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Found 11 results

  1. Hi!, this is my Fujimi Ferrari F40LM. I wanted to change it to a barely street legal car, so I cut-off the front defuser, detailed the headlamp assemblies with indicators, filled-in the rocker vents, SB a stock wing, and ditched the LM wheels and tyres, for a set of Tamiya stock ones. The engine bay is detailed, as is the interior, with an added seat.
  2. Hey everyone!, this is my Italeri Ferrari California Spyder. A lot of people don't like Italeri, or Testors-Italeri, but apart from slightly brittle plastic, and a million ejection pin marks, they have some great details and textures! I would build one any day over an AMT, REVELL, Monogram, or Lindberg! Its fully detailed, and has Fujimi wheels n tyres, and seats from my spares bin. The carbs are SB from many bits of styrene.
  3. This is my Testors De Tamaso Pantera GTS. Its a basic, but pretty nice kit......a fun build! The only annoying thing was the fact that the breather holes in the wheels were filled-in.....took a little while to open them up, but it worked perfectly! I got the Pirrelli PZero tyres from a Fujimi Wheels & Tyres set. I cut open the front grilles, and SB The emblem on it.
  4. Hey, everyone! This is my Revell of Germany Jaguar 'D'-Type. The "bump' behind the driver, was made using Milliput. The tonneu cover was made by using black athletic tape. I SB the exhaust parts with K&S aluminum, and all the rivets, screws, and bolts are PE that I applied one-at-a-time with super glue, and the static from the tip of my Olfa blade. As you can see, the engine bay is totally detailed, and I did a tyre upgrade with MRC. The cowl-straps are SB from masking tape, and PE parts.....and the cowl lock is also SB.
  5. This is my Fujimi Enthusiast Porsche 911 Turbo. Its totally detailed, and since NONE of these Enthusiast Porsches has hinges for their hoods, I had to SB my own.
  6. This is my fully detailed, customized Revell Cobra 427. There is so much that I did to this, so heres a few things; I replaced the hood scoop for a Fujimi one, I made the windscreen frame from aluminum, and SB the mirror Brackets. The side pipes are made from aluminum tubing, and the jack-points are photo-etch. The interior has real black lacquered wood, and the seats are modified Lotus Esprit seats. I put Pirrelli PZero tyres from a Tamiya Ferrari F40 kit, and the wheel centers have real cotter-pins in the spindles.
  7. This is my highly customized, fully detailed AMT Drag-U-La. It'd take a LONG time to tell you everything I did. Here are a few things I SB; Wheelie bar, organ pipes, gas tank, and the lantern headlamps......the kit ones were HORRIBLE. If you look closely, you can see the SB, partly melted candles with burnt wicks, and the wax-drippings made with Super Z Canopy glue....then painted white. Hope you like my version!
  8. Hello, everyone!, this is my Aoshima Lamborghini Aventador. I love the "stealthy" look on him, I used 3D decal emblems on the bonnet, steering wheel, and centercaps. I carefully cut the side glass out, since I don't really like them up on my builds, I also left off the taillight lense covers.....I don't really like them on it either. This is Aoshima's "full engine detail" kit which actually translates to; A lot of engine stuff, but not everything....the lower-end is missing. Still, with the outstanding way they designed it, the awesome detail of the parts, and the fact that these kinds of autos have full belly-pans, the engine bay CAN still look realistically complete with the help of wiring, painting, and other detail add-ons! This one is proof of it. This kit is so easy, and fun...….I could just keep buying and building them!!
  9. Hey everyone!, My wife, Tina built this Revell 56 Ford Pickup. It was her second model ever, and its totally detailed. This ISNT the Foose version, but the rather HORRIBLE original version. Nothing fit good, but she stuck to it, and did I great job!!!......Stig thinks so too!!!
  10. Hey everyone!, this is my Tamiya BMC Mini Cooper by Tamiya. I wanted to see if I could build an interesting model within a week, so I decided to build this. Somehow it looks right at home up there...lol!! This was just suppose to be pure fun, and it was!, everything under it is from an Aoshima Hilux kit, the dash is from a Renault Alpine, and the engine is laughably from a Tamiya Jaguar XJ220! -I think I will go back and add a few things to it, like a winch....
  11. This is my Minicraft Beatles Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II. I took a week off work, just to make sure I would get it done. Its all hand-drawn, and painted, and I basically painted all the designs three times since I did three thin coats of kolor for each. I got the "four lads" from a set of trading cards, and it was a time consuming, as well as fun creation...….NEVER to be done again, LOL!!…..I was even offered $1000 for it at a contest where it took first place, but if I sold it, I knew i'd have to do it again, and turned them down....lol
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