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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, everyone!! I decided that I cant wait any longer to see if this car will ever be kitted, so I've decided to TOTALLY make it myself. I'm pretty sure that the majority of people out there haven't even heard of it before, but its a very unique automobile, powered by Mercedes. Its kinda like the C111 concept, but waaaaay cooler!!
  2. Off on a new adventure! I took this photo back in 2007 on St John while vacationing in the US Virgin Islands. Unfortunately I took one quick shot, not a side or rear view, which would aid me immensely building this as a model. With Google as my friend, I searched “St John, Jeep” and look what popped up?! Same exact Jeep.. see the plate number! A few years older with more wear on it. So I can reasonably expect it’s still tooling around the island! As I’ve been accused of “ruining perfectly models” in the past, you may ask “why?”. I was immediately drawn to this bat
  3. This is my build of Bo Zolland's digital rendering of a new age Jaguar E-type, he referred to it as the Lyonheart. I started with a builtup of an original Monogram Jaguar E-type that I purchased at a local meeting for $2. I stripped it apart which was quite easy and put it in the pond for a few days to strip off the paint from the 70's. Next task was to take all the body parts and glue them together to create a one piece body that would be the starting point for the long road of cutting, gluing, filling, sanding, etc. I made a 1/24 scale printout of the sideview of the digital render
  4. Sorry for the file size. I didn't want to reduce the physical size, because the text is important. Tom Hanna tells you how to build a shorty body for a dragster. From HRM, back in the later '60s. Also attached are a few photos of a body I built, using Hanna's guidelines. It's not black magic!
  5. So, after a while of not posting on here, i have decided on my next project, i want to build a BRISCA f1, unfortunatly there are no sets made of these cars, so it will have to be scratch built, i have managed to make one in a 3d model software before, so how hard can it be irl right? having just been paid my first wage, i can now afford the styrene to make it, but im not sure the sizes i should get and i may need a bit of help with some things, as its my first time scratchbuilding. i have found a brilliant build diary on a website showing exactly how the guy made one, however there isnt any si
  6. Hello ... I thought to show some pictures of my ongoing project, a BMW 327 Roadster from 1939, guess not very famous in USA. Today I finished the body, not easy built, but as a first trial I am happy ...
  7. I vowed to never do it again. Just kidding! I've been planning, gathering supplies. And it just so happens another trove of model bits found themselves the other day. Within that group was a die cast Hummer, remnants of a '55 Stepside gluebomb, and some 1/32 rig tires. So it's time for another tractor! Rather than another beast with a 6cyl Cummins, this is getting a four-banger Datsun engine.
  8. New readers: don't be disparaged by these first posts! It gets better, I promise! Trying to find a 1/24 or 1/25 farm tractor was not something I wanted to pursue any further. AMT Ertl made some, but I don't have $90 plus shipping to buy models. I had this Freightliner cabover lying around which I hated and it's lending its parts to this tractor I'm making. I have a lot of reference for tractor stuff, as there are some examples of these fine machines in the yard This is our Farmall H, of which I'm getting basic tractor-y ideas from. More to come....
  9. Looking for a tutorial on how to scratchbuild the old Holley Blue fuel pumps and filter assembly's, or possibly a link to a resin caster that is currently selling them. Thanks in advance!
  10. Here I will show you how to scratchbuild an extractor. Use this tutorial as a guide only- you can choose your own size/shape/whatever. The same techniques can be used to create all sorts of types of extractors/headers. It's a lot easier than it looks and a whole lotta fun so don't be afraid to try it! Just experiment and have fun This extractor isn't a replica of any particular 1:1, it's just based off the many I've seen in magazines/on the net/other peoples' builds etc... Rito enough talk, let's get building- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. I'm going to be building a supply trading truck for the Zombie/Apocalypse build, and will need to scratch build most of the "supplies." Can anyone think of a site/forum where there are how-to pages or tutorials? A place where I can see a ton of examples to get my creative juices flowing? I've tried google, but this is one of those things where I don't know what I have to put in to get what I want. I end up with a ton of pages on scratch building a real gas generator instead!
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