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  1. I've got a bit of a space problem too. I'm storing our collective model stash in the garage rafters. But my real troubles began when my wife went up there for something and exclaims. "Where did all these come from?!" It didn't help that the model railroad stuff that my wife wants to keep and my daughter's kits were up there too. Additional kits are a rarity these days, and to be honest, that seems to be just fine.
  2. They're still here. Between Google's intransigence and advertisers gaming the system, this is getting ridiculous. I'll go tweak some more settings. I'm about ready to build a cruise missile.
  3. I generally try to avoid getting duplicate kits. There are exceptions. I have two of the Accurate Miniatures Corvette Grandsport, a couple of the Revell '30 ford Coupe, a couple of the Revell '29 Fords, and a pair of the Ernie Irvan #4 cars. But, it's getting to the point where I can't keep track of what's up there anymore, so I'm doing a kit inventory as part of our garage remodel.
  4. I tweaked the settings. We'll have to see if they addus giganticus goes away and stays gone.
  5. We've talked about this before, and the general feeling seems to be that the like button is an impediment to good conversations. We may well revisit the topic in the future.
  6. Unfortunately ad blockers means we don't get the revenue we need to keep the site going. I have mixed feelings about the ads. Without them, we don't have a site. But, Google is getting worse on several fronts. It's been an ongoing problem. Ideally, we'd be able to place model car ads on the site ourselves. It'd be a great way for kit and aftermarket manufacturers to reach the very people who want their prodcts the most. But we're not there yet. We don't make any significant money on this site. It would be nice, but the revenue has just never been there.
  7. I listen to music. What music depends on my mood. It can be anything from Hindemith to the Tragically Hip.
  8. The board software no longer supports any version of Internet Explorer. I don't know if Firefox supports your OS, but it would be worth checking.
  9. We've had some major problems with outside photo services hosting pictures. Photo Bucket is not a good name around here. I recommend directly uploading the pictures with the attachment facility just below where you enter text. You can either drag and drop the files, or choose them individually.
  10. I wonder if it'd be feasible to clean up your casting and use it as a master for a new mold.
  11. Optometrist. Be sure to mention it when you get your eyes examined. They can prescribe bifocals, and/or a second pair of glasses.
  12. Not sure what to suggest. It does work fine on my iPad, and it seems like it should work fine on yours. If you haven't tried this yet, thy turning the iPad off, then on again. I find that clears up a lot of strange behavior that can set in when they're left on for very long periods of time.
  13. This sounds like presbyopia. I was diagnosed with it at the ripe old age of 45. Get yourself a magnifier lamp. I have one that looks like an adjustable desk lamp with a ring of LEDs around it. Makes all the difference in the world.
  14. Amazingly, their support people are available on weekends. They pointed me to some settings that needed to be changed. I've done that, and I no longer see the extraneous information. Please let me know if you still see it, and where.
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