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Found 19 results

  1. Hey everyone!, this is gonna be my first ever large scale build......and my last. A friend of mine gave me this kit, and I said that I don't normally do large scale, but if I did, it would be a Countach, so here I am! I say "upgrade", because EVERYBODY builds this kit as the kit specifies...….NOT me, I will be turning it into a later model 500s, while getting inspiration from the lesser-known Twin Turbo prototype, so there will be a TON of scratchbuilding involved! -thanks for checking it out!
  2. Found this on the Revell store site. Dec 2013 ? Release Merry Christmas LOL
  3. Built this one many, many years ago from the original release 1/12 scale kit by Tamiya. Built box stock with a Guards Red rattle can finish by Testors from memory (no clear coat). Enjoy! Cheers....Geoff
  4. Getting ready to start my next project. I will be attempting to build the 1/12 scale Tamiya M23 kit with photo etch using the EJan 1976 Japanese Grand Prix Conversion kit. I'll be building the James Hunt version to go with the Niki Lauda 1975 312T Ferrari that I recently completed. This will be my first use of a conversion kit and also with resin body parts. I used the Top Studio detail sets for my McLaren MP4/6 but they were nothing like the EJan kit. Limited instructions as to which original kit parts the conversion parts replace. Some are obvious but others will take alot of studying of reference pictures and test fitting. It's going to be interesting for sure. Just sorting things out now and ordering my reference books. Surprisingly I haven't been able to find to much on the internet to use as reference photos. There are pics out there but not enough showing details that I am looking for. I hope the books are better. Thank you for looking.
  5. started with an tamiya RC30 kit, heavily used my parts box and scratch built all the rest. engine was cut into pieces to make slimmer (V4 --> V2) and cylinder angle was reduced from 90 to (almost) 52 degrees. also cylinders were made taller. frame was modified for engine mounting points. rims where cut apart to add different spokes. tank was sectioned to become slimmer. rear cowling was cut apart to make new rear and seat, which was then covered with a piece of leather. front fender is a modified GPZ rear fender. exhaust headers made from RC30, muffler and rear shock are scratch built. many other bits are also scratch built like handlebars, mirrors, clocks (7 different pieces), and so on, and so on. custom printed decals. only parts used as shown in the assembly guide: swingarm-axle and spark plug connectors. rear wheel nut was also not modified, but was used in the scratch built rear shock absorber. 3 1/2 months of work with roughly estimated 300+ hours overall.
  6. Well I built this from the foose issue of the 1/12 kit. This is my first big scale kit I have completed. Mostly box stock. Paint is a duplicolor gm color and the stripes are airbrushed on. I added the springs, vacuum lines, brake/fuel lines and other small details in the bay. Overall the kit was pretty decent to put together. There was a few fitment issues and the chrome plating is not very good. But the finished product came out very well. This will probably be my last finished build for 2018 ? Thanks for looking.
  7. My 1/12 scale Tamiya 312T so far. Purchased the SMS photo etch set. Scratch built the steering rack.
  8. Hi all from Texas, I am what some reference as a obsessed automobile afficianodo. Enjoy all scales .including 1to1. But the model car scene is my favorite. Mostly American muscle in my collection. Work in the materialhandling industry. As a feild tech. Also have a slight obsession with anything with wheels on it. Also enjoy rc surface hobby with friends and family. Thoroughly enjoy seeing other peoples take on their techniques and modeling. I know this sight and the people who are regulars on this site are amazing .
  9. Hy Guys, Long time member but don't think Ive posted before. I have the re-issue of the Fujimi 1/12 Nissan Skyline GTR (BNR32) on it's way. Very reasonable price from Hong Kong too. This kit, together with the MFH 1/12 Ferrari 250GTO, is a holy grail for me. Just wondering if anyone knows of any after market products for this one. I'll post some photos in a sort of unboxing once its here in the next few days. Cheers Brook
  10. http://www.scalemodelnews.com/2017/11/funky-music-announces-112-scale-fiat.html
  11. Hello friends I set out to show you one of the most beautiful motorcycles in history. Logically it had to be Italian, it's the Ducati 916. Its aesthetics marked with a multi-tubular chassis, a mono arm swingarm and double exhaust outlet under the tail was a novelty in its release to the market. The model is Tamiya brand 1/12 scale, is detailed inside because its fairing is removable. https://youtu.be/2HoNIGQRWxM Greetings and I hope you like it
  12. Hi everybody, I'm Erik, 49 yrs old and I live in the Netherlands. Originally -and still- very much into aviation and aviation modelling, I'm also interested in modelling military vehicles, ships in 1/350 and motorcycles in 1/6 and 1/12, as well as F1 in 1/12 and 1/20. I also like riding my 1/1 BMW R1200 GS as well as being tagged along by my wife who loves scuba-diving. We have the privilege of having two sons who both also love scale modelling as well as scuba diving! On top of that, my youngest is keen to accompany me on my GS! The drawback of my wide modelling interests are seen in my productivity; I'm a bit impulsive and switch (too) easily between projects... I'll do my best to share those motorbike and F1 builds with you as and when I'm working on them! The forumname is something of a tribute to my late father who was an F-104G Starfighter pilot in the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Cheers, Erik.
  13. My 1/12 1953 Volkswagen Canriolet by Sunstar It is a limited edition on 1500 worldwide. This car, has working everything . Not to mention it's awesome details. Working features include: opening doors, hood, and trunk working suspension working door handles working steering working Windows/cranks opening semaphores/ turn indicators removeable wheels and hubcaps posable windshield wipers and side view mirror removable tool case with removable tools tilting seat backs opening glovebox posable stick shift tilting visors removable tonneau cover working fabric convertible top
  14. On the bench is my first "Full" build 1/12 Tamiya Ferrari 312T. Very challenging, but a lot of fun. I decided to pull some real photos and try to customize it by adding as many electrical wires and connectors as possible (with my amateur skill) to make it look as real as possible. I also decided to make my own racing seat belt harness but using cloth surgical tape and folding it and painting it. I found some parts to make it also look as real as possible, but still working on it. Hope you guys like the detail.
  15. A tale of sadness yet hope. A long time ago, when I just had started to build model cars I bought this kit and...well, trashed it. Now almost 5 years its time to do it right! I found it today in my storage! everything is here except the instructions, first off, stripping the horrible rattle can paint job! and brushed on interior work!
  16. Just got mine today....I've been waiting to build a new version of this car, I've got a few good builds on the old kit but looking forward to a brand new sealed box. No more missing this piece or broken this and that I get when I buy the old kits on eBay.
  17. I had some issues with this build, luckily I had a little help from hawk 312, as im sure you know his are some of the best around so I had some pretty good tips, i liked the color it was molded in so I actually have no paint on it, just a ton of polish and wax. The pics dont really show the finish but in person you could never tell it wasn't painted and cleared. I also got the idea of the window sticker from hawk, thanks man. I cant wait to start the build of the new foose I got. This one will get the full paint and polish treatment.
  18. Hi this is the first time I have post a build. This is the Tamiya Ferrari Enzo 1/12 scale
  19. As the title states, post your built Revell-o-gram 1/12 scale '57 Bel Airs. Since many threads that I've seen have pictures that don't exist anymore, I figured it would be cool for everyone to post 'em up here. Here's mine as of now (though I plan on rebuilding it this summer):
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