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  1. I got to the bottom of the loose tire situation. Round 2 recently retooled their Firestone Supreme tires. They are in the 60 Chevy truck as well as the 64 F85. You can identify them by the lack of raised lettering, and a flatter sidewall crown. These new Firestone Supreme tires have a larger inner diameter than do the older tires by roughly .040". If you have some of the older ones floating around, give them a try.
  2. AMT wheel and inner tire diameter has varied quite a bit through the years, even in the same kits, at times. In the case of the 64 F85, I think it's a matter of not matching the tire to the inner wheel. I think the Firestone Supremes were tooled in 1965, replacing the annual tires that were used from 60-64. It's hard to say. Either way, somebody dropped the ball.
  3. Looking at this build is almost like reading an epic novel. What a gorgeous, immaculately detailed beauty. You mentioned the wheels were pieced together. Can you share some details on that? A link to the build thread for those of us who missed it the first time around?
  4. I have to agree with you, Steve does super nice work. And that GP is pure gorgeous.
  5. You did a beautiful job on this one. The engine looks great!
  6. Nice, but where's the model? 😉 Seriously though, super nice job on both the build and the photography. Miuras are my favorite Lambos, and you did this one proud.
  7. To the best of my knowledge, it was updated annually, like the 63-67 that preceded it was. I always liked those old shark bodied Vettes.
  8. From what I've read, Ertl could not find the sedan body insert. Then again, they also at one point couldn't find the 40 Ford Sedan Delivery body insert either. My guess is that the 32 Sedan body insert is in the 1940 Willys tool, where it originated.
  9. Holy Moly. Just when I thought they couldn't get any better. These are gorgeous, and the colors knock them straight out of the park. The perfect frosting on the cake of excellent bodywork. What colors are those?
  10. Paint looks decent to me. Mask off the sharp character lines to protect from rub through, and polish that bad boy up, maybe.
  11. My guess is the only thing new in this issue will be the box art and decals. AMT/Ertl redid the wheels and tires (not for the best), and added a pair of engraved emblems for the Pro Shop/Promo issue during the 1990s, so it will likely be running the same promo tires it had from those issues. I'd like to see the old wheels returned to the kit, as the engraving was vastly superior to the current ones. Either way, I want one. Or more. Curbside or not.
  12. Too many pictures? poppycock. Looks great Gary! A nice save, great melding of the old and new kits, period correct to a tee, and another lovely paint job. I hope we can meet again at the next "Hope It Don't (get cancelled again) Snow show in Spartanburg next year. Always love seeing your work in person.
  13. I'm sending some solid kudos to both of you, Tom and Dennis.
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