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Found 25 results

  1. I am making the supernatural impala again, i was planing to do this later on in the year but other projects have stalled, so this will be my main build and i will finish other projects in between, i have done this before (link if your interested: http://cs.scaleautomag.com/sca/modeling_subjects/f/29/t/107258.aspx ) so i know what to do, i will also be making this one very very detailed with all 4 doors hinged and trunk/hood also hinged. Here's my start: I decapitated the camaro (camera was playing up so i didnt' take any pics of how i joined the roof.) These were braces to hold the roof in line while i could glue it, i will remove these and clean it all up once the bodywork is done. It took 2 afternoons to get this at this stage (i removed the front door months ago then got sidetracked with other things) and its all roughed in at the moment, i will alter things as i go.
  2. I've been wanting a 70 GTO for awhile, but there aren't any modern kits, and the vintage kits are way to pricey. The other day I saw a conversion kit for the 72 MPC GTO and decided to give it a try based on my previous experience with the Challenger conversions. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: DO NOT ATTEMPT UNLESS YOU ARE AT PRO LEVEL! So, with that being said; this kit and build was a nightmare. First off the conversion was way over molded. The hood alone was a 1/4 in thick. There was a lot of sanding...........so much sanding. I never did get it sanded down. I ended up doing some cutting and gluing the hood to the body. Irritation number two, the MPC kit front end is attached to the body. So I had to cut the front end off and sand some more, YAY! So, I get it the way I think it would be good. I go to see how the new front end will look once put on and..............The hood is too long. Yay, more sanding, just what I wanted. So, now I get it good, and I go to glue the front end on. There's now a gap because it doesn't want to glue all the way down. Great! A lot of cursing later and I finally get it some what looking....... OK. As a previous poster commented on their build; the rear end on the MPC kit has a fit issue. I tried to get it looking good, but it was pretty hard. I also hate that the MPC kit is molded in orange. It's a pretty bad, basic kit. There's also a problem with the pipes. They hang down way too far. Gotta glue them to the body later. My last problem was the stripes. They are Keith Marks and look good. However, they are not one piece. Yeah, I had to put on a strip, let it set, and put another strip over it. What could go wrong? A lot. Had one double over on itself and it's also hard to line them up.. Over all though, it looks passable for my collection. SAM_0078 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0079 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0080 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0081 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  3. What would be a good way to convert this kit to 4wd? Saw another thread discussing it and it sounds like the 70 F100 would be a good start, but the wheels would be incorrect and there are no aftermarket options. Is there something that I could piece together from various kits? Thanks!!
  4. friends, another model finalized yesterday 1940 Ford Wagon, modified from the 1940 Delivery AMT Wheels, tires, air filter, safety belt buckle from Mr Model, by Alaor Gosdal (http://www.mrmodel.com.br). Blue "Anil" mate painting and full scratch trailer. PURE FUN Thanks to comments
  5. I have a couple copies of the re-issued AMT Chevy Van kits, and I intend to build ambulances out of them. My only problem is how to do the raised roof. I searched around and saw a couple of people did resin aftermarket roofs for this van, but I don't think anybody sells those anymore, so I was wondering how I could do this on my own. I imagine one would have to use styrene sheets such as Plastruct, but I'm open to any and all tips.
  6. Hi guys. This Cadillac is a Page Resin kit. The cast was very good but needed some prep. Originally looking more like a regular DeVille series, I've turned and built it into the Fleetwood series, with lower body trims added, a matching interior and a "Brougham-ish" upholstery. Definitely one of my favourite Cadillac in my collection.
  7. started with an tamiya RC30 kit, heavily used my parts box and scratch built all the rest. engine was cut into pieces to make slimmer (V4 --> V2) and cylinder angle was reduced from 90 to (almost) 52 degrees. also cylinders were made taller. frame was modified for engine mounting points. rims where cut apart to add different spokes. tank was sectioned to become slimmer. rear cowling was cut apart to make new rear and seat, which was then covered with a piece of leather. front fender is a modified GPZ rear fender. exhaust headers made from RC30, muffler and rear shock are scratch built. many other bits are also scratch built like handlebars, mirrors, clocks (7 different pieces), and so on, and so on. custom printed decals. only parts used as shown in the assembly guide: swingarm-axle and spark plug connectors. rear wheel nut was also not modified, but was used in the scratch built rear shock absorber. 3 1/2 months of work with roughly estimated 300+ hours overall.
  8. I'm sure somebody's already done a thread about this before, but I was wondering, how can I convert a 2-door car model kit into a 4-door? The specific vehicle I'm looking to do is the MPC 1972 Pontiac GTO as a LeMans sedan, but I'll take any general advice I can get. If anybody knows of anybody that does a LeMans sedan resin kit, I'll gladly take that info as well.
  9. Hi, putting this pics into the good topic. Here's my personal conversion of a 1964 JoHan's Cadillac convertible into the Eldorado model. I am a beginner but I think the result is decent enough to share. Hope it'll please some of you. Thanks !
  10. After a year of trying this and that, I finished this crazy kitbash project. Based around the Monogram 1/48 scale P=40 Warhawk, AMT Model T frame, suspension parts from Airfix's 1/32 Omnibus, and a mish-mash of other bits I either grabbed from the parts pile, or built myself. Drive system drops from behind the prop spinner to a shaft running under the engine to the rear axle. After these photos were taken, I added hexnuts to cap the front hubs. Figure is a 1/43 '50s sports car driver in resin.
  11. I started work on this almost twenty years ago, moved on to something else, and put it back in the closet. Last night, I decided to get it out and take some better photos of it. It began as Monogram's old off-scale Midget kit. Inspired by the old Belanger Special Indy car, I cut it apart and lengthened it, to better represent one of the "big cars". I am considering finishing it up, as I don't think it would require too much time (relatively speaking) to do so. The radiator is completely scratchbuilt. The firewall, hood and seat support are aluminum sheet. Evergreen styrene tube and half-round were used to represent the chassis tubing. The dash has photo-reduced gauges, is covered with "tooling aluminum" found at a crafts store, with bezels (one of which has detached and departed) made from aluminum tubing. Most of it is from the kit, with some modifications and/or enhancements. I've said before that I love these old Monogram kits! I've also been told that I do much more work on them, than they deserve! For me, they capture a real sense of Americana and nostalgia, and, given some attention, they look pretty cool, sitting in the display case. Comments and questions welcome. Thanks for having a look!
  12. Hey All, Was wondering if there was a 4x4 conversion for AMT's 1992-1996 Ford F-150 XLT truck kit?? The truck I need to replicate is a factory '94 F-150 XL 4x4 (I have a '93 F-350 4x4 w/3" lift to do as well, but that's another story). It doesn't need to be 100% accurate, as few people will be turning it over to have a look see. It's mostly to get the right ride height, and the look of the bits that hang down that you can see from the side. I looked through the rest of my kits that I thought might provide the donor parts, but couldn't seem to find what I needed. I need more than one set as well, as I will need to build at least 6 trucks -- As the truck stands now (rusted out bits), the mods she will make sooner than later (at least bigger tires and fender flares to cover the rusted out bits), and then her dream truck (w/ at least bigger flares/tires and NO rusted out bits) - all times 2 (one for her, one for me). Is there a resin conversion set out there, or a list of donor kits that would work?? Thanks guys.
  13. My choice came down to two - an AMT Kenworth K100 Aerodyne or an AMT Pete 359. I said to my wife "These are the two I have narrowed it down to" and she replied "Build the Peterbilt". So here is the start of my build thread for the Big Rig Build Off. I have really enjoyed looking at some of the ideas others have started for this community build, when I have some time I'll have to look through a few more and catch up on the ones I have already seen. When I used to build these AMT truck kits as a kid they were out of the box builds but I have come a long way since then so this one will be changed around a bit. How it will exactly turn out hasn't been decided yet but it will have a custom flavour to it with updated parts to improve the fidelity of the kit. The plan is to put a Moebius 53 foot reefer trailer behind it. Like most of my hot rod models, it will evolve as the build progresses. This is my first truck model for a long time so I am looking forward to going back to what I started with in the hobby and seeing what I can do with one of my earliest kits now. Here are a some of pictures of the unstarted kits:
  14. Hello. Is there any good donors who can be used to convert the 55-57 Chevrolet pick up/suburban to 4x4? Maby anyone know of any aftermarket or kit who can have the suspension parts? I`m not looking for anything crazy tall like monster trucks or such,i`m hoping to get close to factory ride height,or around there. I`ll throw in a referance picture so you can see what i was hoping to get close to. I follow a guy on Youtube called redneck restoration,and there was a really interesting 55-57 Stepside,original 4x4 with manual,this car was fitted with a factory Pontiac 317. This kinda inspired me,or got me set for another project,like i havent got enought Thanks Tommy
  15. This is a daring project for me since i`m not as skilled as many of the guys on this forum. You might find it odd to convert the top of the line model to somthing lesser. This car is the one who got me all started,or how i got infected with the v8 virus. I was 10 year old,this was back in the late 80s,and my aunt boyfriend bought this car,it was the first one to take me to US car shows around here. I still remember the rumble it made,and i can say even by today standard of performance,this thing really pulled hard. From what i remember it had power steering and power brakes and not much more,it was imported by a Norwegian sailor in the 60s. I assume the car was light blue metallic original,but got a later respray of white,it was blue on the inside. The most impressive about the car was the drivetrain. 394 Sky Rocket hight ultra compression did it read on the air cleaner,i cant confirm this was original for this,but it said to have 330hp,also dual exhaust and 4speed auto. If the tarmac was moist and you floored it around 30-40mph it would fry the tires. This made a impact on me back then. Ok,enough emotinal history and nonsense,this is the 1963 Starfire i got cheap from a guy here in Norway. It was a decent build up with all complete parts. It was not easy to put the saw to it but if you never try,you never learn. I used the roof,a-pillars and wiper panel from the AMT 64 Impala. Sanded off the wipers since they are mounted diffrent on the Oldsmobile. I was lucky to be offered the correct front end from a fella on this forum a year back,i belive it was intended for a station wagon. Another guy you might be familiar with,Fireball Modelwork did offer to do an attempt at making photo-etch scripts for the whole car. One guy i know from Germany is going to make the air cleaner decal,isnt internet amazing? I`m not sure if i`m going to give to much into the interior,but the buckets are out,and i`m at this time serching,or i could say i appriciate any suggestions for a nice bench. Well,here are some pictures of the progress. How it is now. Still some touch up to do,and also mount the Dynamic trim who run from the back bumper top forward to the front fenders. The engine as far as i can see is identical in the 1:1 as in the Starfire,it just needs some paint and new decals. Here is the 1:1 car twin.
  16. Recently I picked up a Missing Link conversion kit to change the AMT 1962 Catalina into a Grand Prix. I love the faux convertible 2 door hardtops GM produced from 1962 to 1964. The first thing you notice is that the body casting is as straight as an arrow. There are no sags or twists. It's cast in a opaque white resin that assimilates the color of late '60s or early '70s AMT kits. If you looked quickly, you would swear it's styrene. Next to molded styrene, it is perfect. How could a resin kit be better than a styrene kit? No sink holes. I compared the AMT body against the Missing Link body and found sink holes on the AMT and none on the Missing Link. Kudos for removing them before casting the resin body. The chrome is very nice. They include; a new grille for the front and one for the rear on the trunk, 8 lug Pontiac wheels. I always thought the Catalina was bordering on boring. I know AMT chose it for a drag race car so that's okay. I like the all new interior included in the Missing Link conversion. You get 2 bucket seats, rear seat, console, dash and right and left side panels to convert it into a GP. Resin is not the same styrene in many ways, but most important is how tight intricate inside corners are made. The AMT Catalina is really complicated how the front and rear bumpers fir to the body. Now consider how resin can vary a wee bit. The result is non fitting issues. The rear bumper from AMT fit the styrene body perfectly, but it wouldn't snuggle into the resin GP without a little gentle filing. After a short while of removing some material, it fit. The resin front grille refused to fit the resin body as well. But it was a bit more difficult. I did get it to fit after a lot of file and trial fitting. Basically, I removed material from the inside where no one can see. The photo shows how much had to go. Now, the resin grille fits the resin body PERFECT. I checked the glass from the AMT kit. It fit the resin GP body very nicely. This is a great kit. I don't expect this kit to be available forever, like all resin kits. My advice is to get one now while you can.
  17. I decided that I have too many 1964 Impala SSs. So, I converted an SS to a Standard Impala. First step, remove the SS side trim.
  18. Hi All, I'm currently working on a Fujimi Mazda Savanna GT. I'm looking at converting it to a drag car (in the vain of a Mazda RX3) There is no way the drag wheels from Hippie Hemi kit I have will fit under the current wheel arches. I presume there will be a fairly drastic modification needed to get the wheels to fit so i thought i'd ask for tips before i start. Cheers
  19. I have always been fascinated by Campers. Just the idea to have a small mobile home, and to be independend and travel where ever you want and always have a place to sleep. I have been building model kits for over 42 years, but always wondered why model car manufacturers did not make campers, caravans RV's etc. A while ago I found this awesome kit from AMT called " the open road camper". I bought it right away, but it was a stand alone kit without a car attached to it. I tried to cut up several model trucks to see if they would fit, but they were all too big. Recently I came across a bunch of photos of Campers with a regular passenger car in front of it. I even heard that Cadillac used to built them! I think I'm going to try my luck and saw a model car in half, to see if it would fit my open road camper. It's a whole new world for me, I have never really tried to cut kits in half or make serious modifications, like most of the expert builders on this forum. Wish me luck!
  20. I also started this a while ago: I will also be making the truck eventually and put them both in a diorama. I will post a few pics of it at various stages so you all get the idea of how i did it. i cut and rotated the rear pillars to get the basic sedan shape.
  21. My first car (and the next 6) was a "55" Ford and I would like to build in scale. Suggestions as to how to do would be appreciated.
  22. I started this a while ago and decided to post what I have got so far here. This is what I'm aiming for: here is where I'm at now: i have glued in the doors, removed all side trim, lengthened the roof and begun filling the door lines to make it a 4 door.
  23. Here are some pics of my latest completion. It's based on the Revell 48 Woody. I mastered the grille and hood to convert it to a 42 Model. I painted the grille pieces with Alclad. I think they actually look better in the picture than in reality. Maybe it's the flash that highlights the chrome look. Here are a couple of other conversions I have done as well. A stock 42 Convertible and a custom 42 coupe.
  24. Well i had a BTTF delorean that i did but i bought it as a built kit and rebuilt it and was never 100% happy with it... so I am rebuilding a rebuild and it will be stock.
  25. This is my current kitmash project in 1/25. This is a pre-CUCV and pre-MILCOT of a U.S. NAVY '55 Chevy Step Side Task Force Second Series. The prototype pics are from my dad's film footage when he was enlisted. The iSheets indicate location for these exhaust parts, but there are no holes for the pins. I had to drill hole at 1/16" through the top side of the chassis frame part. thanks for looking.... build continues...
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