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  1. I too was confused. My dioramas are NEVER finished!?
  2. Nice work. I've experimented with small ramps for the lifts in my garage, but never thought about cutting out the floor!
  3. Your details are amazing! I couldn't do that even back in my younger days!
  4. Well, it's been raining like hell here the last few days, so I got back to work on my salvage yard diorama out in the garage. I'm glad there's some racing back on TV so I can have that on while I play with my toys.
  5. Happy Birthday Shambles. Have a good day & stay safe.  Best wishes. hack-n-whack

  6. One caster came off my my rolling table somehow. No way to get it back on without starting over, so I'm back to square... ummm. 3?
  7. Nice work and an interesting subject. I've considered trying my hand at resin casting, but decided my skills ain't up to the task. I love vintage NASCAR and have done a couple of 1-offs. This one is still on my bench and intended to be Buddy Baker's #87
  8. Since I don't go anywhere anymore, and have now seen everything that Netflix has to offer, I'm getting a little more work done on the diorama. Still got some "grass" to glue down, and lots of accessories and figures to add. The yard next to the shop is where we bring the performance cars to remove their engines and other salvageable parts. Then, if there's nothing of value left on the "carcus" they'll go to that crusher back there.
  9. Nicely done. Thats one huge armadillo!
  10. Photoshop. I take a lot of sunset photos at that golf course in our neighborhood. I photograph the diorama, erase the background (the most tedious part), then size and embed the photo as a background layer.
  11. Making some progress. Here's a photo, with a dash of Photoshop.That background is a sunset photo I took down here a few days ago:
  12. Making a little progress. It really helps being able to access this 360º with the rolling table. I've ordered some more stone wall and grass and still toying with the layout. I'll keep yall posted.
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