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  1. Tip one. Never use cheap spray paint. Tip 2. Dont mix brands. Tip 3. Test any paint you are going to use on a plastic spoon (you can buy these cheap at WalMart). If there is going to be a problem or a reaction, better to find out on a cheap spoon than an expensive model kit. Tip 4. Pick up a food dehydrator. They are good for both heating your paint, and quick drying your models. Tip 5. A clear coat followed by Pledge is overkill. You end up with the "dipped in syrup" look. If you have a decent clear coat (or basecoat, for that matter) you won't need Pledge. This one is Testors Gloss Bl
  2. It might be trying to tell you something. I collect Survivors and other old builds. If they are an iffy build, I have no qualms about redoing them. But one as nice as yours (and yes, the key word is yours) I tend to preserve. I hope things resolve to your satisfaction. https://www.facebook.com/groups/scalesurvivors/
  3. Yeah that's a real pretty build that's well preserved. I'd have rough time undoing that. Once it's gone it's gone.
  4. No particular reason other than it didn't seem like that terribly old of tool. That said, it will be that much more interesting to see what else Atlantis got their hands on. Who knows what else wasn't already in China.
  5. I'm old enough to remember when those were both in the same kit.
  6. The hood with the glass panel was an accessory Ford provided to dealers to show their new Y block OHV V8. So it wasn't just some home brew. http://www.packautomotivemuseum.com/c446.html
  7. Not to drift too far off topic, but Two Lane Blacktop is highly under-rated. What it lacks in drama and car chases, it more than makes up for in authenticity. It really does have a good story line, plus the added bonus of a time machine road trip away from the tedium of the interstate. TLB is a better snapshot of the past than even American Graffiti. And if you get the Criterion version with the two commentaries, even better. Looking forward to seeing that black & red 55 finished!
  8. Those look like the Kelsey Hayes Stripper mags that come with the kit. Here's some real ones. I actually had a set some 30 years ago on my 66 Mustang. Cool build!
  9. Looking good! I'm happy to see this project progressing again. Going to be a nice build and I have a feeling I'll be in the market for those parts to use on my 69 Cuda.
  10. I'd say it came out pretty well John. I love the color scheme. Did you happen to mention what blue you used? You're definitely making me want to give mine a resto.
  11. Is that two different shades of green with the white John? It looks great!
  12. 1949-54 Chevy and 1953-62 Corvette frames and suspension are essentially the same (except for length). So there are any number of 1/25 scale Corvette kits you could rob the suspension from. (MPC 57/60 Corvettes have steerable wheels). Plus there are the three AMT 51 Chevy kits as well. Engines could be sourced from those or the AMT 53 Corvette (not quite stock) for a 53, or the AMT 60 Chevy truck for a 54.
  13. I did a box art build of the 53 Corvette for AMT/Ertl back around 1993 for the Corvettes set (53, 57 and 63). The body and interior are fairly accurate, but the chassis is clunky, and it sits way too high. In fact, on the box art art build, I lowered it by inverting the front spindles and trimming I don't remember what from the rear leaf springs. I recall this causing or nearly causing some clearance issues between the front tires and the headlight buckets. But making that modification improves the appearance greatly. That said, if I had to give an edge for accuracy, I'd pick the Monogram kit.
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