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  1. Neat! There are maybe a dozen variations of that kit with different vending. I have a few of them.
  2. I found that the BSI CA glues sanded at a different rate than the putty / styrene around it. I just made a mess of it.
  3. Upon finishing the Valiant Speedster, I found my Datsun pickup in its box, just needing some final details to get it into my display case. Yes that is the Foose pickup chassis, I shortened to fit the Datsun pickup wheelbase. I figured out how to mount the radiator and upper hose. I added side marker lights onto the body and now am fiddling with minor details in the engine bay.
  4. Those are cool. I have a 63 Valiant sticker that came completely from the parts box!
  5. Very nice. I have a built Ramcharger and have a kit set aside to do a Trail Duster. I’ve just never ordered the parts.
  6. I love the edge warning paint! Cool and I wouldn’t want to drive off it!
  7. Super work! The 36 isn’t as visible as the earlier Fords, which only makes it cooler to see!
  8. My big issue is scribing the panel line through putty. On my Valiant Speedster I had to scribe the back hood line and tops of the doors through the areas where I had put together the pieces from two different bodies. No matter what I used, my scriber or exacto blade, the edges of the putty would crumble rather than cutting cleanly. I just kept reapplying putty into the seam and trying again until I got an acceptable result. Still not perfect.
  9. It’s for the best. Large events have a lot of moving pieces. There is a significant investment and lots of man hours into planning an event. It involves bringing people together from across the country and international visitors. Mixing those who have been diligent with those who refuse to comply. Do you want to referee that? There is also a question of host liability. Officers of organizations can be sued if anything goes wrong. Standard insurance policies aren’t covering Covid related issues. And it ain’t over! While it seems to be getting better, that could change on a dime
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