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  1. Hi Michael, Sorry, I am not selling. Can't think about letting one of my Cadillac go
  2. Yep, I am a bit crazy about Caddies Almost 40 years of unconditional love...and still new things to learn about the brand every day !.
  3. Hi Steve, thanks. I did curved a bit the outer corner edges of the windshield's frame but it is maybe not enough... I could have also transformed the inner corners, that is what accentuates the square effect. Next one will be better, still have a 73 Eldorado convertible to do.
  4. Hi Claude! You're right about the Caribou and the Mirage. Mirage was a specific model made by Traditional Coach Work LTD, familiar with their 76 Caddy conversion that the now late Modelhaus created a decade ago ( and that I lost the chance to buy at the time). I am not aware about 1960s conversions though. But it's not less fun to make one !. . It happens when people mix pickup conversions with flower-cars. But Flower-cars were built on professionnal chassis, they were way longer than regular series, longer than the series 75 limousine Chassis. These were boats !. One exception though...
  5. Hi Claude !. Merci beaucoup. That's a fantastic story you are sharing with me and you must have seen so much wonderful cars!. I came up very close buying a real Eldorado Coupe 1972 last year but with Covid it was not really serious. Partie remise ! I can't wait to see your converted 64 Cadillac!. I am generally not into heavy customs but some mild ones are obviously quite elegant. Check this really cool one, made from a 1964 Fleetwood Sixty-Special. IMO, with whitewalls, it would be even better
  6. Hello Monty, Thank you very very much!. As long as I have relatively steady hands and not so bad eyes I will never stop doing Cadillacs. I love them too much, and only them. The Nebraska license plate is just a coincidence. It is part of a 1970s's era license set I bought on Ebay. I choose this one cause the year 72 appears on the bottom.
  7. Thank you very much Rusty. I am also very very fund of this design, one of my favorite especially in the Coupe version. The designer's name who had created this ninth generation of Eldorado for Cadillac back in 1971 is Wayne Kady!. What a premonitory name to then become a chef designer for Cadillac . A man of great talent, without a doubt.
  8. Hi Trevor, Thank you very much. As I said to Jay just above, pinstripes are from decals called "Studio27". They are sold per sheet with lines that go from 0.1 milimeters to 0.5 milimeters. They are water decals, not stickers. Available in various shapes and colors, you can buy them on Ebay. Coming from Japan. The quality is very good but they are not easy to apply cause of their narrowness.
  9. Hi Jay ! Thanks so much !. For the accent stripes I have used some water decal lines. ( 0.1 and 0.2 milimeters ) The decals brand's name is Studio27, you can find sheets on Ebay. As I have used the finest and narrowest lines possible, a 10th and a 20th of a milimeter, I apply them by pieces of 3,5 to 4 centimeters max in lenght, one piece after another on the body, cause the decal line in its full lenght ( 14 centimeters ) is too flexible, delicate to adjust and stretch. These decal lines exist in black, white of course, gold, silver, bright yellow... and in many other shapes.
  10. Hello Douglas !. Thanks so much for your kind words. Hope you'll try your own !. With a little bit of practice, I am still surprised of what I can do now. I am sure yours will be wonderful too !
  11. Hi guys ! Sharing today my latest Cadillac to enter my collection. Again, converted, detailed and restored from a rough promo model. Jo-Han only made the Coupe so why not feeling summer air with a top down version ?. I gave the Caddy new paint, hand sanded clear coats, thin accent stripes, larger white walls, mirrors, wood-ish interior panel doors, carpet etc etc... Hope some will like her!. Thanks for watching.
  12. Hi Jay. The kit is more rare than the promo. Especially if it's sealed. But now almost all Jo-Han's Cadillac kit or promo are quite rare and pricey anyway. Around 130-150 bucks if pristine for the 67 DeVille and Eldorado. A few years ago, it was quite cheap to buy a 1968 Cadillac convertible kit on Ebay, now she's getting expensive too, including the X-el reissues. Only 1975, 1976 Eldorados and 77 to 79 DeVilles are still affordable. I am also saving and converting one these days...turning a poorly and also glue bombed '67 Coupe into a Sedan DeVille. Will share it soon. Enjoy your re
  13. Excellent work Tim. That Eldo is gorgeous and I love the color. It's too rare but so good to see old Cadillacs detailed like that.
  14. Beautiful Cadillac, beautiful work.
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