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Found 17 results

  1. Finally finished. The Testors 1948 Ford convertible. Even got the doors to open. Lol. Was a fairly easy build but the instructions sucked. Not very clear on where a lot of parts locate
  2. Hey, everyone!, as I promised a few years ago, I've decided to start working on my fully detailed Pantera build. I was dreading opening the hood, because all the ones I've seen done have less than desired results on the back corners. The thickness of the plastic, along with how tiny, and sharp these corners have to be, makes it VERY difficult to keep it klean. I decided to use my new favorite saws....my Scale Motorsports PE blades. After putting a couple holes in the seam, I was able to start sawing with the Keyhole blade/saw, and then move onto the #11 version to finish off the job!, as you can see, its VERY klean, and sharp. Note; DO NOT use a saw blade on the roofs cross-member seam....it WILL get destroyed!!! its actually so thin, that a fresh #11 will go through it like butter.
  3. this is a 1/24 scale testors Lincoln mint plastic model kit there are some fit issues with it like a gap below the trunk lid and the rear bumper with I had to fill in with putty also the the front clip does not fit perfectly in place and the one front wheel well does not fit under the front quarter panel that nicely I had to replace the Daytona stripes cause they did not stick to the body after drying with Daytona name plates from a Revell 69 charger Daytona decal sheet
  4. This is my go-to for a lot of detail painting but alas, it is no longer available and I'm about out. Any good ideas for a substitute?
  5. I've got a lot of Testors Racing Nascar color spray cans... never used or opened. Willing to trade all as a lot. 18 cans in total.
  6. Since I'm burned out on three hero WIP, wanted to knock a Box Stock out before year's end. Had the chance to get these two kits, boxes are not in good shape, the Testors was terrible to begin with so it will not be saved. Same mold, the Gunze has the battery terminals but no motor (have a few laying around if I wanted), instructions show light bulbs for the front lights but no bulbs, the Cheetah kit had some so I will snag those. I find it amusing how the Testors model is poorly built, missing mirrors, top not set in enough, light lenses askew. I will paint a different color, think it will compliment the car, and it won't be Testors paint. I'm going to paint the safety bumpers the same color, it was common at the time with other cars. I love this interior. Read about the body needing work here: Lamborghini Silhouette 1978?. Was inspired here: Lamborghini Silhouette, Gunze-Sangyo, 1/24. Yep, the sink marks are severe on the doors! The panel lines need some sanding, and some minor mold seams to clean up. The wheels are the worst part of the kit. I'm going to drill out the holes a little. One wheel has bad sink marks, so this will be fun to fix! Tempting to use Fujimi P7 tires, wider for the rear should be done, but that would disqualify for Box Stock, and that would lead to installing and engine, and then another hero project......
  7. Calling this done. How does the line in Christine go, "You can't polish a 💩"? Gunze - Sangyo motorized era. The real car, this one is the prototype. Beginning of the side light mandate, before battering ram bumpers were required. It sort of bombed, but just because of rarity, they are desirable. The kit doesn't do it justice. This is just before the Countach stole the show. Popular color was refrigerator white, bumpers were black. 😴 The right box was trashed, that is what was sacrificed, but was able to create a scale box from the remains. The red plastic bled through Tamiya putty, was concerned about bleed through. WIP: Testors (Gunze Sangyo) Lamborghini Spelling Bee Special (Silhouette) for the horror show. 😱 Don't look too close. Getting that Huracan color down right killed me. Cloudy lighting helped hide the defects. 😄 I figured it's easy enough to make a Carbon-Fiber replacement roof panel. Major (to me) correction was the front leading flare was moved back. The "phone dial" wheel holes have been drilled larger, but still the tires are totally wrong; Tamiya titanium gold. The G-S kit has the metal battery terminals, but not a motor; I fabricated single AA battery terminals to run the front turn signal lights. It's subpar for me, weathered like it was driven in the rain. Used the '68 Chevy hood for the studio. This is using the CA Pit Stop diorama It would be the background for a future Countach, Muria, etc. 😆
  8. I usually use automotive thinner, just thought I would try Testors airbrush thinner today and regretted it. Why does it make such a difference? It caused the high points to show up.
  9. Has anyone tried the new Testors Color Shift paint? They come in 3 oz spay cans in 4 colors. I have only tested their Galaxy Blue. It shifts between blue and green depending on the angle to the light. You need to spray it over gloss black in two light coats. Anything heavier and the effect goes away (still a nice green color). The item painted goes from a medium green to a dark blue. When I used a clear coat on it it did take some of the color shift and gloss away. But once buffed it looked good. I will be painting a 1956 Chevy with it and when finished I will post photos of the paint job. I found it at Hobby Lobby (not sure if I can mention them). Not on EBay.
  10. Here's a die cast kit of a 1970 Buick GSX, I just put together. Part of Testors' "Silver Series Metal Model Kits." A nice looking kit, that looks a little small for claim of 1/24 scale. Nice paint. Nice engine detail. But it was a bit of a disappointment. Too many things were already pre-built. Put together. Only six basic steps required to build it. It was way too easy to build. Took less than 10 minutes. Yet I like the looks of the kit is the end.
  11. This is my Testors De Tamaso Pantera GTS. Its a basic, but pretty nice kit......a fun build! The only annoying thing was the fact that the breather holes in the wheels were filled-in.....took a little while to open them up, but it worked perfectly! I got the Pirrelli PZero tyres from a Fujimi Wheels & Tyres set. I cut open the front grilles, and SB The emblem on it.
  12. The Pagani Zonda C12 "Quick Build" kit, is it worth it? I'm sure I could find a way to make it difficult to build. Hobby Search: Pagani Zonda C12
  13. Hi I recently bought a 1:9th scale Testors (Lincoln Mint) Harley Davidson FXSTC Softail off Ebay. Unfortunately, it doesn't have any tyres. I contacted the seller, got a refund and they told me to keep the model which was kind. I've contacted Testors and Italeri (who originally manufactured this model), asking if spares were available. Unfortunately they couldn't help. Does anyone know where I might be able to get tyres for this model? Does anyone know where I might get alternative tyres or ideas of how I could produce something representative of tyres? It is a custom machine so I figure a different tyre type would be acceptable. My best idea so far is to use something like milliput to create slick tyres (using my dremel to sand them/turn them down onto the wheels) then, with another layer of milliput, imprint tyre treads over the top of the first layer. This would enable me to create treads of a uniform depth, and, when set, sand the tyre down again to make them correctly round. I don't want to leave the tyres slick because that seems to be only acceptable for track racing bikes. I would be most grateful for any advice anyone could give me. This is my first motorcycle model and it is to built for my boss - who has been really good to me and loves American bikes. One option could to buy another Testors kit and use the tyres to make molds and then create my own rubber tyres. I don't like this idea too much because I've never molded parts before so don't know how to do it and am on a limited budget so this could be too expensive. Best wishes Danyel
  14. These are a few old diecast trucks and cars from my junk box that needed paint jobs. I dig some of these out every now and then to test new paints or just practice on. Some I will keep in the collection, others I will sell at the antique mall for hobby money. They were all stripped and primed with self etching primer. This is a Midgetoy Ford wrecker about 3 in long. It's paint with Testors MM Guard red with a drop of hardener added. Midgetoy 58 Corvette about 2-1/4 in long. Painted with Testors Aztec acrylics. This is with out a doubt the best acrylic paint I have ever sprayed in an airbrush. Here we have both Corvettes, one Copper and the other Guard Red finished.
  15. This is the Testors/Motor Max metal kit that was a special edition release for the game "Spy Hunter 2". It took about an hour to build and required no paint or glue to complete since it was pretty detailed to begin with.
  16. A tale of sadness yet hope. A long time ago, when I just had started to build model cars I bought this kit and...well, trashed it. Now almost 5 years its time to do it right! I found it today in my storage! everything is here except the instructions, first off, stripping the horrible rattle can paint job! and brushed on interior work!
  17. I was wondering if anyones had any experience with this the MM Clear Blue Acrylic paint? Local hobby shop sold out of Testors Transparent Blue spray paint and suggested I try this this color out. It looked a little darker and opaque in the bottle. I've used Testors Transparent Blue for years, and I've decanted it before to use for brushing. And its always looked completely clear blue in the bottles. So before I buy some to try, I was wondering if anyone has used this color before, and can you tell me if it does have that candy transparent color to it and light? Or is it a darker blue but clear? If the color is anything like the regular Transparent Blue, I'd be willing to switch over to this one and spray through my airbrush. I'm just looking for more of that candy side of the color. My hobby shop said they can't get the transparent blue right now so they said this would work. I don't know though.. the lady who suggested it was wearing a sweater with kittens on it and gluing some popsicle sticks making a house. I don't think she gets down on some candy paint jobs.
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