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Found 24 results

  1. This is a Tamiya 1966 Volkswagen Beetle that I have modified the rims, and tires and added a 3D printed speaker box in the back.
  2. Got this with a gift card from work last year. Been meaning to get around to building it. Over all it's a pretty nice kit. However, the stripes are a nightmare to put on and are a little too long. Came out nice though. SAM_0632 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0633 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0634 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0635 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0636 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  3. My Pappy has a '66 Mustang. It needs a little help, but hey, it's still a Mustang. Well, I was looking at it the other day, and found a couple of things that stumped me. First off, does anyone know what kind of steering wheel this is? I know it's not factory, but that's about it. Secondly, what are those "bump-outs" on the rear leaf springs? I did some research, but couldn't find anything on them. Thanks in advance.
  4. Never cared to much for the 66 from the design stand point. Saw someone else's build the other day and thought it looked OK, so I decided to get one for the collection. The model came out real well, and the car doesn't look too bad in black. I believe someone had an issue with the windshield and rear window not having much room to glue in, and that was a major issue I had as well. Over all though, it's a good kit. SAM_0070 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0071 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0072 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0073 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0074 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0075 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0076 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0077 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  5. Now finished! Mods are as followed: Chevy 350 LT1 block (painted Tamiya TS 74 Clear Red over Rustoluem Bright Silver) and transmission from Revell 4th Gen Camaro Z28 Corvette LT1 heads, headers, and waterpump/fan belts from Monogram '92 Corvette Convertible. Edlebrock valve covers from AMT 34 Ford parts Roots drag supercharger from AMT Silhouette, intake made from ribbed muffler system of unknown source Twin Turbos from TheGameBoy Resins, and air filters from spares bin sources. Radiator/intercooler looks to be from a Monogram Nascar piece and intake pipes were made from from plastic tree sprue Side exhaust from Monogram '70 Challenger T/A Rear axle from AMT 70 Monte Carlo, some other suspension parts from '90 Mustang Drag parts. Driveshaft made from long sprue and sway bars from spares bin sources Bucket seats from Revell C5 Corvette and steering wheel from Monogram '71 Hemi Cuda. NOS bottle (also painted Tamiya TS 74 Clear Red over Rustoluem Bright Silver) and side mirror are from unknown sources from the spares bin Wheels and tires are large profile custom mag wheels from Revell '66 Chevelle Wagon. Disc brakes are from Monogram '92 Corvette Convertible Decals are source from random unused sheets. Interior is Rustoluem "Advanced Formula" Flat Brown, and exterior and floor pan are painted Rustoluem Metallic Black cleared with Pledge
  6. This AMT '66 Olds started life as a very old build crica 2009. It was a mild custom painted a similar red like on the box, and had a LS1 swap from a Revell 2002 Camaro with "20 mag wheels from a Revell 66 Chevelle SS Wagon. At some point it was mined for parts, mainly the wheels and LS1 motor, to go on other projects. After a few years of sitting on the shelf in pieces, it ended up scrapped in a storage crate until being found in a parts hunt very recently. Surprisingly, most of the essential parts were there even the front+ rear glass, which is rare when finding parts to resurrect an old build. Unfortunately, I could not find the hood and the rear suspension along with small bits like the clear front lenses and clear red taillights were missing. I couldn't find the kit's 442's W30 motor it originally came with (might have given it to a club member in a trade for wheels) and I didn't feel like raiding my other mint kit for it, so I had gathered up an LT1 using a Revell 4th Gen Trans Am for the block and a Monogram '92 Corvette for the heads and fan belt/water pump setup (Monogram's Corvette motor had an auto trans and wouldn't fit properly in the Old's frame). I know it's a Chevy motor in a Olds, but it's the only complete setup I could find that would fit without major work. While I was able to find clear front lenses and make taillights from clear styrene pieces, I still couldn't find the hood after I had stripped the rest in the purple bath and that was gonna be an issue. I couldn't see myself raiding the hood from one of the mint kits in my stash (that I also plan to build someday) and refused to succumb to Ebay prices just for the hood alone. As I came up with ideas I remembered a crazy looking 67 Chevelle I saw at a car show back in 2009 that, apparently had no hood, but contained a big block Chevy with not only a fuel injected Roots high rise Supercharger with plumbing to the radiator, but was also twin turbocharged and appeared to have had the intercooler built in in the radiator. With that idea brewing, I got to work on parts hunting! I gathered up a flat manifold from an AMT Chevy 350 motor of some subject, a Roots Supercharger from the AMT Silhouette, and pulley belts from the Revell '68 Firebird's optional supercharger setup. I also sourced different 350 LT1 headers and placed them upside down to put the two resin turbos on. After finding some more tidbits and other '92 Corvette parts, there is where i'm at The front suspension was mostly intact, just needed new springs and spindles. I also cooked up a 4 link style rear suspension and plan to add a side exhaust system from an old Monogrma '71 Cuda built up. I had also found a matching set of the custom wheels from the Revell 66 Chevelle SS Wagon that were originally used and used brakes from the Monogram '92 Corvette. I had set a right height setup that looks dope dayumm, but forgot to take pics of it before I got it ready for paint! More to come soon
  7. The AMT 1966 Chevy Nova built to represent my favourite Australian Touring Car Champion - "Stormin Norman" Norm Beechey. Added a scratch built roll bar, wheels and tyres pinched from another kit, homemade decals, a rattle can exterior and vinyl paint interior. First pic is the real thing which now sits in a large private collection of historic Australian race cars.
  8. Hi guys ! This time again I am sharing with you my last transformation. Another Cadillac of course!. Last fall I discovered that Hasegawa had released a new version of their "Amercian 66" Series, ( including their Coupe Deville ) into a "lowrider" series. I jumped on the occasion to buy 2 kits in order to create from them a series 75 limousine. Hasegawa's kits are not as refine as the Jo-Han's Coupe Deville of the same year, but working from Johan's 66 Caddies is inconcevable to me, since these promos or kits are very rare and really expensive. And to be honest, Hasegawa's are really good to start from. So there she is !. Chassis, B,C and D pillars, interior including passengers compartment have been modified or created of course, as well as original wheelbase. Then, all the roof have been levelled up cause limos roof were higher than regular Deville series. I have added a "vinyle-ish" top option on my model, to make it even more rare, since most of the real 66 limos were not having it. Over the last 20 years, I have seen only one model conversion like this one, without the vinyle top. So, since no Cadillac limousines have ever been made by any kit manufacturer, I guess that my model is maybe unique. It's by far the most complicated transformation I have ever done. Hope you'll like it !
  9. Hey guys! This is the 66 Suburban kit from revell, here it is so far.
  10. I started this back when I was 6 years old, incredible it never got destroyed. Maybe now I can finish it.
  11. Back at it again, with a vw beetle now, this is going to be a replica of my real one that i too am currently working on, which you can see here: http://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?t=636548&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 Here it is, and all the work i have done on it so far: The filler is for bumper holes, indicator holes and some vent on the front of the car holes, i havent finished sanding down the front yet, or the back actually. I really need to paint the exhaust again, i am terrible with a brush, i stole the exhaust from a secret project im doing and just bent it to fit like my real one. I cut the rear seats out and will be filling in the hole at some point because i too dont have rear seats. Thing is, i have a few issues with this kit, the first one is that my dash is right hand drive, and its had new guages put in and been smoothed out by the P.O and im not sure how to replicate it, i am in the process of sanding the dash down and then filling in the indents on it, so i can make the car right hand drive, but im not sure how to make new dials and guages...
  12. This is a commission build I did over last summer for a gentleman's 50th birthday. The Malibu in some of the pics is also a commission build I did for this guys friend. Both of the real cars travel to various shows in New England so, if you see them around you may see the models with them. Feel free to ask them about the builds. It's a cool story. Anyway, on to the model. I based it on AMT's '66 Fairlane 427. I notched the rear bumper and made custom exhaust. I modified the rocker moldings and added wheels and tires from Revell's '62 Chevy kit. I also photo reduced the plates and side emblems. I also made a custom front bench seat using the rear seat from a donor kit. The paint is a custom match of Acapulco Blue acrylic enamel. First pic is the real car this is modeled after. All in all, it was a fun build. Would love to do one for myself someday.
  13. Before i start I am going to provide some back story to this build. When i was younger (9 or 10) my grandma loved cars. my grandpa had just passed away and she needed something to do in her free time so she started building model cars and being the young kid i was i got interested and started building for a few years and then we moved away from my grandma and i just kinda stopped until about a year ago well my grandma just passed and this has gotten me interested and her dream car was a yellow 66 fastback mustang so i guess its time to build a mustang as much as i hate ford. so i have a few questions where can i get decals small enough to look good on a 1:24 scale i have talked to a few lettering guys near home and they say they cannot print this small and make it look good so is there anywhere to get some? will have pictures of the started build later today.
  14. Hello Guys! First of all: please excuse for my bad English! Finally can I post a assembly that ran in secret over a few months! So, I stopped with other projects that were in line and only dedicated myself exclusively to this Beetle. Follows a small descriptive of the event so that everyone understands the rules and project development: All modellers will mount the same kit and a single assembly line: of the box (OOB). The kit was the Beetle from Tamiya and small exceptions were released – wheels and suspension could be changed, only wiring the motor and detail the belts inside the car. Nothing else would be allowed. But the most interesting rule was not to be allowed to publish photos during the assembling. So ... Let's go to my project for this Event: 1966 Volkswagen Beetle 1300 Tamiya with Codename: Low 'N' Ru5t Bug! My great desire would be to make a very low car. Here in Brazil calls: "Socadaço"! You should take some very drastic measures in order to stay consistent with the vehicle 1: 1. One is the negative camber on the rear wheels, so I removed material of the rubber tires (which was wide) so akin to what happens in reality, the car adopt a really aggressive look and to sticking to the ground. As if the tire was "deformed" by car's weight. Other changes are required: inverted axle shafts for the curvature was thrown "up", cleaned injection marks and other imperfections in the plastic parts. A few more "views" from the suspension ... And here, a general view... After this work was big and exhausting, I came to something more light ... I tried to leave the front seats with a more accurate face as in real Beetles. I do not like license plates on my car, so I tried to close all the holes... That's all guys... Big hug!
  15. Hello Guys! Done: Tamiya Low 'N' Ru5t Bug. WIP: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=98645 Let's go! Some Close-ups...
  16. This was the Jenking racer kit. I wanted a stock looking car though. Lots of decals, but non for a stock version. Came out well though for a kit that felt cheap.
  17. I'm wanting to see everyone's opinions on this model! Thanks! Cameron
  18. My favorite of my Chevelles.
  19. I really liked this one.
  20. Here it is, the first kit I've started in more than 20 years! I picked up this beautiful AMT Fairlane 427 over 10 years ago; finally I decided to do something about it... Stage One, research. I went online and found the exact car at www.mustangandfords.com Stage Two, more research. What new tricks are out there for building plastic models in the 21st Century, anyway? Found this little gem at my local hobby shop; Stage Three, quite dragging things out and actually commit. So, step by step, I actually got on with it. Put a lot of time and effort into finishing the engine block and components. Since this was the first subassembly I had tackled in a very long time, I luxuriated over it; sanding, filling and primering. Of course, as the weeks wore on, other aspects of the finishing received somewhat less attention... The quality of the kit moulding pleasantly surprised me. The parts fit so well that I used almost no putty. The joins bonded nicely with Ambro Safe Weld and disappeared with light sanding and filing. The transmission was a separate component from the engine block. This allowed me to finish and paint each element separately, unlike the old days when the whole thing came in two halves. Shift linkages were also included, which is I found a nice detail element. Given this was a "back in the saddle" exercise, i decided to build the kit OTB, with the exception of the spark plug wires, which seem to add so much realism. I used yellow fine-guage model railroad electrical wire. The prototype wires are black, but given the simple black and white colour scheme of the original car, I made the creative decision to emphasize small hits of bright colour as realistically as possible. I was initially apprehensive about detailing the tires. I love the red sidewall detail but dreaded how to achieve it. Fortunately, there is a very slight groove in the vinyl. With patience, reading glasses, a 000 brush and diluted flat red Tamiya acrylics, I got on with it. I allowed the diluted paint to flow into the groove and wiped away the excess, giving quite passable results. I think I may have had a whiskey as well after completing this stage. I'll post more pics later today and tomorrow. As promised; Here are some of the detail components. The dashboard was dismal, but the streering wheel turned out nicely. I sprayed the base colour using Testors semi-gloss black and painted on the chrome trims. Again, using a 000 brush and a lot of patience. No whiskey required this time. Completed engine compartment. Hose clamps are made from strips of aluminum tape. The completed sub-components ready for final assembly The first disappointment. In a misguided attempt to save money, I used commercial spray enamel instead of a better quality hobby enamel for the body colour. The result was an orange peel finish. Using super-fine grit sandpaper and polishing compound, I corrected most of the defects. I then finished the window trims and windshield wipers using Testors Krome Foil. Unfortunately, the foil picked up some of the residual orange peel finish. Lesson: get the finish right first! Completed undercarriage and detail. The selective hits of colour are all reasonably accurate to the original car. And...the final result.
  21. Hey guys, this is my first build of this year. Took me a bit to get back into it. It was my first time using BMF and first time weathering. Let me know what ya'll think!
  22. I just got a 1966 Mustang for Christmas and I am making an exact replica of mine. The problem is the model has a center console molded into the interior. How can I remove the center console without damage?
  23. Hi everybody, here is my 66 Riviera - to make three, in this section this week, complete. After a failed paintjob for a cool Lowrider, a missing enginebay in the kit, i had "no other chance" to safe him not to throw in the trash. Take a look at my Lowrider... stay a while for the pics inside...
  24. Hi fellows today i want to show you another work, if a car tells a story - like my bulli "Horst" does. This i built in April 2010 and it was my first model, that i opened the doors. And, till a hardtopcoupe isn't hard enough, i made it with a convertible. Why? Of course, it belongs to the story: This Olds is in a garage, they want to sale it. But, this stupid mechanic, how wants to change the sparkplugs, does nothing but s***. He has demolished a sparkplug. So he must pay for his own foolishness and repair it. The second guy has to clean up the car all over, but he is thinking, he has enough time to make a rest - not even the windshield is done... Take a look - their are some pics more... ...to be continued...
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