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Scale I Build

Found 10 results

  1. Revells Fast + Furious Charger,,from HL fun kit to do,,the kit had drag racer written all over it,,so I grabbed some leftovers from the decals bx,,add some basic wiring. and away I went,,,,, Sprayed from the can testors maroon qkdry. hand painted the rest. Only thing I wish the kit had came with would be some wheelie bars for the back. Revells hemi mtr for this is awsome,,alot of options you can do w/it. And I made a rear spoiler,,as all cars should have a wing or spoiler,lol. {kidding of course} Happy new year to all !
  2. Then it`s done after having my fair share of trouble and issues. Here is a little what is done. Flintstone body. (Many hours of sanding to make it decent) Lindberg chassis,interior and drivetrain,tires and hood scoop. Polar Lights max wedge exhaust from the 65 Coronet. Tamiya racing white exterior and Tamiya italian red with BMF ultra chrome and black chrome details interior. Missing Link dog dish caps and Scenes Unlimited steelies. Underhood decal from the Color Me Gone kit: Says Caution aluminium front end. Mirror from my parts box. Headlight lenses from ScaleProduction.de Here are some pictures,the light was really strange tonight. Hope you like it,or not,feel free to comment anyway lol. Some smaller adjustments and corrections will be adressed. Thanks for looking.
  3. Oh it`s him with those never ending projects lol. The weather and location makes it very hard to get some painting done so it takes longer then planned. But it`s getting warmer,also i have made and deal with my grandparents where i can borrow a room for painting. I cant do it where i live now. To the subject,it`s an 63 Polara from Flintstone,pretty okay cast but very thick some places so it an never ending sanding story. Been sanding on and off for two days now and the chassis starting to fit pretty nice. The donor is the 64 Color Me Gone from Lindberg. It`s got the same 119 wheelbase and also some goodies as the engine and hoodscoop. It`s not going to any exact replica of an Max wedge car,but a street machine with factory looks. Obviously the interior will be wrong since its 64. Not decided on color yet,but it stand between black,red or white,non metallics and steelies. The headers from this kit does not look like the one i wanted,if anyone know where to get replicas of the factory 413/426 headers i really appriciate it. Here is the progress so far.
  4. Just finish the Lindberg Plymouth Belvedere. Nice kit imo,AMT and Revell should take notice on how to mold plated parts like bumpers from Lindberg. It`s more or less box stock besides i used Magnum wheels and new tires from the AMT tire pack and some heater hoses. The interior is gold with tan inserts in seats and doorpanels. Sadly i dont have any decent picture,should have taken before assembly. You could build this with the slant 6,but of course i had to go with the 426 Commando. I`m not sure the engine color match the real deal,but i tried to make it look original. The 6cyl will be saved until a later on wagon project. Anyway,it`s done and here are some pictures.
  5. Hello. Can i use the Lindbert 63/64 Dodge chassis and tub as donor for the Flintstone 63 Polara? Maby you have some better suggestions? I would also appriciate if anyone know where to get the air intake/scoop on the picture. Tommy
  6. Greetings from Motown!,,just finished this "Woody". Its kindof what you might call a "GT" package if it were ever to be offered back in the day,,lol. Lots of scratch built stuff,,no after market parts on this,,just leftovers from the junk bxs. Some of the pcs were missing when I got the kit{ swap meet kit} so had to use the thunderbird tire cover in back,,different rear bumper,turn signals on front fenders,scratch built,,And the mtr is some hemi out of a prostock kit,,have no idea which one. Tinted the windshield + wing windows blue Scratch built visors,,roll bar,,seatbelts. I really like the AMT kit supplied " woodgrain" inner panel decals for the sides,,nice feature. They went on with no problems. Its a bit different than the stock version,,but what a fun version it would be to drive!
  7. Howdy all,,well Im thinking of spring coming soon,,summer soon after,,got in kindof a fair weather building mood on this one. Its kindof a WIP side project I work on from time to time. Its the AMT 41' Woody,,but its missing the back doors,,and its top,,and a Hemi somehow got in there,,other than that its somewhat stock. Engine is totally from the leftover prts bx's. As are the tires+ rims. Gonna do a 2 tone dark blue seat insets,,with the white interior. Made little floor mats for it,,kindof a summertime ride,,all I need now is the $$ for the 1:1 car! Cheers!
  8. Hello...again Anyone want to recomend a 63 Polara kit? Post or no post does not matter as long as it is a 2 door. I really enjoy these max wedge cars,is it called Pro-stock? But i would want to try build a more street friendly version,no excact replicas. Also,good tip on what donor is good for suspension/tub etc if not included in any resin kits. I`m quite new to resin stuff so i thought it would be okay to ask on here. Tommy.
  9. I got ahold of this kit back in march. Ive been slowly working on it here and there. My grandfather had a black 67 just like this one but with a 383 so I wanted to try and make it as close to his as possible except for the engine. Ill post pics of his real charger soon. I went ahead and dressed up the engine with some krylon red, some aluminium for the heads, intake mani, "cool can", front cover pulleys. Brushed the rad cap, battery, hoses, etc. The body was sprayed with pactra rc lacquer I got from a local hobby shop. The interior which you cannot see at all due to my poor photo taking has brushed aluminum accents on the doors, center console and dash board, gauges and such. I used some gray krylon for the interior color cause it was closest to my grandfathers. Turned out nice. The exhaust pipes and headers are painted stainless steel which you prob cant see while the mufflers and exhaust tips were masked and painted aluminum. I like to think that this car has some nice aluminum heads and a good bottom end... imagination strikes. There are some flaws here and there that you cannot see but I try to ignore them. I hope you enjoi it as much as I did building it. Feel free to ask questions.
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