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  1. It's probably a funeral flower car. Doesn't look like it has a tailgate.
  2. Looks good. I saw it run quite often at ESTA drag strip in central NY>
  3. I enjoyed his role as Mark Twain. He was completely believable as Twain.
  4. No period specified. Just what you consider your dream rod.
  5. Very interesting and diverse choices. Agent G's coupe looks really good but that maroon roadster that JJDeuce added would be perfect with a '29 body.
  6. What would be your dream hot rod. For me it would be a 29 Roadster on 32 frame with either a small block Chevy, 4 speed or flathead v8 with a LaSalle 3 speed., triple carbs, and a 29 grill shell. What would you build if you could?
  7. Like everybody else, there are many but 3 of my favorites are: We Were Soldiers Once - I had the honor of meeting LTG Moore The Godfather American Graffiti
  8. I built a few of those Bandai in the 70's. They were neat kits and I still have 2 or 3 in my stash I've been carrying around since then.
  9. Very sorry to hear of your loss Carl.
  10. Caught it right away. I was with 3rd Army in 92-93.
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