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Scale I Build

Found 5 results

  1. Hello from Vienna, i have started another big Project, a different theme for a Diorama, rarley seen. i will build a Scene from the 1000 miles Race 1931 trough Italy. This was held from 1927 on to 1957, 1000 Miles in one Day ! then it was cancelled, much to dangerous a race on normal Streets with also normal traffic, there where severeal heavy Accidents and dead People. Today this "race" is a historic Event , held on the classic Route but in 4 days. I will use the old Matchboxkit Mercedes SSKL as Rudi Carraciolas/ Werner Sebastians (Mechanic) Ride to Victory and a much older , around 1966, kit from Pyro for the second placed Alfa 6c with Giuseppe Campari behind the Wheel and his Mechanic Attilio Maroni. Also two Airfix Kits, the Alfa 8C and the Bugatti 35C, both will be convertet to the Car Version i need. Here is how matchbox Kit look, for the Age and Scale not so Bad , i have seen Carkits in 1/24 from Today they look not as good....some Flaws are here, so the fenders where a dark Red not Black, some Details are a bit crude Well the Alfa is another Thing, the overall Dimensions are right, but crude Details. See the 2 half Wheels, no Spokes just plain Plastic...... The first Thing to change are the Wheels, i will use etched Ones with Alurims, a bit complicated but ....see yourself I want a Drive-trogh-town-scene so i try a few MiniartKits and a Verlinden Relief fassade and this is how it should look First i try to altered the Italian Townbuilding. A lot of Sanding requiered since this Kits are Vacuformed and have some faults and round Edges.....and to line up the 2 Wallsections is a challenge too :shock: Well the vacukits from miniart took more Work then expected, and i altered two of them a bit. So the italian Building will not have the big Balcon, i moved the inner wall forward, will add a small balcon like on the Verlinden Building. So it should look, Boxart Paper Mockup Work in progress Size Comparsion Verlinden-miniart, Minart uses much bigger Windows and Doors..... First try with the full Scale Buildings I added the Royalmodel Sicilian house to the Project, i like the Shape. As most of the offered buildings, this is a plaster made ruin, so i must first rebuild it to not damaged. But only after glue the broken Walls togheter, like a puzzle :shock: ....i manage this with Lego and patafix , making a partial Mold, then pour Artist Plaster in this, a little Sanding and voila.... So here it is glued togheter with out the Stonebench before the Wallfountain. And too bad, it looks way to massive...... With that i play around with the Layout. The Cooktop is the Size, so a bit of the House to cut off. The Small one on the Right side will be a little Church.On the Leftz Side i think on the Alfa 8 C with tirechange, nuvolari suffered from 9 changes on this race, the SSKL in Front , behind the Alfa 6c and in the Doorway the Bugatti. And i began the work on the MB SSKL. The matchbox Kit has a good fit and is finly detailed,but in a few Spots tehy are wrong. As all Modelmanufacturers , even CMC, they molded too much Holes in the Frame, on Original pics you can spot somewhat like a Sheetmetal ohe frame, so i build this with thin Plasticard. Drilled the remaind holes with 0.5 and 1.00 mm and also rebuild the Frontdamperrod
  2. Originally started as a slump buster this became a lot more involved. From a company out of France called "Europe", instructions were in French. I tried Google translator but didn't get much help. No positive attachment points, I basically built it with Micro Crystal Clear and its very fragile. I read that a Panhard similar to this won the first ever auto race. Interesting subject but I'm glad its done and in the case. Thanks for looking, comments welcome as always.
  3. I needed a race safety truck for my slot car racetrack so I found a cheap ($5) 1/32 scale die-cast 1950's Ford pickup and converted it into a race-ready safety truck. It's just a static model, I did not convert it into an actual slot truck. The Safety Truck adds just a little bit realism on my slot car track. The safety workers are from a Marx toy set that were called NASA workers. I will restyle them to look like race track safety personnel. The jack and part of the fire extinguisher are from an old Scalextric pit box set. The light bar is from a rally slot car. The broom is cobbled together from bits of wood and a slice of foam sheet. The gas can is a rectangular piece from an electrical board with some wire insulation for the filler neck. The hose in the truck bed is some insulated wire with a scrounged metal fitting on the end that I thought looked like a hose end. Balsa wood push bars were added to the front and rear bumpers. The race flags are made from bits of stiff wire with shiny paper flags in red, green, yellow, black and white. The truck is getting pretty full of safety gear. Our safety truck is now nearing completion. Now we need to hire some workers to operate the truck. The truck is pretty much ready to go but the new crew members are still a little bit up in the air while their uniforms get the finishing touch. They don't look too happy right now. The safety crew members are finally on the job. Ready for action at the highest point of Overlook Raceway Park. The no. 38 Mustang is leading the no. 88 Camaro as they fly by the Safety Truck and crew.
  4. Builders http://www.autoworldstore.com/product_p/amt1042.htm This is coming out. I'll lay off any commentary about it as sort of a Christmas present to readers of this post.:) Merry Christmas!
  5. Photo attached of 2014 Ford and GM saloons. I made the vac formed bodyshells and decals and fitted them to extended Magracing chassis. The oval track is now finished and I will post pics if ok. The cars are not intended to be 100% accurate models. They are for serious racing.
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