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  1. This project evoked a lot of memories for me. This is a model of one of my favorite cars to own and drive. I had a lot of adventures with this one that included 4 class championships in SCCA Solo II competition. I modeled this car the way I would have wanted to keep it, if I still owned it. Fixed all the rust, dents, scrapes and gave it a nice shiny coat of paint using Mr Color Character Red with 2k clear. Had to scratch build the rear wing as no model existed of it. Fujimi supplied the aftermarket BBS wheels and tires I had fitted to the car. Had to use two Fujimi kits and there were enoug
  2. Decided to do another two for one project with these two Fujimi 1/24 Ford GT40's. |The white one represents the Ford France entry to the 1967 Targa Florio. It was painted with Tamiya TS-7 Racing white. The blue Gulf sponsered car is the 1968 Lemans entry. It is painted a custom mix blue and orange. This was done to match an existing diecast in my collection. See the picture caption for a better description of the paint. A sister car to this one won the Lemans event in 1968. Both kits had many parts in common as well as the order of assembly so it made sense to do them at the same time. Keepin
  3. First off, I'm sorry for the totally ridiculous number of photos and for the WIP images in there. I had a hard time paring it down from over a hundred, so this is progress for me. I was really experimenting with the taking of the pictures in addition to the build. And my work progress wasn't too interesting or anything you hadn't seen before so I didn't think it really deserved its own thread. Sorry, again - I'll try to be more selective next time. A link to some kind of album is probably better. But it's my first kit in 20-odd years so let me have this one. Here it is, the godawfu
  4. McLaren, famous for their incredible success in Formula 1, designed the MP4-12C which used a carbon fibre composite chassis, and is powered by a longitudinally-mounted 3.8 Litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine and produced a small number of cars in order for them to compete in the FIA Group GT3. The 1/24 scale Fujimi kit is enhanced by the use of photoetched parts and carbon fibre decals. Paint is Zero Paints McLaren colour matched with Tamiya lacquer gloss coat with Alclad metal lacquers. Hope you enjoy. Steve Hansford Melbourne, Australia.
  5. I have long wanted to do this conversion and had this Fujimi kit and a Renassaisance photo etch set for many years. I found a Hobbitime conversion kit to do the rear deck and that made this project a reality. Although it still took quite a bit of work as the resin conversion pieces still took a lot of filling, sanding and fitting. In the end it was worth it. Paint is Testors 1104 dark red and this matches my earlier berlinetta version. I have included a photo of both. Pictures with captions will tell the rest of the story. Thanks for looking. I really fussed over the steering whe
  6. Hey, everyone!, since i wasnt able to post photos, i started my F1, and since now i can post, here now, heres what i have done so far... The objective here is a street version, so all the work will be in the interior from the looks of it. -Photo 1; Everything here is pre-assembled, minus the wing to body contact, and the doors -i Canopy glued them in place while i sanded the body even, and smooth. -Photo 2; I have no idea what these bumps are...they are only on some of the real cars....maybe a bad representation of number lights? -Photo 3; Something i like to do, is drill
  7. Hello. Built this a few years ago. Was supposed to be a targa but the rear glass snapped in half. So I turned it into a convertible. Repost fotki closed my account
  8. I couldnt take photos of this until i had thoroughly cleaned my model room...so here he is finally...hope you like it! God bless!!!
  9. Hey, everyone! here is where my custom Mini is right now. The body needs decals , and clear, and the rest of it just needs to be detailed, and assembled -should only take a LITTLE more time, lol -Photo 1-3; I removed the factory fender flares, and made me own out of Milliput. The wheels came from a Fujimi Skyline GTR 2000 , and the wide tyres came from a Tamiya racing VW GTI -old kit....Oh ya, i lowered the ride height too. -Photo 4; Miscillanious bits ready for detailing, and assembly...alot of Fixed-up Minis even have center columns -this will too!
  10. Kit is by Fujimi and represents their twin cam 2000GT. It is 1/24 scale. The XX version has some upgrades to the engine and the handling plus those wonderful Recaro seats that I took a picture or before I put the body on. Colour on this beauty is Boyds Chezoom Teal Pearl and this was painted about two years ago. A little bit of polishing and some wax and it stood right out. Wheels are Alcad Jet Exhaust with some dark gold dry brushed on. Kit is curbside. See photo captions for extra details and thanks for looking. I like to take a picture of the interior before the body goes
  11. Hey, everyone! the last thing i wanted to do was to start yet another build, but due to the fact that my Testors cans of lacquer -new ones, are leaking at the base, i need to paint this body before this kolor goes off as well....Heres a kolor look i'm going for....
  12. Hi!, this is my Fujimi Ferrari F40LM. I wanted to change it to a barely street legal car, so I cut-off the front defuser, detailed the headlamp assemblies with indicators, filled-in the rocker vents, SB a stock wing, and ditched the LM wheels and tyres, for a set of Tamiya stock ones. The engine bay is detailed, as is the interior, with an added seat.
  13. Hey, everyone! I bought this kit because i wanted to see why so many people out there still build this when there are the VERY nice Aoshima kits out there. Having built a couple of the Aoshima versions, i will go through this one, and do a mostly part-by-part direct comparison. Believe it or not, but there are some things that Fujimi did better. -Photo 2; This is how mine will look. -Photo 3-5; I think that Fujimis headlamps are detailed better...are easier to attach, but dont have a separate clear lens like Aoshimas. -Photo 6; The wavy line shows the size of the part....dont kn
  14. I bought this kit about 10 years ago because I wanted the seats for a CRX project that I was doing. I took the seats and then just left the kit sitting around gathering dust. Since I am getting back into building and building takes some practice, I thought this would be a great kit to see if I can still do some airbrushing skills. I plan on doing this one in yellow just to see what I can do with a difficult color to work with. The interior is pretty basic and the tub has very little detail. The back seats are a joke and the door panels have zilch for details to them. Going to
  15. Fujimi Ferrari F40 in French blue Le Mans livery
  16. Fujimi Ferrari F430 Scuderia GT3 version
  17. Here is My Fujimi Mercedes 500SL Koenig. It was a pretty fun kit to build, but the interior lacked a TON of detail, which i had to fix.
  18. Hey, everyone!, its been a while since i've posted here, but the Reventon i finished a while ago is finally here....enjoy!
  19. Hey, everyone!, This is my Fujimi Lamborghini Reventon build......obviously...lol, Even though its only a curbside, I will be detailing the interior to make it look like the real car, since things are missing, or not done right. I even have a technique that replicates Lamborghinis special leather called; Alcantara. I will also show how I take a one-piece engine, and still make it look convincingly real. Hope you enjoy!
  20. Hey, everyone!, i'm trying to see if I can get this VERY basic kit done in one month. I started it on March 1st, and I think I may be able to do it! My hardest challenge was to NOT fix everything, but pick and choose what I NEEDED to do. The interior tub was an embarracement. As you can see, all the white bits, are the things I needed to SB. The interior doors weren't even scribed!!!
  21. Ok first of all, I think to myself, you can't do another Red Ferrari... So I thought, maybe a cool cruiser... So I started doodling on the engine,... Mr. RandyD came thru with a couple awesome distributors from HRM Beauties So with the engine well on it's way, I started doing some research,.... (opposite of "plan your build, and build your plan"),...sorry Ace,..( where are you? ) Then I found her Now this, is going to require some modifications, but I love the story,... Guy walks into a Ferrari dealership.. Sales man says,.."What can
  22. Built this awhile back, a fun kit to build. The kit. Lowered with aftermarket wheels, Other than that, its oob.
  23. Small detour from building a 1/8 Ferrari, this Lambo. Will be fairly straight OOB I am going to go Splash Lava Orange with it, here are my inspirations
  24. New from Fujimi Models, their FJ Cruiser kit, part of the their no paint and glue series, you get a few choices of the what color the body is molded in, White, Black and Yellow.
  25. While waiting for things to dry on my Pagani build, I was thinking about how cool a 288 Roadster would look. Since my special kit No.9 had a screwed-up bonnet vent, I decided to use it as my test model. I discovered that all the kits I've had molded in the red plastic ALL had the same warped bonnet vents, so I decided to try the white plastic kit No.105, since a friend told me his was fine.....so I ordered two white ones, and they were both fine! What I learned here, is that if you don't want to use the PE vents.....which I don't, then you want NOTHING to do with the kits molded in red. Anyw
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