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  1. That turned out beautiful. I've never seen one of these with so much engine compartment detail. How did you create the headlights? I have a couple more of these kits in addition to the one I just completed and think it would be neat to add such a feature. And great job foiling the wheel openings since the model doesn't have a very defined trim line to follow.
  2. Wow, that looks great.
  3. Very nice build and I think the exterior color looks great on this Camaro. The interior color also complements it well. I used this color on a build and while I liked what I saw I didn't think it matched at all with the cap on the can which was a much brighter orange.
  4. Great color and nice shine.
  5. Thanks Anders T. It's a basic but fun build.
  6. Thanks John. The foil on the lower body while satisfactory isn't perfect in terms of being completely mirror like. While I wet sanded those areas smooth the foil itself seemed to have a slight orange peel after it was burnished. So the only advice I can offer is to simply have the surface perfectly smooth. There are others here with more experience than myself who could offer you more suggestions.
  7. Great work especially on the front grill detailing.
  8. Thanks David. I always prefer to detail the parking lights in that manner even if the color isn't factory correct.
  9. I'm liking that build from the very nice work to the exterior color. The mirrors look like the same ones from the Revell/Monogram '70 Mustang kit that I'm currently building.
  10. Not only are the builds all top notch but his thorough description of the steps taken in the process provide a tremendous benefit to modelers looking to improve their own work.
  11. Thanks David. Thanks Jim.
  12. Okay, well thanks for the info on the color David.
  13. Looks very good Charlie and the black/aqua combination was fairly common in that era I believe.
  14. Interesting. I've had better success laying down smoother topcoats by not misting the clear on the final coats. I've yet to have a finish level perfectly without any orange peel that didn't require wet sanding or polishing. So I'm thinking I still haven't perfected laying down enough but not too much clear. This topic has been an informative read.
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