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  1. I built this using the very good revell kit. The rear wheels are from revell’s thunderbolt. The white wall slicks are AMT . The headers are also AMT from the 62 bel air super stock kit. The decals came from MCW. Sadly I think they are no longer available.
  2. First true glue and paint model in a long time. Had a roommate outing looking around at local shops and came across a small ran-by-one-guy comic shop and he had a bunch of models. Being a big supernatural fan, I had to get it. I learned a lot with this model, such as patience and DONT TOUCH THE DARN PAINT OR ANYTHING EVER. ahem, anyways. Had some rough goings, like realizing I misaligned the interior panels and permanently goofing the alignment in the final product, having some orange peeling in my primer that wouldn't sand away, and TOUCHING IT WHILE IT WAS WET. But in the end things smoothed over with the exterior paint and it ended up looking fairly smooth. The chrome trim is rough and will be touched up because I thought I bought a fine tip pen but it wasn't. Anyway enough rambling and enjoy my poor photos
  3. G'day folks, here is my version of the Revell 63 Impala ss. It's a California Wheels 2in1 which I built oob back in November 2018. The paint is Tamiya ts19 metallic blue with ts26 pure white on the roof. Ts23 light blue was used for the interior. I did add some plug wires to the engine for some extra detail. Body trim is bmf. These kits have the after market wheels with disc brakes but no callipers. By the time I realized, it was too late to rectify. All feedback is welcome and appreciated. Thanks for looking. Cheers, David. 😎👍
  4. G'day folks, today I finished my version of the Revell 64 Impala. I'm quite happy with the result. I only have one issue with this kit and that's the tail lights. To me they look a little out of scale, i.e. too big and different sizes. Overall this kit goes together well. My only regret was when I got glue from my thumb on the front windshield and cracked it when I was buffing it out. Graphics are the decals from the AMT 63 Galaxie kit. Everything else is oob except for the twin antenna. Thanks for looking and as always all feedback is welcome. Cheers, David. 😎👍
  5. This is the third drag car I built as part of my "build five at one time" madness, Dyno Don Nicholson's '62 Chevy Impala 409 powered super stock. I used Revell's 1/25 kit and decals from SMP along with Fireball resin carbs and Detail Master distributor/ plug wires and some scratch-built fuel lines and linkage. I highly recommend this Revell kit, I encountered absolutely no issues and it looks very accurate IMO. Cheers, John
  6. I’m finally finished with this Supernatural Impala build! After two botched paint jobs, fighting the ill-fitting body-to-chassis marriage, smudged Molotow at the last second, and never ending static/dust, it’s safe to say this model was equally as cursed as the Winchester boys from the show! It came together in the end, but there’s a fair amount of blemishes that don’t show in the pictures. Built box stock, except for the tires which came from the AMT ‘66 Mustang Coupe. The tires that came in this kit were very rough with flash and fit the rims poorly. The car from the show never actually had white letter tires, but I think they look pretty cool here. I modified the steering rack to make wheels pose-able by cutting the tabs off where the rack glues to the chassis, and simply not gluing the steering knuckles. I left off the A pillar spotlights just to get it finished but I might add them later. Overall my build looks good enough for my shelf so I’m happy with it. I’m glad to have a model of a pretty sweet and unusual (hero cars are RARELY four-doors!) TV car in my collection!
  7. I saw pictures of Chip Foose's Impostor for the first time in 2016, and waited with bated breath for it to be released as a model or a diecast. When nothing materialized, in 2017 I bought a 1:25 scale Revell 2005 Corvette C6 kit, as well as a Foose Design 1965 Chevy Impala. I began my build that year, knowing full well this was beyond my capabilities. Starting with the Impala body, I followed the recipe that Foose used to shorten the body, move the rear axle forward, chop the roof, and tilt the A pillars back. What I came up with was a fair simulation of the 1:1 car, although the rear end still doesn't look just quite right, probably because I cheated the lines a little: Since the Impala body sits on a Corvette chassis, next up was lengthening that by 5mm and narrowing the width. The undercarriage is also smoothed and painted, so the same had to happen to my build: In 2018, I worked on the engine and drivetrain, which is pretty much stock C6, except for lengthening the torque tube and adding a supercharger. In my case, I couldn't find just the right blower, so I made one out of a spare muffler and some drywall tape: After a five year hiatus where I have been honing my skills a bit, I have gotten back to this build. The interior is coming together pretty well, although the virtually stock C6 dash is presenting some real challenges mating to the Impala body: I will be working on adapting the dash to the wider body, and integrating the door cards to follow the dash lines. Stay tuned and please provide feedback as you see fit.
  8. I am making the supernatural impala again, i was planing to do this later on in the year but other projects have stalled, so this will be my main build and i will finish other projects in between, i have done this before (link if your interested: http://cs.scaleautomag.com/sca/modeling_subjects/f/29/t/107258.aspx ) so i know what to do, i will also be making this one very very detailed with all 4 doors hinged and trunk/hood also hinged. Here's my start: I decapitated the camaro (camera was playing up so i didnt' take any pics of how i joined the roof.) These were braces to hold the roof in line while i could glue it, i will remove these and clean it all up once the bodywork is done. It took 2 afternoons to get this at this stage (i removed the front door months ago then got sidetracked with other things) and its all roughed in at the moment, i will alter things as i go.
  9. Got one to build for a friend. This kit is a bit better than the old kit. Came out pretty nice. SAM_0597 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0598 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0599 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0600 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  10. I recently acquired one of these for a really good price. After having a lot of the re-issues (prestige kit, the green kit one, and the latest) I was not sure what I would find. I have to tell you that the original issue of this kit blew me away on accuracy of body, engine detail, and chrome tree execution. Okay, the exhaust manifolds look more like small block ones than 409 exhausts but, it was a nicely designed kit with (except for the hideous {my opinion} custom treatment) was well executed. It's too bad Round two could not bring back all the original pieces for this kit. Thanks for looking, enjoy! More box pics and contents here!
  11. I started this one way back in 2015. I really did not know what I wanted to do with it except I knew I wanted to use the custom valve covers, air cleaner, and exhaust manifolds on it, but I was not happy with the big tire/wheel combo it came with. I shot the frame, semi built the engine, then back in the box it went until today. While separating parts for the other 62 Impala/Bel Air kits I have going I decided to play around with this. I found out I lost or misplaced the oil pan, so I decided to use one from the AMT 64 Impala. I elected for the finned chrome plated one. After putting it on I found out the hood interfered with the air cleaner. So, I had a choice, either cut down the chrome pan to get hood clearance or cut out the hood. I elected to cut the hood. The hood scoop is sourced from one of my many AMT 63 Impala kits and looks pretty good on it. I decided to use the American Racing S200 wheels from the AMT Impala kit as well. Of course, you need some wide tires on the back of a street machine, so I found a set of the NASCAR tires for the back. Once I glue the wheels to the backing, they will fit pretty good. Not sure about exhaust pipe clearance but a good set of side pipes might just fix that. By all indications this will be built in the 70's style. Don't know what color it will be I'll let you all know when I shoot it 🙂 I have an AMT 62 Impala convertible I'll be painting yellow, and I have a resin 62 Biscayne coming from MCW to round out my 62 big chevies. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  12. Just finished my ‘65 Impala. It’s an older kit that fought me on every turn - I was due for a struggle and I got one. Fitment issues and warping were the biggest hurdles but we worked it out 😉 I tried messing around with the paint technique on this one - I went two light coats of tamiya pearl light green over silver leaf followed by some heavy coats of TS-13 clear in an attempt to recreate the look of the 1:1 (the bottom one in this pic). It turned out ok, all things considered, but an airbrush would have really been the better method - I could have mixed a little light blue in there for a more even turquoise finish. Oh well, I’ll get one someday… Only mods were to the front and rear dashes, and the engine bay, otherwise its straight out of the box. Have a nice weekend everybody 🤙🏽🤙🏽
  13. Original issue AMT 64 Impala SS convertible, even has the lights installed.
  14. 1963 Impala convertible annual I have the stock tail lights for it and the convert boot. With some of my spare 63 Impala parts Sitting with the conversion I am doing with parts from the AMT 62 Impala convertible. Thank you for looking, all comments welcomed.
  15. Hi all, Next up, A Modelhaus resin 65 Impala wagon. I’m going to kit bash it with the Foose 65 Impala kit. ( I will need another one of these as I really like the Foose kit) If you have seen my builds, you may have guessed it will be low... yup. Still gathering bits and planning, so it will be a slow start. The resin kit will supply the body, interior tub, (which will need some mods), glass, and rear bumper. Everything else will be from the Foose kit, or parts stash. I played around a bit with the notion of converting it to a two door, but will likely take the easy route on this one and stay with the 4 doors. Probably Pegasus “T” wheels, which are my wheel of choice for this type of build. Sort of classic, sort of modern at the same time in my opinion. The engine will be a big block, deciding between a BNL resin 454 with modern induction set up, a Ron Olsen LS engine with a similar modern intake, or a good ol 409 with a modern intake, maybe a belt driven turbo. Decisions, decisions.... The body has a slight “twist”, or warp to it. I will try to straighten it, but failing that, it is subtle enough to live with, and I think when glued to chassis it will probably right itself. Any input on straightening would be welcomed. As always, any thoughts, comments, input and ideas welcomed. Thanks for having a look. Cheers, Steve
  16. So,,the local drag car guy down the street{circa 1969 if you will} is drivin down a country road one day,,passes a farm or two,,and behind one of the barns he see's just the back tail shape of the 59' Impala,,so he drives up the driveway,,knocks on the door and asks if the Impala is for sale,,the farmer says yes,,but the motors blown,,needs brakes,,interior is shot,,but Ill let it go for 150$,,car guy pulls out 150$,,says thanks,,and rounds up a few buddies to tow back to shop in his garage,,and wants to build a open top drag car out of it,,,,,,,8 months later,, hes got the IMPALA "X". In reality,,this was a 5$ 1/2 built glue blob in a ziplock bag I got at the NNL Macomb county Mi a few years ago,,and decided to give it a whirrl. I have no idea what brand kit it is,,or what year it was mfg,,it was quite old though,,the glue on it was yellowed and just about dried out and cracked,,you could pull everything apart by hand. Custom cut the chassis to fit drag rear end/slicks,,installed straight front axle from x-tra parts bx,,installed a blown 409 from the x-tras bx,,everything else is from the leftovers parts boxes lying around the house. Hand dremmeled the windshield from leftovers stuff,,, rims + tires from the leftover parts bxs,, Drag headers installed also. made seat belts for it. Lookin forward to seeing "IMPALA X" some saturday night at the local strip! Cheers!
  17. Here's the AMT 1967 Chevrolet Impala SS427. It's done in Tamiya TS-87 Titanium Gold and cleared with Tamiya TS-13. I used Evergreen .010 x .030 styrene strips to trim in the vinyl top, and just used Apple Barrel Black craft paint airbrushed from a distance to get a bit of texture before moving in closer for the final cover coat. The interior is a mixture of craft paints as well, and so is the engine. I wasn't too keen on the tires from the kit, so I used the extra set from the AMT '68 Camaro Z28 kit. The trim is all Bare Metal Foil, and I added valve stems, door locks, and ignition wires for extra details. This seems like one of AMT's nicer kits, and it was a really fun build. Thanks for looking!
  18. I may be one of the only people who is building the supernatural Impala as it is on the television show. Got hooked on the show when deployed to Iraq some time ago and been a fan every since. Figured in order to do the kit justice I needed to open the trunk up and include the weapons stash. My first time opening up a trunk so we will see how it goes. So far I managed to get the trunk lid cut off generally cleanly and added some interior trunk trim. Also since the weapons stash is going to have all kinds of stuff in it, I needed to start scratch building things. Started with a flashlight.
  19. Hi guys... Does anyone can tell me if the "oficial ride" of the surfers girls on the Blue Crush Movie is a '61 Impala four door or a '61 Biscayne four dour? Is there another maker besides ModelCarWorld thats offer a '61 Impala/Biscayne 4door? Thanks fellas!
  20. Does anyone out there have any reference photos of the Bub Strickler James Hylton 1970 Impala? I have the decal sheet and the one reference pic below. Looking for pics of front and rear of car along with interior. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  21. Some of you regulars know that I used to build box art models for AMT back during the Ertl days. I built display models ranging from mostly cars to even Star Wars from 1990 to 1995. The last three cars I did were for the Chevrolet Classics set shown below. Once they were built, as always I would hand them over to the Ertl Company and I might occasionally see them on the box, in the catalogs, or in the Blueprinter. When Ertl was finished with them, they would raffle or auction them off at model car events, then donate the proceeds to the Model Car Museum in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have no idea where most of them went after their box art days, but one day, while perusing Spotlight Hobby's predecessor, the Hobby Heaven Message Board, I saw a post by the late "Viper" Dave McGaughey showing the 1958 Chevy Impala I built for the box. I contacted Dave a few times over the years, inquiring about purchasing it, but his reply was always "it's in a good home". Sadly, David McGaughey passed away in 2018. I reached out to one of his sons asking about the model, but never got a reply. Then I reached out to mutual friend Ted "Chopper" Lear, who informed me that Dave had sold much of his collection to Richard Geis. So I messaged Richard in 2018 and asked if he knew of the model in question. Two years later, I got a Facebook message from Richard, apologizing for the delayed response, as he had recently just got back on Facebook. He had the model all along, having won a raffle for it, and that he would be happy to sell it back to me for what he had in it, plus shipping. Needless to say, the deal was consummated, and I am happy to report that one of my very favorite builds has returned, and Richard had indeed given it a very good home over these past two decades. And so here it is! You are probably wondering where the glass is. Most box art builds for Ertl were done sans glass, as it induced glare and distortion. Instead, the retouchers airbrushed (and later Photoshopped) the glass in. Box art models can lead rather rough lives during their travels. A sharp eye will reveal that during Ertl's ownership, it had been damaged, and the front hood and grille trim rather crudely glued back on. (It didn't leave my house with those big glue smudges on the hood!) Fortunately that old Krylon Teal paint is pretty robust, and I was able to polish a lot of that out after this photo was taken. At some point I'll be fixing the trim, along with the now glued solid steering. And the missing wind splits will be replaced on the fenders. The radiator hose and oil filler were there when it was delivered to Ertl. They will be replaced. Given the tight time constraints, these were no contest models. I built all three in about a week. So things that didn't show, like drive shafts, shocks, and on this one, even the exhaust were left off. In retrospect, I probably should have added the exhaust. And who knows, that could still happen. I've got a few extra 58 Impalas in the stash. it was a very different world a quarter of a century ago in 1995 when I built this model. My oldest two kids, now in their mid 30s were 8 and 9 years old, my mom and dad were both still alive, and I was a long haired guy going to college for an Engineering degree. Looking at this 58 Impala brings me right back to those days... I want to thank Tom Carter for the creating Hobby Heaven, and now Spotlight Hobbies Message Board for making this reunion possible, Ted Lear for hooking me up with Richard Geis, and especially Richard, for not only taking such great care of it, but being kind enough to reunite me with this bit of my history, one that I will be able to pass on to my son. And I want to thank anyone who took the time to let me share this story with them.
  22. What's good all, started cleaning off (dusting) shelves and cases, thought it would be a good time to share some pics of some older builds. This was the old Monogram 65' Impala kit, for the most part box stock aside from MAS steering wheel, wheels and air cleaner, tires may have been some American Satcos. The interior is detailed with flocking, BMF, engine was kit provided, wired, fuel line etc., paint and clear was Sikkens, color was a newer Chevy Blue Pearl. Kit was fun to build, went together fairly well with minimal issues. Just realized I still need to add a mirror to the driver door. ettm
  23. Started in 2011, I gave it a Tamiya Metallic red paint job with a wooden deck tan interior. I have some of the trim BMF but need to finish it. This got interrupted by those Corvette kits!
  24. Before I decided to get my 5 year old Corvette projects done, I started this one. Basically box stock except for a tire and wheel swap. The chrome trim on the side has held me up on this one. I need to get back to it soon though.
  25. Never cared to much for the 66 from the design stand point. Saw someone else's build the other day and thought it looked OK, so I decided to get one for the collection. The model came out real well, and the car doesn't look too bad in black. I believe someone had an issue with the windshield and rear window not having much room to glue in, and that was a major issue I had as well. Over all though, it's a good kit. SAM_0070 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0071 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0072 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0073 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0074 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0075 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0076 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0077 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
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