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  1. This one is now done. Introducing Sapphire. She is painted with Testors Arctic Blue enamel and has a, factory optional, slate interior. The console was scratch built and photoetched power window switches were installed. It is the luxury version of a Pontiac after all. She is one of the sisters in my Big Girls batch build.
  2. Well gents. This one got done along with her Big Girl sisters. I present to you JADE. She is painted in Testors Chezoom Teal Pearl metallic with a well detailed turquoise interior. Lots of skill expanding detail has been put into her including scratch built console with REAL wood inlays and my 1st successful interior flocking.
  3. This is the the last of my Pontiac Big Girls. She wears Pegasus wheels and disc brakes. I upgraded the tires to be taller to fill the wheel wells better. I also use different inlays on the console. Comments welcome.
  4. THIS IS A RE-BOOT OF MY OLD THREAD. I first started work on this Galaxie in 2013. The thread for that can be seen here. I hit a problem with the body paint and put the kit back on the shelf… until now! Unfortunately, soon after I put the kit away, Image Shack started charging for their image hosting and all my pictures on that thread were lost! This is why I'm having to re-boot the thread. This kit has always had a special place in my memories. I built a Barris 'Cruisin USA' kit when I was a kid - it was one of my first models I ever build. It came out pretty well (by my standard of the day). I wish I had kept it, but many years down the line I have no idea what happened to that model (but I a few of the parts have turned up in my spare parts box!). I found a more recent re-issue of the Galaxie on eBay. It has been started and is missing the engine. I thought it would be great to do this kit again - only this time, I'd like to think I have a better set of building skills. My intention is to build a 'tough as nails' street machine with modern day 'real-world' upgrades. I'm thinking lowered suspension and monster V8, standard bodywork with simple de-badging and plenty of detail. The first area needing attention is the floor/chassis... Well, that's as much as I can add in one post. There are over 100 more pics chronicling the build right up to the body paint stage - where it all went wrong! I will try to get this thread up to the current stage by posting a batch of images at a time (as I find them). With a little encouragement from everyone out there I hope to rekindle my enthusiasm in this build and finish it off.
  5. Box pics, contents, and instructions here I have been trying to get one of these for a long time, but they were always too expensive. This one was about a third of the price of the others. I am getting a new release 65 Modified stocker for the parts I'm missing like a stock 289 engine, radiator support, and hood.
  6. My latest W.I.P. : the AMT 1965 Chevelle "Surfin' Wagon' . This is the first time I've built one of these ( oddly , I've built many of its El Camino counterparts ) , and I'm enjoying it greatly . It's going to be Tamiya Pure White with Tamiya Medium Blue Metallic interior (see photos of the nearly-completed interior) . I've covered the flooring with black embossing powder ; then primed with Tamiya grey primer ; then colour coats , and ; Tamiya Flat Blue was brushed-over the 'powdered sections --- that gave the surfaces a texture and finish similar to colour-keyed rubber floor mats (yes , I know this is the Malibu trim level , but I wanted a 300 appearance). Without further ado , here's photos of the nearly-complete interior ( dashboard and steering wheel are still being finalised)
  7. Somewhat of a grail for me, just got it in the mail today! More pictures of the box, box contents, and instructions below
  8. Started some months ago,got it painted today and just letting it breathe before clear goes on. Not sure who casted this but they did a sloppy job. The tub was garbage and so was the chassis,i bought it off Ebay a year ago. Maby some left overs who went wrong? Anyway,did my best with getting the body decent,and i used the Monogram Impala Convertible chassis,firewall and tub. The tub had to be modified a bit,also got to replace the area behind the rear seats. I know the doorpanels and rear seat will not be correct,but i had no option,will use bench and correct dash. The idea is to fill in the rear seat,and the use seat pattern decals for front and rear,this will hide the inserted chrome "thing" in the rear seat. Have not decided but i guess it will end up with steelies in body color,hopefully anyone makes nice dogdish caps for this era chevy. The engine will be an 454 or 427 and maby an mystery motor air cleaner from Scenes Unlimited. Ok,here are some pictures of paint. Dash and low cowl hood. Thanks for looking and comments/critique are welcome.
  9. Started it months ago, but never got the chance to post it. Came out OK, but spilt some black paint on the grill, so i just went ahead and made the grill all black after one I saw online. SAM_2551 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2552 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2553 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2554 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2555 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2556 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  10. First completion since January 2017, got this one done November 30 of this year. Painted Testors' Fathom Green, with various shades of grey for interior. Tires/Wheels are Pegasus "23" Ts" Thanks for looking, comments welcomed.
  11. Built this awhile back. Came out really nice. This was a really good kit and a pleasure to build. 1 (205) by Eric Lucas, on Flickr 1 (206) by Eric Lucas, on Flickr 1 (207) by Eric Lucas, on Flickr 1 (208) by Eric Lucas, on Flickr 1 (209) by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  12. Slotto

    '65 Impala

    I finished this one up over 15 years ago. She's been on display ever since. The paint is definitely duplicolor but I don't know the code number. I'm not sure if I made a wheel change. I may have used the wheels from 36 Ford with the trailer. For some reason the hood warped between and now. Maybe I'll stick it some warm water and try to reshape it. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for looking
  13. Slotto

    '65 Chevelle

    My brother introduced me to models and slot cars back in the mid '70's and I've never been into anything else except playing guitar. This kit was finished over 15 years ago. I don't remember what colors were used. No major changes to this kit with the exception of the wheels and tires. They are from the Testors Boyds Chezoom kit. Not sure about the tires. I used sewing thread to decorate the seats. Don't love the idea but I don't hate it either. BMF added but I wasn't big on painting up the emblems at the time. Thanks for looking
  14. Take one Moebius 65 Plymouth Belvedere kit, swap a few parts from the Moebius Satellite and Johan Police Car kits, add a few aftermarket parts along with a few minor modifications and you can make this ... You can see all the build photos in the on the workbench section, just follow the link below. -Steve
  15. I finally finished my 1965 Chevy Stepside, trailer and 1968 Mustang Drag. I got the trailer from a junk yard I got off ebay. Put some nice rims on the trailer and added the scratch buit tire rack on the front. Thank you for looking Original '68 Mustang Drag thread - Link Original '65 Chevy Stepside thread - Link
  16. Hello, Posting some pics of my '65 Cyclone for reference since we hopefully will see this model soon from Mobius. If there is something specific you'd like to see, I'd be more than happy to try and capture it for you. I do not have any pics of the stock wheel covers on it.They are 14", which no longer fit my current 15" wheels. Regard's,Myron_
  17. Came out great. Not a bad kit.
  18. I got lucky and scored one of these off eBay for a decent price. The chrome is in terrible shape and it's missing a tail light. Thankfully I've got 3 of the convertible version of this kit laying around and can get what I need for it. I bought this with the intention of cutting the hood out of the body to reveal the engine compartment. I'm going to completely swap the promo chassis/engine plate for one of my kit chassis. The more I think about this, the worse of an idea I think it is. What would you do?
  19. I posted this before awhile back but since then I've added Hoosier tires & different wheels & took some outdoor pics. I built it as a dirt purestock racer. Most of the decals are homemade. They are logos & brands from where I work.
  20. This is the snap kit from Polar Lights. I wish i could say it was just to snap it together,but it`s far from the truth,if i`m not just really out of luck as for what fitment concern. Anyway,i put on some foil,not so easy with the sloppy original painted moldings. I changed the interior color from tan to red,and the engine color from blue to black. Did an attempt at giving the engine and surroundings little bit of detail as wires,heater hoses,coil wire,battery wire,and some decals. The hood is not put 100% in place,such an hazzle to get it off later on. I wanted to try blackwash on the grill in front of the windsheild,but the one i used on the grill i did not dare to try because it`s made of clear and black paint lol. Some pictures.
  21. Well,enough fondling with this and i think i`ll call i done ,despite not to happy with the rear window. It`s got an 454 with 4speed manual,low cowl hood,i added some small red Chevrolet stickers on front fenders,also an red stripe below the doors,there was no moldning on the body,and i think i kinda suits the redline tires. 62 Bel Air steelies,i used some photoetch and tried detail some on the engine. I would like to add hood pins but i dont have any,i think i`ll add later,this and fix the rear window. Also i forgot to mount the revcounter lol. It`s a little dusty,sorry. Any comments are welcome.
  22. Hello. Anyone know who offers the best open hood 1965 Impala wagon?
  23. Here is my last build, a '65 Chevy El Camino camper. This is from the 1/25 AMT kit. The lights on the camper are from another AMT kit. The interior, there are papers and rags, and seats are torn. The engine, 327ci small block : That guy likes to go to NHRA events ! What do you think about it ?
  24. An original 327 sb (45K miles) on it's way out. A '65 dash/interior with RARE factory air conditioning. Detail of clock and gauges for '65 SS cars. Grille emblem insert for '65 A (correctly) restored engine compartment ('65 w/ SB) A (correctly) restored "L-79" high-performance 327 An unrestored (clean) '64 or '65 with dealer A/C engine bay The "dealer A/C" unit in the cab ('64)
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