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  1. Here’s my build of the recently released AMT ‘78 VW GTI. Since this kit is molded in three colors (and since it’s too cold out to safely spray paint) I decided to see how far I could take it with just some Future and hand detail paint. It came out ok, definitely not an award winner 😂. The yellow plastic is thin and slightly translucent so the color isn’t consistent. If I did it again I’d try some yellow craft paint inside the body shell first. Part fit and detail isn’t great but considering the age of the mold it’s acceptable. It’s WAY better than AMT’s ‘77 Pinto. I don’t think anyone in their
  2. HI. This is my latest version of 1967 VW Kastenwagen ( = Van ). Built as a sixties- style gasser it has a modified Corvair engine from AMT parts pak. Paint is from Tamiya, decals are from various Revell kits. I modified interior with revell seats and console. Axles are VW original but raised with schratchbuilt and revell parts. Comments are always welcomed!
  3. Daxman


    I finished this beast last night. I'm very happy with the finished model. The turbines are all scratch built from styrene rod. The front wings are made from the front seats. The rear louvers are from a Hemi-Cuda. I gut the body down the center and removed about 1/3 of the plastic. Sealed off the old passenger door. The windshield visor is hinged and moves freely. Although, I did end up putting in a support post. I thought it looked much better.
  4. I finally finished something! This started as a dare/quick Box Stock project that went down a rabbit hole, I'm pretty happy with the results especially considering the funky old simplified kit. Here are some of the details: Paint= Duplicolor T-218 Midnight blue base with Painthuffer Metalflake "Micro Heisenberg" .004 dry flake sprayed in a carrier clear. Then a few healthy coats of automotive urethane clear. Headlights from Revell 1929 Model A, hood emblem is a prototype piece from Gary Kulchock Interior= Custom printed lotus flower pattern decals, piping from blue deta
  5. Looking for these wheels in 1:24 / 1:25.
  6. My mother in law found this kit for me 20 years or so ago. I’ve always wanted to build a narrow eye Baja bug model and already have several street bugs so here we go. I dremeled the nose and rear clip off and sculpted a new nose from plaster before casting it in resin (first time). I just completed a styrene rod role cage and have a few more ideas to go with it.
  7. Officially starting this project today (Jan. 14). Been planning to build this anyway, but the GSL Common Kit is Tamiya's excellent kit of the 1966 Beetle, so that has lit the fire under me. Other than the typical masking to airbrush several colors challenge, the ski rack and back-dating some details is going to be fun. I'm also going to weather it, with the cool ice. Another first for me, will be using Splash paint. I got the Best Model Car Parts 1957 Beetle conversion last year, but the rules state no resin bodies, so that will be for their first Bug. But I can use the engine lid
  8. Hello! So this one is a ´67 VW Pick - Up ( or pritchenwagen in Deutsch ) kit from Hasegawa. I decided to sand away any excess detail from it and to give it a typical 90´s custom show car look; clean appearance with semi gloss pearl white paint and modern wheels.. Those 13" BBS wheels and tyres came from Scaleproduction, paint is from Tamiya and seats are resin Volvo P1800 units from Air - Trax. Finnish custom ordered licence plates. glass is made from Raboesch smoke tinted PVC- sheet. pics:
  9. Hi! I built this Polar Lights - not - so - great - snap kit as a mild California looker. Paint: Tamiya Tyres: AMT Must fix that panel line in front of the windshield someday. Here you go with those pics:
  10. One (of many) reasons I got stalled on this VW Bus project, didn't like the idea of trying to get a decent paint job done around the giant molded on emblem. I had tried the Alumilte casting putty, but got unsatisfactory results, plus JB Weld doesn't work that well for parts. Since I needed to get fresh casting supplies, I added this to the task. First thing was making a dam around it, used yogurt cup foil because it's thicker than Reynolds, bends nicely, taped down with masking tape. I also filled the corners to prevent spill-out. Oh man, so much happier with this! P.S.: S
  11. I used to run a local VW club and remember what it was like to be cruising with fellow VW enthusiasts to a location and I thought it would interesting to see what a scene from WWII would look like if various VW models regardless of paint scheme were caravaning through the forest.
  12. Hi! I build this one from an Airfix Quickbuilder snap kit in two days just to get something new to the shelf... Tamiya paints and some scrarchbuild parts and Revell wheels & tyres. I just wanted to see if a kit as simple as this could be converted into a decent looking shelf model..
  13. Does anyone know if these wheels were ever kitted in any of the Porsche kits or maybe some other kit? Anyone making them 3D or resin? I would ask Empinut,but seems he's been away from the forums for a while now. Thanks for any help.
  14. Built this nice VW. Goes together well just need to take your time and test everything just like older AMT’s need to. Paint by model master lacquers. Thanks!
  15. I started another hover car. It needs a clever name. I'm all ears if anyone has a good suggestion. Vintage 68 Hover Bug........ This started out as a hover race craft. I envisioned bright graphics like you'd see on a formula 1. If you guys have seen any of my other posts, you'll know that my finished models usually look quite a bit different than what I begin with. Styrene shavings and cat hair for that " just finished a race look" I added some fins on the top, cut from another VW Bug's rear trunk lid. I wanted it to have a lowered stance while in flight. I had
  16. I had a yellow '77 Golf mk1, years ago. It wasn't a GTi, but it was a great car. As a little break from '50's chrome, I've changed tack and given this a go. My plan is to slam it, widen the track and flare the arches. Paint will be old and a bit faded, like mine was and I'll stickerbomb it in a couple of places. Got the engine done today. It built up really well. Nice to build a kit with modern tooling. I added a basic fuel injection system and weathered it a bit.
  17. This diorama was to make as simple a base as possible, and attempt to show motion. The pavement is just a piece of Corian (plastic kitchen/bath countertop), which is the perfect grain and color, sandblasted texture for rolled out pattern. Tire marks are pastel chalk. I made the master, and made resin copies of the cones, most are solid, a few are hollow, and for the killed cone I bent it soon after casting. The timer equipment is really simple, I could have super detailed something better. The VW Golf II GTi is the Revell kit, the alleged "Tuner series", which has horrible wheels and
  18. Revell T3 Westfalia times slightly different Hello colleagues! Greetings from Oldenburg! Today I would like to introduce you to my modified T 3 Westfalia. It's supposed to represent a demilitarized T 3. Sure, there was no camping equipment in the Bundeswehr, you're right. I came to the idea a few years ago when I was still a member of the T3-Club. Here in Oldenburg there is a T3 Wetsfalia, whose owner has rolled the bus completely into Nato-olive. Looked quite extraordinary. I then asked Alex what it was all about and he told me that he likes to ride in nature and watch animals and also film
  19. Well, thanks to the combo of not having a heater in my garage yet, and a typical Canadian winter, all of my current builds are on hold at the "needs paint" stage. So it's time to start a new project. Two actually. Building Revell's VW Rabbit and Revell of Germany's VW Golf Cabriolet. Definite similarities between the kits, in terms of details and parts. As you might guess. Both are going to be modified, but final details aren't worked out yet. I have a bunch of pieces from Jeremy at Clearly Scale which look fantastic. Not sure abotu colours yet, but my daughter says I need to paint one of the
  20. Decided to treat myself at Christmas and get a 1:24 model car, something to keep me busy and out of trouble. I didn't have any specific model in mind, so I nipped down to my local model shop and browsed the shelves. The MK1 VW Golf Cabriolet caught my eye and so the purchase was made. Having not done any models for a good few years I decided to just dive straight in do it the way I wanted to. I tend to learn better and quicker when I just have a go, rather than reading or watching videos. I started cutting bits out and mocking up the body. I knew I would want different wheels and lowered s
  21. This is the 3rd 'Zinger!' I've built. The Zinger Drag and Zinger Buggy, were re-issues, but this was an original. (I think. Moulded in orange with a photo on the box. not artwork) The chrome was lousy and there was enough flash to make another kit from it. But I really enjoyed making it. It took me back to my youth , but now I've got the patience to put things right on kits. In case you've never seen these before, here's some original promo photos: Here's my attempt: I hope it made you smile My other Zingers are here:
  22. Started with Gunze Sangyo kit. Has anyone else thought about this with this kits? "I would love to get my hands on the guy who thought making the seats and door panels out of the same rubber as the tires was a good idea!" I got around this little frustration by molding and casting the seats and door panels in something more friendly to paint. (I did this with the Gunze Beetles too.) The fit between the door panels and body wasn't great either, so they had to be modified to the extent of moving the (separate) door pulls and window cranks back 1/8"! Otherwise, a smooth build. Yes, the colo
  23. I'm working on two models but making separate discussions for them. I'm building a Meyers Manx but we are focusing on my revel beetle. Paint (spray cans): 3 coats of Tamiya white primer, 3 coats of Tamiya ts-34 camel yellow, and 3 coats of Tamiya Ts-13 clear. I did wet sand the body but a little to much on a few places like around a headlight but not to noticeable (I'm a beginner)
  24. My 1/12 1953 Volkswagen Canriolet by Sunstar It is a limited edition on 1500 worldwide. This car, has working everything . Not to mention it's awesome details. Working features include: opening doors, hood, and trunkworking suspensionworking door handlesworking steeringworking Windows/cranksopening semaphores/ turn indicatorsremoveable wheels and hubcapsposable windshield wipers and side view mirrorremovable tool case with removable toolstilting seat backsopening gloveboxposable stick shifttilting visorsremovable tonneau coverworking fabric convertible top
  25. Back at it again, with a vw beetle now, this is going to be a replica of my real one that i too am currently working on, which you can see here: http://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?t=636548&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 Here it is, and all the work i have done on it so far: The filler is for bumper holes, indicator holes and some vent on the front of the car holes, i havent finished sanding down the front yet, or the back actually. I really need to paint the exhaust again, i am terrible with a brush, i stole the exhaust from a secret project im doing and just bent it
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