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  1. My wife asked me to build a 1957 Thunderbird next. I opened the box and I have to say I was really not happy with what I had to start with. I purchased a resin top from Drag City Castings, but the chassis is not great but I made the best of it. As usual I added Headlight, taillight & gauge light LEDs. I removed most all of the molded in engine detail and scratch built it. Cut open the trunk for the LED battery and added a model kit box of the kit it came from in the trunk. A lot of photo-etch detailing. Paint is correct willow green exterior and columbine green / willow green interior with a colonial white top from MCW Finishes. 2K clear on the body from Splash paints. Scratch vent windows, antenna and rear view mirrors. If you missed the full build in WIP it is available here:
  2. Round2 has brought back the 57 Thunderbird after a 17 year absence. In true Round 2 fashion, this isn't just a straight re-issue. Many parts from previous incarnations as far back as 1962 have found their way back into the box. These include parts from the 1962 3 in 1 kit, and the Here Comes The Judge Drag version. These photos are just an appetizer. Click the link at the bottom of the post to see what's in the box. Let's take a look. BTW, My build features a resin porthole hardtop by Drag City Casting, and Kelsey Hayes Wire Wheels courtesy of Round 2. Click here to see what's in the box, with a detailed description of what's new! https://public.fotki.com/DWDarby/model_cars/kit-reviews/amt-round2-57-thund/?view=roll
  3. I always loved the body style of the 57 T-Birds and wanted to build an early street machine version of one. I built this using the AMT 57 Thunderbird kit. Paint is Tamiyas Yellow Pearl over Tamiyas white primer then coated with Testors Wet Coat. Mags and tires are parts box finds. New axles were made using weld wire to bring the wheels out to a correct position. The sneaker pipes are from AMT's 49 Ford. Taillights are from AMT's 56 Ford as are the traction bars. Windshield frame and headlight brows are from a vintage issue of the 57. Overall it was a fun build however, the windshield did not want to cooperate no matter what glass or frame I used.
  4. 1997 McDonalds Thunderbird - using the Stock Revell kit and decals. I lowered the stance, scratch built the exhaust and skirts, added photoetched grille and vents from Model Car Garage. Other than that all box stock. For some reason I had trouble with the decals silvering on this car (best practice comments welcome). Up next, the 1998 McDonalds Ford Taurus. If anyone has any tips or tricks with the Taurus model please share. It looks to me that it will need some lowering at least. I will be looking through the forum here for how others built this kit. On a separate note (kinda), I have been starting to think about what I will build after I am through with Bills cars from 1983-2003. I didn't realize until this weekend that there was a model of the Ford Mustang IMSA car that he ran with several other NASCAR drivers. That might be a fun build. Also, thinking about building some of the special paint schemes that were used in the McDonalds and Dodge years (Thunderbat, Mac Tonight, Viper Dodge). Its been really fun getting back into the hobby after 20+ years, doing research, and looking at models other people build!
  5. 1996 McDonalds Thunderbird Pretty much box stock but the decals were in pretty bad shape. I used white decal film in an attempt to keep the colors from showing through the golden arches and the numbers. I added a photo etched grille from The Model Car Garage. Lastly I lowered the front just a bit to give it a better stance.
  6. Built this AMT 1/16 scale 1957 Thunderbird last century, as a commission build for a member of the Prescott Antique Auto Club. They discovered that it was built on the day they got married, so it was very special to them. Back when I produced videos for the local cable access channel, we did a Christmas show, with my wife and friend riding in back sitting on the body, to drive through The Valley Of The Lights in Prescott Valley. He died a few years ago, widow gave me the model, but I didn't want to keep it, so donated to the PAAC to display in the clubhouse. It was a challenge to make right, the headlights and taillights needed to be shaped into the fender, removed the huge mold lines on the bumpers and got re-chromed. Added the retractible radio antenna, pins for the top to stay in place, license plate is a photograph - calculated the distance with lens and print size (otherwise wild educated guess). Otherwise it's Box Stock, painted with Testors gloss white, not polished or cleared. Had to make mounts so the chassis could be glued to the body, the worst kit engineering I had seen. Attached to the display box so it could be hung on the wall.
  7. The first time I tried to build a NASCAR kit was 1987-ish. At 11 years old and having no idea that automotive spray paint would craze unprimed plastic, it didn’t go so well. Fast forward to five years ago when I picked up a box lot of six of these 1980s vintage Monogram T-Bird kits. After selling off five of them, I kept one and went to work on the build. After a couple weeks I lost interest in it, so it went back into the box as a partial build. A few months ago I was anxious to clear out some old works in progress, and this one was at the top of the pile. A good bit of research revealed how inaccurate these mid-80s T-Bird kits were, but it looked decent on the box art so that’s what I aimed for. After body prep and primer, it got a few coats of DupliColor Ford Oxford White. Having just got my hands on some of the new Tamiya LP range of lacquers, the red sections were masked and shot with some LP-7 Pure Red. The decals were the 35 year old sheet from the kit, but despite their age they finally went down decently with copious amounts of Micro Sol, a plethora of foul language, and many walks around the block to calm my nerves. After that hassle I didn’t want to risk using a hot clearcoat that might react with the DupliColor or Tamiya lacquer, so it was the first time I used Future as a final clearcoat finish. Despite the kit’s inherent inaccuracies, helpfully pointed out by some great model builders who have built these over the years, the end result makes a nice shelf piece. I was so pleased after all these years to have finally finished a NASCAR kit that I’ve already started work on another.. well, maybe two more.. you know how that goes.
  8. Finally finished this one, after 41 days on the workbench. Paint is Testors One Coat White Lightning Pearl. Lucas "Flame Thrower" headlights from the AMT 55 Nomad kit. Custom Lenses from the 53 Studebaker kit. Scratchbuilt steering column and turn signal lever. Shifter made from a straight pin. Bucket seats from the AMT 53 Corvette. Vertex magneto from the 57 chevy kit, Plug wires have correct firing order. Scratch built fuel log and gas line. License plate made in Photoshop that says "Cristi" - my wife's name. And yes, she is quite pleased with her belated Christmas present. Off the bench and on the shelf! Since I'm in here, a few new bonus photos... Here is a link to the build process... http://www.modelcars...o=new_post&f=18
  9. Happy 2021 all,,glad to see 2020 in my rearview mirror. recently finished this AMT 1/16th kit,,added a few x-tras over the holidays. Used testors quikdry blue,,hand painted the rest. As always the large AMT kits go together well,,for the most part,,and look pretty good when done. Wishing you all the best for 2021. S
  10. Pictures of box, box contents, and instructions here Thank you and enjoy!
  11. This might answer some questions regarding how the bed floor might look with these T-Birds... https://www.deadclutch.com/2020/02/12/1961-ford-thunderbird-custom-pickup-ranchero-conversion/
  12. One of a box of models I brought back from a visit home in Christmas of 2018, I finally got around to repairing it. It was originally built in the early '80s, and the only piece that didn't survive the years was a vent window. I don't know if it even came from the factory like this, but the paint job was based on one that belonged to someone my Dad knew. It's Testors pink with the spare done in Humbrol Ivory. I think it was the first model I ever attempted to paint with an airbrush, and it took two or three tries to get it right. The kit Windshield was replaced with clear acetate for a more scale appearance.
  13. Got some color on the 'bird today, Tamiya TS-60 Pearl green Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed!
  14. Pictures of box, box contents, and instructions here. Enjoy
  15. Another one I just acquired. More pictures of the box, contents and instructions here Thanks for looking
  16. The "Buy me now" button is sometimes too hard to resist! I got this so I could use the custom pieces on the new AMT 62 Bird, and they work! Super cool eh? Others coming in the next few days are a 62 Ford Galaxie convertible, 64 Ford Thunderbird, 64 Lincoln convertible, and a 65 Thunderbird, all annuals. Then that's it, I've shot my budget for this year. Thanks, enjoy, and stay safe out there !As always, more box pics, contents, and instructions at the link.
  17. Built 2 years ago. Fingernail polish finish. Sun visors & mirror were the only parts added to an otherwise box stock build. Comments welcomed.
  18. Just a quick build that wasn't going to be as I was given this AMT kit and thought I would never build it. I used the body as a Paint test to try out some variations. After polishing it I thought maybe one day I'll finish it. It sat on the bench for several months then I received the Molotow Chrome pens and decided to use it to test the pens. In 5-minutes I had all the chrome trim done and decided I might as well finish it. No BMF on this one. Still will use BMF for trim on big builds, but for these quickie builds the chrome pen is just fine. This is not a very well detailed kit so I decided to "curbside" build it as a showcase piece. It turned out okay I suppose for a a build I never intended to ever build. Paint is Duplicolor Torreador Red Metallic with Duplicolor Effects pearl clear. Bottom is Universal black. It's hard to see how nice this paint looks from a photo-light-box, but I will say it's gorgous in sunlight.
  19. Hey everyone, Here is the build up I just completed of the Revell Bob Glidden Thunderbird Pro Stock. I decided to build this as am Outlaw drag car. I gave it an military/Air Force theme. I cut open the trunk and modified the role cage to bring it up to date a little. I used Pro Tech detail parts and scratch built parts to detail the engine/chassis/interior.
  20. my wife got this for me for xmas! What did you get?
  21. Recently picked up model car building after 50 years! I love designing cars from two models. This one is a 1962 Thunderbird base with a 2010 Shelby Mustang drive train. The windshield is raked and the roll bar is from a portion of the Mustang roof. The front air dam and rear spoiler are handmade. Sorry I did not take pictures of the build. I am chronicling the current build I am working on.
  22. dougwintz

    62 TBird

    Just finished the last of the summer stash of models. Time to pick 2 or 3 more, paint them before winter sets in, and build them when the snow is surrounding the house.
  23. Hey everyone! This is only my second project I've started since 2002. My first one became a mess, so I stripped it and started fresh. This is my first attempt at using automotive paint, so I decided to try it out on a car that I don't care much about, never been a a of them. Interestingly enough, since researching the car online, I've grown to appreciate it! I hope I do it justice. I'm using Rustoleum plastic primer, Duplicolor Perfect Match Victory Red and Too Clear Coat. I haven't started sanding the body yet, so the runs on the driver's side will be going away! Between work and my girl, I'll try to update on its progress! Please feel free to criticise and give me pointers! Thanks for looking, see you around!
  24. Hello, This is my first post here. Would like to share with you all my latest diorama project. All done in the scale of 1:24, some items are scratch building and others made of resin. It took me a lot of time to get the look/feel right, for me that was the big challenge this time, to get the weathering and texture of rust as close as the real life. Please feel free to comment/criticise about it. thank you Even if you don't have or use Facebook, I have shared an album to show there in case these pics don't load properly here. FACEBOOK ALBUM CLICK HERE
  25. Hi everyone, I am building a 1985 Sunny King Ford NASCAR. I would like to check any available interior pictures as reference. I was particularly interested in the seat, and what they looked like in the real thing. I'm not sure that the kit seat is a true representation of what a seat in one of those NASCARs looked like. thanks in advance, everyone. chris
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