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Found 13 results

  1. I recently acquired one of these for a really good price. After having a lot of the re-issues (prestige kit, the green kit one, and the latest) I was not sure what I would find. I have to tell you that the original issue of this kit blew me away on accuracy of body, engine detail, and chrome tree execution. Okay, the exhaust manifolds look more like small block ones than 409 exhausts but, it was a nicely designed kit with (except for the hideous {my opinion} custom treatment) was well executed. It's too bad Round two could not bring back all the original pieces for this kit. Thanks for looking, enjoy! More box pics and contents here!
  2. Hello again everyone! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. The trip to Baltimore from South Dakota went great, very little rain, no snow sleet or ice! Visiting the grand kids was cool. Now, on with the business at hand, the AMT 63 Impala convertible had been soaking in purple power for ten days. I took it out and a lot of the original blue did come off, but I shot it with some easy off oven cleaner and let it soak for a couple of hours. Then I scrubbed it with a brush and here are the final results. While on vacation I kept tabs on that auction site and managed to pick up some 63 Impala original parts. Mostly all there except for the engine and body, but it also has a set of tires, hubcaps, fresh frame, and an unpainted interior. The spare parts came with original front and rear bumpers and the original box too. And the up top, which is just sitting on there right now. A little tire burn on the side, but that should be fixable. Here is how it looked when I got it. I'm not sure if I am going to use the injected engine or go with a stock one. Thanks for looking, it's nice to be back! All comments welcomed.
  3. I got this one last year or so. It came with two chrome trees and parts from two kits, but one stock tail light. Enjoy 🙂 Box pics, contents, and instructions here
  4. I think these are annuals because they have the four ribs molded to the tail light lenses, I just have to figure out how to paint them. A bonus with this one is the full set of 1962 Ford Galaxie hubcaps, they will go on my stock build of a 62 Galaxie hardtop I got. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  5. Been wanting one in the collection for awhile. The kit isn't bad. Still AMT puzzles me with their kits. You finally start to put side mirrors with the kit. Excellent. You also add decals that are more than lisence plates and race decals. Awesome! However, once placed on the model you can barely see the decal. Not cool. Also, you have headlight lenses for the custom kit, but not the stock version. WTF?! SAM_0089 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0090 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0091 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0092 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0093 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  6. Here is another one I just received, the 63 Ford Convertible annual kit. The instructions I got in the kit were bug chewed or something so they were not really photo quality. Lucky I found a set if instructions at the Drastic Plastic Foki site. More pictures of the box contents, box, and a link to the instructions at the link below
  7. Hi everyone. Yes, you've read correctly "hardtop". Although I know the brand for the last 30 years, I had never heard or seen any 1963 Cadillac Eldorado in that body version before, until a couple of years ago. Indeed, Original Part Group, Inc brought out an unbelievable and gorgeous 1963 Cadillac freshly restored for the 2014 SEMA show. According to the group, it looks like only 9 to 12 estimated units have been made at the time, knowing that Cadillac produced only Eldorado "biarritz" convertibles that year. The car is visible on the group website and on Youtube. I guess that if the car would have been made in 1963, it could have been called "Eldorado Seville". I couldn't resist to build one and this Caddy is made from a Dan Decko resin copy of the Jo-Han's Coupe DeVille kit version. Wheels and bumpers are from a kit donor. Regular trims have been sanded and I have created the new accurate "Eldorado" lower body moulding trims. A few details to find and add again such as mirrors, antenna... Hope you'll like it!
  8. Does anyone make a resin air cleaner like this? I looked at all of my mid-60s Ford kits and came up empty.
  9. Hi all! This is my first model in this community. Model was build 1,5 year ago and it was my first completely finished build. During the process of assembly, the elements of the suspension, engine, body, interrior were modified. I used some photo etching parts (locks of belts, engine parts, wipers), wire (cables), flock, BMF foil for chromium imitation, Alcad II, Elf headlights, rubber hose cords, string and syringe needle for antenna, 2k putty (mirrors, washer reservoirs). Windows(glass) except for the back are made of transparent plastic 0.5mm. The body is painted with a Model Master Nassau Blue Metallic paint and covered with 2k varnish. The rest of the details are painted with colors from the range of Tamiya and Testors. Interior was build in two-colors. I decided to paint the blue elements of the interior with the same metallic as the body, but due to different varnishes (matte in the interior and glossy on the body), the materials look differently and the interior turned out quite similar to the photos of real cars. Enjoy....
  10. I have not been working on models for a week because I have been frustrated with my first two builds. My 68 beetle and Meyers Manx. Both have paint issues and I am most likely going to strip the paint from them with purple power. However, on the bright side, at a car show, I picked up a vintage amt kit. The 1963 avanti Reggie Jackson collection. I'm going to begin painting the engine and chassis tomorrow (maybe) but for now i was practicing with BMF on the avanti script. And for my first time, it came out almost perfect! It took me like 15 minutes! But I think I'll just Polish through the paint with the foil under the paint to be sure no mistakes happen instead of trimming around the letters.
  11. Need help figuring out what these bumpers & grills are for. Thanks for any help.
  12. Then it`s done after having my fair share of trouble and issues. Here is a little what is done. Flintstone body. (Many hours of sanding to make it decent) Lindberg chassis,interior and drivetrain,tires and hood scoop. Polar Lights max wedge exhaust from the 65 Coronet. Tamiya racing white exterior and Tamiya italian red with BMF ultra chrome and black chrome details interior. Missing Link dog dish caps and Scenes Unlimited steelies. Underhood decal from the Color Me Gone kit: Says Caution aluminium front end. Mirror from my parts box. Headlight lenses from ScaleProduction.de Here are some pictures,the light was really strange tonight. Hope you like it,or not,feel free to comment anyway lol. Some smaller adjustments and corrections will be adressed. Thanks for looking.
  13. The Revell SNAP kit of the '63 Vette. A great kit! It might be a "snapper", but it's worth your time, I think. In retrospect, I should have used a wash on the wheels and applied foil to the emblem on the fender. Hey, live & learn!
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