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  1. Just wondering how do you transport your big rigs to and from. Wether it's to a show or to a meeting, just curious. Thanks and GOD Bless. 😇👍🏼
  2. Hey Guys, I thought i would post some of my ongoing projects. First, the 352H is one of my all time favorite truck. I had the privilege of driving one many, many years ago. When i found this picture on the web, I was hooked. The first order of business was fixing the ROG 3408. I removed the molded in filters, filled the block, added a proper oil pan rail, corrected the water pump, timing cover, balancer and pulleys. Scratch built cylinder heads were easier than fixing the blobs in the kit. Two cabs were mated into one. With photo etched door hinges in hand, all the doors, driver access and storage, were removed. Thats when I discovered a oversight in the cab as it is from AMT. The storage doors are molded to low. The bottoms of the main doors and the storage doors should be at different heights. I cut them out, flipped them over, that way the floor of the cab can stay the same front to back. The extra ROG 359 frame from the Can-Do wrecker was smoothed and fitted for the cab. Hydraulic rams and brackets made fro the underside of the cab. It is hard to see in the oridginal picture, but the H had a different shift tower. A set of Jamie's Peterbilt resin wheels, and 150 gallon tanks, and some CMT Photo etch will follow. Thanks for checking out my post, comments and criticisms welcome. Mark.
  3. Here's a brief preview of the forthcoming 1/25 AMT Peterbilt wrecker, kit #1133: http://www.collectormodel.com/round2-models/4837-coming-off-the-shelf-its-gonna-be-a-big-rig-summer/?fbclid=IwAR3_9siETrkKBdq1pSzGPCeT4UzbtmB34h3ExptHvO6UsN7Uz6REkmDC4YY#sthash.Ixurapxs.zAcZVCZ4.dpbs Round2 created all-new, pad printed Firestone 10.00-20 Transport 110 tires, which are included with this release, and I'm guessing will be what are included inside the "Big Rig Truck Tire Parts Pack", AMT PP-23?:
  4. WIP... Peterbilt "White Pass" Tri-axle Alaskan Hauler. I was both shocked and delighted finding this one for ONLY $56 in a local hobby shop, so I had to pick it up Given the kits known inaccuracies with the "pit style" 353 fenders, I'm opting for the round fenders so the hood will open (and minus the bull bar). Features: 36" sleeper, 2-hole budd wheels from "Mo'Luminum", White Pass (circa 1982) dry transfer decals from Ozark Miniatures, and photo etched 359 dashboard from Czech Truck Model. Photo credit to Doug Harper on the Western Star pic for reference. thanks for looking! Steve
  5. Started the transformation of my Peterbilt 359 from having a sleeper to eventually getting a dump box and a transfer trailer. Got the sleeper off and starting to get the back of the cab made. Still lots of work to do.
  6. Since I've been taking my sweet time finishing the 64 low-low I decided to start my biggest undertaking in model building, scratch building parts. This one will take a while as I'm going to try and get it close the first time. I plan to finish this and send it to my uncle. He used to drive transfer trucks until a one in a million accident paralyzed him. Follow along if you dare, lol. Removed the sleeper, next I guess I'll start working on dimensions of what the box needs to be and make a wooden template for styrene... I'm thinking the best bet is to build most the model as I'm fabricating the boxes. I dunno, first attempt. I always followed the directions but noticed a lot here likes to build major components and then paint. I did the painting and then building. Seems that's the youthful way of doing it. I'm not youthful anymore... Lol Any comments or suggestions are welcome!! I could use a few pointers. Thanks for stopping in.
  7. This is my rendition of the Peterbilt Fire Truck in 1/25 scale by Revell of Germany. The kit represents a real pumper and my version is a bit closer to the real deal than the OOB would be. If bulit per instructions, the hood would open just a little because of the sirenes on the bumper. I placed them on a tilt panel with a piano hinge just like the real one. I also changed the engine and transmission as the real pumper is powered by a turbocharged Detroit Diesel and Allison automatic. This was followed by a change in the cab where I replaced the gear stick with a shifting column. I added some more details in the cab like the sun shades, the safety belts, a fire extinguisher and so on. The doors open on the scratch built, functional piano hinges. The crew cab is just a plain Jane as I have no idea what equipment might have been there. Also, there is no wiring around the chassis as it is hidden under the fire truck body. I added a few outter details like the instrument rims, the spanner wrenches, the fold up step, the chrome strips, the cat walks on top of the body and so on. I covered the hoses by a canvas made of aluminium foil. The chrome parts are combination of the kit´s chrome, the alclad metalizer, the Molotow chrome marker and a dull aluminium colour. The hood screen is a PE part by CTM. I also changed the tires as I don´t like the Revell´s retreaded tires. Thanks for looking.
  8. Nice to see this one come back. Same kit but with new decals. Here is the kit!
  9. Hi Guys, greetings from beautiful Bavaria / Germany. I'm 45 years old and build models of all kinds for more than 30 years now. For about 2 years, I only build else US Trucks and vintage cars. My current project is the Mack CruisLiner from AMT in scale 1:25. In addition to my hobby, I like to travel and here are the USA and Canada my favorites. What fascinates me about the USA is the lifestyle, the nature and the versatility,as you can not find them in Germany. During my military service in the German Air Force I was fortunate enough to have been stationed in the US for a while, more precisely on the Holloman Air Force Base. Today I'm a German veteran (participant in operation IFOR, SFOR, KFOR, Allied Forces and ISAF) suffering from PTSD and use my hobby as compensation to my illness. I'm looking forward to many tips and nice talks.
  10. Hi all. I'm starting a semi buijld of a California Hauler 359 Peterbilt. I was wondering if anyone has done if of these before and customized it. What I'm trying to accomplish is to stretch the frame and maybe some other mods. I was wondering what to use for the stretch to glue in and what to use for the drive shaft. Also the plate on the top to cover the stretched part. If anyone has done one of these before or has a video or pics I would greatly appreciate the advise and help on how and what to use for this project.
  11. I had a number of ideas floating around for this, but also have a closet full of "great ideas" that have stalled for one reason or another, so I'm going to try and keep this simple. I'll be doing the recently re-issued Peterbilt 359 "California hauler" as a logging truck. With the weathering restrictions I'll be building this as it would look for a factory new delivery photo shoot. While I'm not looking to recreate a specific truck, there is a lot of local logging history around here so I'll be using some of that for inspiration. Cummins diesels seem to have been the majority choice for these trucks, so I'll probably be swapping out the 8v71. I'll also be looking for some more aggressive drive tires as well.
  12. I made a diorama for my Peterbilt to enter in the local fair, however I missed the deadline for entries. But I will still let you guys enjoy the pictures. Thank for looking.
  13. My choice came down to two - an AMT Kenworth K100 Aerodyne or an AMT Pete 359. I said to my wife "These are the two I have narrowed it down to" and she replied "Build the Peterbilt". So here is the start of my build thread for the Big Rig Build Off. I have really enjoyed looking at some of the ideas others have started for this community build, when I have some time I'll have to look through a few more and catch up on the ones I have already seen. When I used to build these AMT truck kits as a kid they were out of the box builds but I have come a long way since then so this one will be changed around a bit. How it will exactly turn out hasn't been decided yet but it will have a custom flavour to it with updated parts to improve the fidelity of the kit. The plan is to put a Moebius 53 foot reefer trailer behind it. Like most of my hot rod models, it will evolve as the build progresses. This is my first truck model for a long time so I am looking forward to going back to what I started with in the hobby and seeing what I can do with one of my earliest kits now. Here are a some of pictures of the unstarted kits:
  14. Well i have finally got a temporary workbench set up. And have a couple of projects I am working on. This one will be the Revell snap Peterbuilt converted to a tridem. Going to change out the fuel tanks, battery boxes, And I may put some straight stacks on her. Also thinking about some long diamond plate rear fenders, possibly run up ramps. and a different taillight board and mud flaps. Wheels and tires from Italeri DAF Cattleman kit. Pictures coming soon as my camera just went South in a big way, and the few pics I had are lost in cyberspace. be Well Gator
  15. Anyone know what model this Peterbilt is, and whether it would have come from the factory as a 6x6 or is it an aftermarket custom? Either way, this thing is a beast...anyone know what kind of front axle it would most likely have? It might be an interesting one to try and replicate in plastic...and resin...a whole lot of resin I would guess.
  16. This is my first attempt. It's a replica of the peterbilt my father drove for years. The truck was owned by Mohawk Meats Rome NY. Second pic is truck finished and refer trailer added
  17. I just finished a nostalgia build on the original AMT Peterbilt wrecker. I opened an original box with the blue wrecker and built straight from the box as I wanted to keep this as close to the spirit of how I would have built it back in the early 70s as I could. This is one of the hardest builds that I've had in a long time; not due to quality or difficulty of the kit, but to keep myself from digressing and building it the way I would now. I'm sure that a repop is going to be coming soon, and I'll let myself go then. For now, this is my trip back to 1972. This is the box it was built from. I sure hope that the next time AMT repops this one that they use this artwork.
  18. Here's my Amt California Hauler I built. I was sort of inspired by kens and claytons builds from this kit. I didn't get too crazy with it chrome Mercury sleeper, blue tinted windows in cab n sleeper and a chrome visor. Just a nice old classic with whitewall tires. Thanks for looking guys!
  19. going to start an italeri pete as soon as it arrives (b-day present to myself) thinking similar this one or maybe i will use the stock unibilt sleeper without the air deflector...not sure yet tho....take care guys
  20. Can somebody estimate the wheel base of this 1967 Peterbilt 351 STL? The hood is extended, BBC 127, that´s all I know. My eye is not experienced enough for telling these figures. I would also like to know the length of the trailer. Can somebody help me on that, please? Thanks in advance
  21. A long time ago I started to combine a Revell Snap Peterbilt 359 kit with the rear body of a Trumpeter American LaFrance pumper. My goal was to make a "short" conventional pumper using the forward rear suspension location on the Peterbilt and mock up a new, smaller pump panel. This is how the idea looked when I mocked it up a few years ago. After a few moves and some more thought, I started to get this one going again. The rear of the cab wall was fixed, the passenger side battery box was removed and a fuel tank from the AMT Peterbilt 359 wrecker was mounted there instead. The chassis was modified simply to remove the driver side stack, which required filling of those mounting holes on the cab. Then came the paint, white with red accents. Of course, after I painted the chassis and began assembly, I realized that I wanted to add a pseudo pump, and had to add that before installing the drive train. Don't look too closely, you wont see u-bolts where the pump connects to the shafts...I forgot about that. The front bumper was modified to store rolled hose, but a front mounted intake just doesn't work with this particular cab design. I'll have to convert it to a small trash line. And here's the mock up with the pumper body and pump panel. Both side intakes will have rolled hose, the officer's side will be connect, but the driver's side will not be. I did open up the grill on the snap kit, but I cheated and cut off the vertical supports. I used half round to put them back in and give the black mesh ribbon something to mount to. The bumper currently isn't attached, I had to make additional arms so that it would mount to the frame properly. I also drilled out the lights in the bumper and added sirens from the 1/32 Mack pumper kit. Regular strobe lights will be added later on in assembly. I did modify the pumper body slightly. I’m building this truck for a volunteer fire department, so water quantity is a strong requirement. The College Park ALF pumper is only designed to carry 500 gallons, I wanted 1000 gallons, but I settled for 750 gallons by raising the hose bed and replacing the back panel with diamond plate, a couple of steps, and two non-functional doors. I could have gone for more water storage, but I would have just built a new, longer body instead of recycling this one. Hopefully tomorrow I can get the body and pump panel into some primer, this humidity isn't real nice for painting this rig right now. Once everything is painted, I'll start placing the decals, make the hose load, then add all of the other little details to finish this one out. I do apologize in advance for the poor picture quality. Let me know what you think.
  22. Hey guys, this is my first build ever. I got it for Christmas from my brother, and I thought I was never going to finish it! Well I finished it about a month ago and I think it turned out so-so. The paint came out better than expected (testors one coat lacquer) it only has one run, and it is on a front fender. However there is no detail paint, a poor interior and no bmf. I only used one of the gaudy decals, that is on the back of the truck. Also the windshield is missing due to overspray because I forgot it was on there. Also, how do you truck guys afford to build trucks??? I understand this one is like 20 bucks, but I really love the KW Wrecker kit but I can't drop the coin. Seriously $70+ for a model, that is insane. I think I'll just stick to cars and pickups :-( . Finally, can you guys give me some pointers on my work? I don't care if you say it is bad, just tell me what I can do better.
  23. This was a project I wanted to start a long time ago but 1:24 jet engine just don't exist If someone have an opinion or a solution about the project or if someone did it, let me know here the Pete I dont know if 3 of these engine in 1:32 whill be big enough Or that overkill F1 rocket engine in 1:36 scale (That engine is huge, the designer Seems to be willing to print it smaller) or take it in that scale and do a 1:16 truck http://www.shapeways.com/model/595980/f1-engine-1-36.html?li=productBox-search
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