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  1. @SteveG What does the 40 Sedan decal sheet look like in color? Are those the old Street Rods series flames along the top?
  2. I one hundred percent agree. I built this one in 1992 as a concept to show the Ertl management (back when I built box art models for them) some ideas to breath new life into the kit.
  3. Dave Darby

    1853 F100

    Oh, and here I was going to go back and re-watch all the old episodes of Little House to see if Charles was driving one! No worries, I typo year digits all the time. Nice looking build, by the way.
  4. I can see the extra pointy look of the front fenders, but I don't see that as a show stopper. If they really bother you, you could reshape the fenders and grille ands via some filing, retouching the grille with a Molotow. If you want a correct, more accurate chassis (The Revell 65 is a Hardtop), I'd roll with either the AMT 68 or the Revell 66 El Camino or wagon.
  5. At least part of the 28 Model A sedan body tooling still exists, so the body won't need to be cloned. Like you say, that kit is another prime candidate for a dropped axle, which would more than likely also fit the 29 A Roadster, as well as the Woody/Pickup kit. Thankfully the most recent issue of that Woody/PU kit lost those atrocious knobby tires that Lesney AMT tooled up, and Ertl continued using for decades afterward. We are way overdue for some nice skinny, smaller diameter tires for the front ends on the street rod kits, along with taller tires for the rear.
  6. Next to nobody will notice.
  7. The 5 window coupe door is the correct length for a real 1:1 roadster. The AMT roadster doors are too long, as they share the door length with the 3 window coupe.
  8. Absolutely gorgeous. Bonus that the 5 window coupe has the correct door length for the roadster. Great job on a not easy to build kit.
  9. Well, how ancient are 49 Ford gassers? My 8 year old can't get enough of this stuff. And he has video games competing for his attention. The idea is, while spending time with your kids, you have to make it fun. Show them Youtube videos of those funny cars in action. There aren't many snap together models out there these days. We look for that stuff. Sure, they are on the crude side for an adult, but they are a simple build for short attention spans. If you have an enthusiam for the subject matter, it'll rub off on them. Believe me, they won't be put off by lack of extra detail. The idea is to have fun and light the flame.
  10. OK, old thread comment, but I have an 8 year old, and apparently some of my culture has rubbed off on him, because he just finished a 49 Ford Gasser and is now working on a 66 Mustang and a 77 Pinto. These were all his choices, not mine. Heck his favorite band is The Ventures! If kids aren't seeing anything besides Disney and Star Wars, that's on the parents.
  11. Regarding the 65 GTO, why wait? The many times reissued annual kit has everything you need to make the new tool 65 complete.
  12. Non porthole hardtops were available all three years.
  13. I nominate the 65 Barracuda, 67 Cougar, and 59 Buick. And the 68 Charger. Yeah. Those would work. What say you?
  14. The first issue 3 in 1 kit uses the ecact same font as well. The parting lines are also the same. The pink promo has different parting lines and the fender skirts differ as well. It also lacks a full interior floor. The bumpers appear to be the same, minus the license plate engraving. Im fairly certain the pink one used a different body and interior tool.
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