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  1. Picked this up a few weeks ago. I had done one awhile back, but the paint job got ruined over the years. It's one of my favorite cars and I wanted to do a new one with a nice paint job. SAM_1347 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_1348 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_1349 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_1350 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_1351 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  2. I started both of these at 11am Central time and got the 62 done at 1:30am, the 63 I got done at 10:00am on January 31. It is possible to build a couple of models in 24 hours and it is a lot of fun! Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  3. Pictures of box, contents, and instructions.
  4. Somewhat of a grail for me, just got it in the mail today! More pictures of the box, box contents, and instructions below
  5. Picked this one up a little while ago when I was into the Buicks, nice kit. Kits contents, and instruction pictures at this link: Buick Electra 225 Convertible kit contents and instructions
  6. An oldie, but a real gem! Just acquired from evil bay, AMT did this kit before I started building models. I missed out on some good ones.
  7. for the REST of the story, go to: https://www.shamblesmodels.com/the-story.html
  8. Picked this one up a few days ago from evil bay. This is how it looked when I got it. I've since gave it an alcohol bath and figured out some tires and wheels for it. This is going to be a blown street machine since I don't have a hood. Engine is from an AMT 69 Rivera kit. Rear tires are American Satco Mickey Thompsons, fronts are some AMT Goodyear GTs from something, while the Crager mags are from an AMT 65 Pontiac GP kit. Some cutting needed to be made to the frame for everything to fit. More later, thanks for looking and all comments are welcomed.
  9. Another Buick, this one painted with Testors Nassau blue with Tamiya pearl clear. I need to do some more clear to get it shiny though. Thanks for looking, more later.
  10. Got some paint on it yesterday, it is a perfect color I think! TS 59 Pearl light red by Tamiya.
  11. I wanted to build this one as the custom because I liked the rear treatment on the box cover. On my example of the kit (I got it at Hobby Lobby) the body had been massaged too much (IMHO). It looked like a resin body that was not too good of a copy of the original to be honest. Never mind I told myself, it was going to be custom anyway. The decals broke on me very easy. The side decals are all one piece so you would need to cut out for the wheel well. I was not real happy with the way the decals worked, although I still like how they look on the body. Painted Testors Da Ja blue with wet look clear. I put the decals on first then cleared it all. Pegasus gold low rider wheels. I have another of these kits being built stock so I had another set of the headlights, and I thought, if six is good, then eight is better :-) Nurf bar bumpers are from AMT 63 Impala kit. Purple elephant is from the Buick kit while the pink bunny is from the AMT 63 Impala kit. Side pipes are from AMT 50 Ford convertible kit.
  12. They're no longer in my collection, but I built quite a few NASCAR kits over the years and still have photos of some. This is the Buddy Baker Uno Buick Regal.
  13. I was emailed from them stating that they were going to produce some more of the '68 Buicks later this summer. For anyone whose interested.
  14. This one was completed due to in joining the “Dring out your dead” thread in the On the Workbench. Thanks to Snake45 for starting this thread and helping me to “Gitter done” Thaks for looking!
  15. Built this awhile back, but didn't have a chance to post it until now. Not bad for an AMT model. SAM_2539 by Eric Lucas, on Fli SAM_2542 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2541 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2540 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  16. I have Monogram's '70 Buick GSX kit, and I'd like to build a '71 GS convertible. I ordered a resin convertible body from Mill City Replicas. The only other real differences between the years are the bumpers and the grill. --> Does anyone know if there is a '71 version of the bumpers and grill out there that I can use? Someone making them in resin or something? If not, I'll have to fabricate them. Below are pictures of the front and rear of the 1971 GS, which is slightly different from '70, the Monogram 1970 kit, and the resin convertible body I ordered.
  17. Built back in the '90s, always liked the flags on the hood. Hut Stricklen took over the ride after Bobby Allison's near-death crash at Pocono. Thanks for looking.
  18. HI! This lowrider model is based on a 1/25 promo which had no information of model company that has made it. Promo was packed in white cardboard box with color prints of drawn pics of red Regal and large Buick- logos. Maybe it´s made by Brooklin or MPC or AMT... I don´t know. Same company has obviously made the Buick Reatta promo bcause it it so similar to this Regal. But on to model: I Disassembled the promo and painted it with tamiya paints. Body has: Surfacer white + Light pearl red + lame flake ( PS) + clear + metallic orange ( thin mist layers ) + clear Some modifications to rear subrame was done also and finally I added Pegasus wheels. Pics:
  19. Bought this eons ago mint in the box. Two-tone color combo inspired by picture in brochure. Colors custom mixed lacquer inside and out. Body coated in Dupont two-part clear. 3-toning the 1-piece interior was quite the challenge! Added as much underhood detail as I could get away with... Thanks for looking!
  20. I finished this model in february 2010. It's a Hasegawa 1:24 scale kit of a 1966 Buick Wildcat. Texts (spanish only, sorry): http://www.angelnoes.es/2016/03/buick-wildcat-custom-1966-hasegawa-124.html
  21. Served by grandpa`s Buick. On a serious note,is it much work to convert the Monogram Stage1 into an GS? I like the wimbeldon white Stage1,but it has been done so many times i kinda wanted to try do an GS version,or even more plane jane Skylark.
  22. Does anyone know of a 1960 buick lesabre kit or a resin body? thanks
  23. Hi everybody, here is my 66 Riviera - to make three, in this section this week, complete. After a failed paintjob for a cool Lowrider, a missing enginebay in the kit, i had "no other chance" to safe him not to throw in the trash. Take a look at my Lowrider... stay a while for the pics inside...
  24. Well this is the first time I've ever attempted to build a model car..a quick history, if anyone acually cares: I own an '84 mustang, and decided to build a model of my car. I've done alotta work to my car so of course it looks much different than the model kit. I wanted to build an exact model, so I embarked into the model car world. I located and immediately bought 3 of the monogram 83/84 mustang convertible kits. One from a guy in my car club who is doing the same thing. He put me on to this forum. I wanted to start building my model, But I figured I'd do a practice run before I started it. Since I've been here, I'm amazed at some of the work I've seen..especially the junkyard models. I immediately wanted to track down the resin parts to customize the model, but I decided to stay "out of the box" and get a feel for things. I fell in love with the hobby immediately, and I stopped at a local hobby store and bought a Grand National, since its a similar era car...and to be honest, minimal exterior trim, plus I like 'em. So here goes the progress, I have to fight my impulses to keep it 'stock", but I think I'm gonna get some Weld-style wheels and slicks, thats down the road. Hope you enjoy the build as much as I am.
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