hello beautiful people, I started this project at the end of march Just finally getting some pictures together, Finally went to a swap meet I've been wanting a BMW kit, as I've owned a real one in the past, even though it might not be the exact car I had but it was worth the $2 I paid I opened up the box, painted a beautiful red it was completed at one time, but looks like the glue was not holding up the test of time so I came to the conclusion that I should use this kit to learn and make the modifications I would want on a real car First decision I had to make, keep the stock motor or swap it. I ripped a 351 v8 out of a '90s bronco, test fitted, and it looked beautiful Whipped out my dremel and got to work on the tunnel and pulling the body apart
  18. I haven't seen many positive write-ups of this kit -- and I'm not sure why not. It's an early 90s kit, and not up to Tamiya's latest standards, but it IS very well detailed and fits together pretty well. It needs some work to get the bonnet to close properly (and in mine there's some tin can on the underside of the bonnet lid and a strong magnet atop the firewall), but that's about it. There's a fair bit of flash to be cleaned off (sometimes on delicate parts), and a lot of the chrome parts needed stripping, cleaning up and re-doing, but nothing a sharp knife and ten minutes couldn't fix. I'd also recommend stripping the chrome off the windscreen frame, mirror and sun visor frames, gluing them together into a single sturdy assembly, and then rechroming them. I think the under bonnet and underside detailing is excellent (and taught me some new things about different types of car suspension) and, with the cockpit, it all responds very well to simple detail painting. ..and now with the hard top: If I'm honest, I'm not really happy with the hard top. I just don't have the scratching skills to do the windows and glazing justice. My advice is that if you want a hardtop version, find an issue of the kit which has one included -- and if anyone's got one that they're NOT going to use, I'd happily take it of their hands to have another go! bestest, M.
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