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  1. Neat! I have an original Ute / pickup that someone built back in the day if you wish to see one.
  2. Back in the day, 1969-72 to be exact, we lived on the US Army Post at Pirmasens, Germany. It was going to take some time for the 66 Valiant we shipped from New Jersey, so my father purchased a red VW Beetle to get around, and eventually be the second family car. It was an early 1960s car, I don't know exactly what year. Funny thing, buying it in Germany, it was a US spec car that a military person bought in the USA and then got orders for Germany. Thus, we had the only car with the US over rider bumpers in town. I haven't found any photos of it other than this picture of my fath
  3. I pulled that kit out to look over this week. It’s still on the kitchen table. Pretty much a simple kit aimed at kids back in the day, and the last hurrah for the kit tooling (of all the cars in the series). I was surprised at how nice the tires are!
  4. There is an eBay phenomena that when a rare kit sells for a record price, several others get listed the following week. People see the high price and want that too!
  5. Last week I got notice that an eBay package was coming UPS that day. I see the UPS truck at the curb. He was there an unusually long time so I walked out there. The guy sees me and admits he should have a package for me, but it isn’t in the truck! I figure I’ll get it the next day but later on it was near my garage door.
  6. Phil is that 49 a Mercury? Note the front directional on the fender.
  7. How many times and in different threads must we warn people.. Hobby Lobby will substitute any random kit if the item you request is out of stock!
  8. For those in Europe, the EU Authorities do a much better job than the US in protecting the residents and the environment from nasty chemicals. Thus when you can even find the same trade products as available in the US, yours will be formulated differently. I found that out when attempting to align maintenance practices and storeroom inventories between the USA and European plants.
  9. Understand something.. there are people who work hard and make a lot of money. That $400 is like $4 or $40 to you. It’s not worth their time to shop around because the $400 won’t be missed.
  10. It’s interesting to watch history being made. The Wright Brothers flight was in December 1903 and by 1914 there were the first passenger flights. It went that fast in those times, just think how fast they’ll get it done today!
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