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Found 22 results

  1. Daxman


    I finished this beast last night. I'm very happy with the finished model. The turbines are all scratch built from styrene rod. The front wings are made from the front seats. The rear louvers are from a Hemi-Cuda. I gut the body down the center and removed about 1/3 of the plastic. Sealed off the old passenger door. The windshield visor is hinged and moves freely. Although, I did end up putting in a support post. I thought it looked much better.
  2. Officially starting this project today (Jan. 14). Been planning to build this anyway, but the GSL Common Kit is Tamiya's excellent kit of the 1966 Beetle, so that has lit the fire under me. Other than the typical masking to airbrush several colors challenge, the ski rack and back-dating some details is going to be fun. I'm also going to weather it, with the cool ice. Another first for me, will be using Splash paint. I got the Best Model Car Parts 1957 Beetle conversion last year, but the rules state no resin bodies, so that will be for their first Bug. But I can use the engine lid
  3. Hi! I built this Polar Lights - not - so - great - snap kit as a mild California looker. Paint: Tamiya Tyres: AMT Must fix that panel line in front of the windshield someday. Here you go with those pics:
  4. Hi!. This is my version of a well - known Tamiya kit. Local ( Finnish ) plates, pegasus wheels and tyres and some minor modifications. Tamiya spray paint layers in following order: - pink primer - gun metal - clear red - clear - clear green - clear - pearl - clear x 2 As usual, all comment and questions are more than welcomed. Into the pics we go:
  5. I used to run a local VW club and remember what it was like to be cruising with fellow VW enthusiasts to a location and I thought it would interesting to see what a scene from WWII would look like if various VW models regardless of paint scheme were caravaning through the forest.
  6. Full build and paint review of the limited run (500 kits) Streetle Beetle. I used tires from another kit, kit tires are only plain walls, wanted something a bit flashier. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqvPwJmq0xw
  7. Made use of the old Gunze Sangyo kit. Removed the ventwings and split the rear window using sheet plastic. The "sickle" bumper guards are also sheet plastic. The pleats in the seats were filled in and sanded down. The dashboard was the kit board sanded smooth, then converted using sheet and rod plastic. This was then molded/cast for use in future projects. A fun exercise in monocolor! Also, the color meant I didn't have to worry about painting black rubber gasket around the windshield and rear windows!
  8. How about some hippie beetle? Far from Perfect but i was bit in Purple Haze while building it, and i really enjoyed... Peace man...
  9. Wanted to show the vehicle bed but the topic wouldn't let me add all 3 pics for some reason! So.... The boxes are scratchbuilt then molded/cast for multiplication and future use. The tool box and tool tray also scratchbuilt from plastic stock. The tools are bits collected over the years and both the football and the saw are bead charms. Limitless use of bead and charms!
  10. Two quick out of box builds I did side by side. Thanks for looking!
  11. This was part of a tiny fleet of vehicles for use within the Volkswagen plant only. Converted from the Beetle and used to move whatever was needed about. The mid-50's Beetle done by Gunze Sangyo was chopped off just behind the rear door, the bed built up with sheet plastic and details added with plastic stock. The seats were smoothed out and the dash cast for the '46 Beetle was used. The simple "jeep" spoke steering wheel was created using the existing hoop and column, using staples for the spokes. Another fun conversion that didn't suffer from "overcomplicateitis"....
  12. I just dropped the body of my beetle. And I already put bmf and glued some exterior parts on it. The rear cracked and I need to know how to repair it. I do not want to repaint the body. Please help!!
  13. I'm working on two models but making separate discussions for them. I'm building a Meyers Manx but we are focusing on my revel beetle. Paint (spray cans): 3 coats of Tamiya white primer, 3 coats of Tamiya ts-34 camel yellow, and 3 coats of Tamiya Ts-13 clear. I did wet sand the body but a little to much on a few places like around a headlight but not to noticeable (I'm a beginner)
  14. Back at it again, with a vw beetle now, this is going to be a replica of my real one that i too am currently working on, which you can see here: http://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?t=636548&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 Here it is, and all the work i have done on it so far: The filler is for bumper holes, indicator holes and some vent on the front of the car holes, i havent finished sanding down the front yet, or the back actually. I really need to paint the exhaust again, i am terrible with a brush, i stole the exhaust from a secret project im doing and just bent it
  15. My very first kit arrived today! I wasn't able to find this particular kit in stores near me so I purchased through eBay. While I waited, I researched 1:1 scale examples and tips/tricks from the web. Everyone on this forum has some outstanding projects and I hope to make it look half as good as some of yours! If you know of any good beginner resources please let me know! - Mike
  16. This was my first time working with a Resin body. Used the Winged Express kit for chassis and cut out the side panels of the frame, not sure why, just to be different I suppose. Shoe horned a Ross Gibson McGee Quad cam engine in it. Not sure how manageable it would be to get down the track with that short wheel base. She would be one wild ride that's for sure.
  17. Another kit finished this year... i like the final result..
  18. Overall i would call it done even if i`m not happy about finish here and there. This is the Tamiya 66 Beetle with the Tamiya Ferrari Testarossa drivetrain. I just wanted to try somthing completly ridiculous and i think it fit the category. At first it was going to be sleeper paint and dull everything but i think me looking to much on Cal lookers on google made me change it. Look wise it is stock beside little lowering,the Porsche wheels,and all red rear lamps. I think the body and the dash is the only thing that have not been modified or fondled with lol. Paint is sating black with red se
  19. I know many have opinions on how a sleeper should be,but here is mine. Dull original beetle on the outside. Stuffed with some italian 390hp 500nm lump of aluminium. Some dull non-metallic grey or green would be lovely,and try make the exhaust not show to much.
  20. A few cars I'm working on.... With a catch
  21. Hi all, I'm quite new here. Just want to share my previous build.
  22. Hallo buddies and all fans of aircooled vehicles. Today i want to show you my first built old beetle ever. My brother and i work on this cars in 1:1 since 1992 and last year in august i built this one. Like my bulli "Horst", this one tells a story too and so he became a diorama with a small shoppingmal. What have i changed? - wiring engine and all cables a beetle has - two-tone paintjob and custom decals from a "Nailart studio" - front and rear hood lock - bamboo shelf under the dashboard - export bumpers with supports - as it must be - Seats soft cuddly - Interior Detail trick
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