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  1. Hey y'all. I had a plan a couple of years ago to build some old o NASCAR replicas that I couldn't find in kits (https://www.shamblesmodels.com/race-cars-2.html). This 66 Merc is one that I started, messed it up with filler trying to get the 'trim' and emblems off, and decided to just wreck it. So, It's got the race car dash, but the rest is gonna be pretty stock when it slams into that tree. I've had pretty good results using thick gauge aluminum foil over the 'crashed' model panels, but it's tedious. I've reinforced the A pillar so I can buckle the roof a little. The skinny parts on a model have a tendency to shrink or all but disappear when heated along with the larger panels. After years of experimenting on flat tires, I've found that a hot plate works pretty good. It'll stink up the house and set off the smoke alarms, so I do it in my vented paint booth. Remove the wheel from the tire and insert a 7/16" socket. That way, the inside of the tire and the plastic wheel stay round. I keep some aftermarket 'steel' wheels to replace the chrome wheel when the hub caps fly off in the wreck. I use a 1/4" drive socket extension for the 'tree'. I'll add new photos as the wreck progresses. .
  2. Agreed. Here's one of my older dioramas, the biggest one I ever did. There are a few stripped cars in the back.
  3. Amazing work, Jason. You have way more skill and patience than me!
  4. Here's a Chevelle wreck in progress that will be added to the salvage yard soon... just a few more details. This was a decently built model I found on eBay. It was coming apart, but all there and priced right. When I took it apart to begin wrecking it, I noticed that it had been built from two kits.... one red, one blue.
  5. Hi yall. I ain't been on here in a while but we're back to 100º afternoons down here in FL, so I've been working on a new salvage yard diorama. Here's one angle of where I am presently...
  6. I guess I'm getting a little carried away with the details, but hey, it's a challenge. Here's one I'm working on now. It was a fairly well-built model I bought on eBay. I've completely disassembled it, and building the wreck from the inside out.
  7. I too was confused. My dioramas are NEVER finished!?
  8. Nice work. I've experimented with small ramps for the lifts in my garage, but never thought about cutting out the floor!
  9. Your details are amazing! I couldn't do that even back in my younger days!
  10. Well, it's been raining like hell here the last few days, so I got back to work on my salvage yard diorama out in the garage. I'm glad there's some racing back on TV so I can have that on while I play with my toys.
  11. Happy Birthday Shambles. Have a good day & stay safe.  Best wishes. hack-n-whack

  12. One caster came off my my rolling table somehow. No way to get it back on without starting over, so I'm back to square... ummm. 3?
  13. Nice work and an interesting subject. I've considered trying my hand at resin casting, but decided my skills ain't up to the task. I love vintage NASCAR and have done a couple of 1-offs. This one is still on my bench and intended to be Buddy Baker's #87
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