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  1. Very cool! I remember a TV show back in the '60s that featured park rangers riding around on one of these fighting crime, etc. It was called the Everglades.
  2. I like it! Yes Heller kits are quirky but they offer subjects you can't get anywhere else. You did a great job.
  3. They sure look good from here! What issues are you having with water based paint? I'm thinking of switching, easier clean up and friendlier fumes seem to be worth investigating.
  4. Thanks Dave and Rich for the kind words. I've been on a F1 kick lately, amassing 1/24 kits, I don't have room for anything bigger.
  5. Love that color, well done!
  6. I should have stated in the open, this is 1/24 and the kit is from Wave, a manufacturer I'd never heard of before. I do have a Tamiya in the stash for the future.
  7. From Wikipedia: The Tyrrell 020 was a Formula One racing car designed by Harvey Postlethwaite and George Ryton for Tyrrell Racing and raced during the 1991 season. The 020 was driven by Satoru Nakajima who brought the Honda engine contract with him and also by Stefano Modena. Its best result was a second place by Modena in the Canadian Grand Prix. Tyrrell scored 12 points to finish 6th in the Constructors' Championship with half the points scored by Modena's 2nd in Canada. The car was powered by the 690 bhp (515 kW; 700 PS) Honda RA101E V10 engine previously raced by McLaren in 1990
  8. That is sweet! Mind sharing any details, scale, manufacturer, paint used, issues with the build? The fluorescent red is spot on.
  9. bbowser

    T's times 4

    Looks like great therapy, they all look good.
  10. As others have mentioned Heller kits are quirky at best. Display it with the bonnet open to see the great engine work, well done.
  11. Beautiful work, your persistence paid off with an awesome replica!
  12. Well done! Great to see open wheel cars on here, keep them coming.
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