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  1. That is very cool! The engine detailing is outstanding. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Great collection, I'm partial to the model T's but they all look good!
  3. Nice work! Trimotor is something different, all very well done. Here's to a happy new year.
  4. bbowser

    Phantom FED

    That's a beauty! Great work.
  5. The kit includes masks for painting the black edges of all the windows. I'm unclear, do they go on the inside or outside? Also what's the best way to position them? Seems likely I won't get them stuck precisely the first time. Any comments appreciated!
  6. My issues resolved as well. Can go to next page and add "likes". Thanks for all the behind the curtain work!
  7. Great group of cars! Love the Hudsons.
  8. bbowser

    Flat !

    Wonderfully ironic! Great work.
  9. Nice job! Those are not shake & bake kits, thanks for sharing.
  10. Amazing details, especially the brakes and injectors. I wish I had room for something like this. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Great job! I'm working on this very kit at the moment, its a joy so far. Love the eye-searing livery.
  12. I agree, well done! The engine looks very nice.
  13. That's a beauty! Now I have to dig mine out, thanks for the inspiration.
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