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Found 19 results

  1. Topic for inspiration, on how far can one go with sacrilegious blasphemy in ruining a perfectly good Mercedes Benz. AMG started the idea of hot rodding them, and now they are a factory subsidiary, so they shouldn't count. Maybach could be included, the Excelero was a one off hot rod. B+B was a customizer. I don't think gold wrapped Benzes should count, they are a dime a dozen. ? If there is a cult name for these cars, let me know. Starting off with a rendering of a 300 SL:
  2. Been seeing more Ferraris that are not original, but recreations based on modern Ferrari drivetrains. It's a theme that I have already built one model as, an outlaw or resto-rod. Found out about this car, built by a shop in New Zealand, a 1959 TR 250 Representation. Seem like a good point to launch this topic.
  3. Since I failed at my first attempt to create a single turbo car, I am going to use what I learned to bring my messed up 68 mustang back to life. This is going to be another salvage build lol. Hopefully this is the last one.
  4. I started this build last year and finally got motivation to post it, this one is gonna be one of the best if not the best build I’ve done so far, so I’m not going to rush it.
  5. Heres my Ford starliner super stock build, small slicks, seat belts, BMF, Nice kit by AMT..
  6. my second replica build. In the future I will do birdman's firebird. Also checkout my murder nova car and the rest of my builds.
  7. Heres a 67 SS Impala Outlaw I just Finished! Used slixx dragster decals, Melody Troxell I think..hope u like her..
  8. I started on this birdman replica car two days ago for a build off with a few friends of mine. I have until the end of July to finish this but, I will probably finish in a few days. I'm using the Pontiac firebird kit for this build as well
  9. I was bored yesterday and decided to challenge myself by building a car in less than a day. My kit of choice was Revell's re-release of the Porsche 911 carrera 3.0 which I've built as an Outlaw. I already knew tires were completely wrong so I'd already dug out another set, but I also had to find another set of wheels because the originals were simply too badly molded... I also need to find another set of door handles due to the same reason but so far no good. Other than wheels and tires it's got a bit of lowering done to it, otherwise it's box stock. The body is painted with a light dusting of Tamiya solid black, and misc. details are painted using Humbrol paints and sharpies. I'm pretty satisfied with the result considering it only took eight hours from start to finish. Here are a few pics of the car together with my first Outlaw 911, enjoy!
  10. Hey everyone, Here is the build up I just completed of the Revell Bob Glidden Thunderbird Pro Stock. I decided to build this as am Outlaw drag car. I gave it an military/Air Force theme. I cut open the trunk and modified the role cage to bring it up to date a little. I used Pro Tech detail parts and scratch built parts to detail the engine/chassis/interior.
  11. I'm more or less finished with my Porsche 930 Outlaw now. Started life as a Monogram Porsche 911 Carrera which was built in 1976 by another Swedish model builder. I bought it, built but unpainted, and tore it down completely. And I remodeled the front and rear bumpers and I shaved part of the sides too. Interior has been heavily modified. The whole floor with seats molded into it was removed and a new floor was built. I used seats from a Tamiya Ferrari FXX, made a new handbrake, and used the steering wheel from a Tamiya Honda Accord JTCC. Before.. And after. The body was sprayed with Humbrol Silver 11. Rear lights and reflector panel replacement are all custom made. The finish is not top notch, but the guy driving the car, think of him as Magnus Walker and his 277, and I think you all know why!
  12. Big Tire N/T Camaro "Copper Head" with a 5.3 Bore Space Nitrous car pics do no justice to this color im thinking a decal on the scoop not sure what grill to go with will most likely be black. Backhalf car = stock location firewall and stock front frame rails w.i.p still. Pics are outside
  13. Ok haven't Posted here in a while since projects have either had some bad paint job or go unfinished. Anyway 69 z28 Revelle Camaro kit thinking grudge/Outlaw 275 class. Sits on 275 Drag Radials stock suspension (Leaf Springs The Suspension is not in also btw).Cut trunk lid off & made a fuel pump for first time not sure if i'm going to use that fuel cell though. I Lowered the front suspension, Scratch made the new front bumper, made cowl hood. Made new headers to come out the front bumper like on mustangs, I've only seen 2 with front exits/horns. BBC with turbo 400 trans going to try and detail this engine a lot thinking 4 nitrous systems should get the job done lol and a few colors i'm thinking
  14. going to start an italeri pete as soon as it arrives (b-day present to myself) thinking similar this one or maybe i will use the stock unibilt sleeper without the air deflector...not sure yet tho....take care guys
  15. I'm building a diecast 1/24 scale 69 camaro outlaw 10.5 car. It was originally a M2 machines chip foose car but im not a big fan of foose, but anyway heres what ive done......i lowered the suspension, put american racing pro series wheels on it, put scale 10.5 tires on it, removed the spoiler filled the holes in the trunk lid, scratch built drag wing, shaved the door handles mirrors and windshield wipers...i still need to build the 25.5 cage scratch build a 4" to 6" cowl hood and find a nice small block chevy or pontiac motor i like to twin turbo also need to do the parachutes and chute bracket. thanks for looking and Please comment. original out of the box: 10.5 tires: shaved door handles mirror: empty engine bay soon to be filled with nastyness: shaved trunk lid: shaved wiper cowl: scratch built wing: stance:
  16. several years ago i created a fictional company called outlaw trucking which will become a real company when i get my cdl and a rig...anyways i'm thinking about getting a hoodie made I drew up these logos a few weeks back and am wondering which one i should go with
  17. My camaro was moved to the diecast section if anybody wonders Idk why it was moved it's a drag car so it belongs here I'm pretty irritated by it but anyway I haven't made any progress aside from building a new wing just wanted to let anyone who wondered what happen to it know it's been moved to the diecast section ......thanks
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