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  1. Fabulous model! Love the color. Did you use the MCG kit on for the interior details?
  2. Nice job! That's one kit I'd like to get in my stash!
  3. Thanks for all the nice comments on my Roadster! I'm glad so many have enjoyed it. Hope you can see it in person at show in the future. Yes, the follow-up is in progress... Stay tuned!
  4. very cool build. Love the stance, top treatment and color choice. 2 Thumbs up!
  5. Got the pix fixed. Hope they stay that way. Glad everyone still likes looking at it.
  6. That will be a fun one to wire like that. It can be done when you are very careful and have patience. First start with a quality wire. I recommend the Detail Master wire. I've used them all from every aftermarket to Radio Shack strapping wire. Detail Master's is the best as it was custom made for the model car hobby to be in scale. Next, as others said you probably want some photo etch wire looms. Get those from Detail Master or Model Car Garage makes some nice one as well. So on to getting the wires on the engine... You will need to drill out where the wire starts and where the wire goes
  7. Thanks. The engine has a Latham Supercharger with manifolds to run the 6 carbs vertically. I have a pic of the 1:1 setup somewhere. Paint is Alclad Candy Yellow over Gold Base topped with LMG "Super Gold Pearl" & fogged "Orange Accent." Old thread is here: Some of the in progress pix aren't showing up. Trying to locate them.
  8. I'm not Bernard, but a see-thru image like that typically involves a tripod and being careful not to move the camera or model. Put hood on, take pic. Take hood off, take pic. Put both images in editing software (i.e. photoshop) and layer them with the hood on pic on top. Adjust the transparency of the hood on pic to the level you would like to "see though" it. Magic! HTH, and looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
  9. Built this one several years ago, the second in my roadster series.
  10. I REALLY like this. Very creative and kool build!
  11. Congrats Claude! That is an awesome model that is dripping with detail. Very well deserved!
  12. He frequented the GSL's for many years. I believe he placed every time he went except maybe once. He typically build factory stock or box plus. I have a few more of his models that I will share in the future. Thanks for all the wonderful comments. Glad you all enjoyed story as well.
  13. I recently finished this model and thought I would share the story behind it. It was started by my good friend Eric Hight. He passed away in 2017 and those that knew him would likely remember him and wouldn’t forget him. I remember him telling me about all the detail he was putting into it, every line, hoses with clamps, etc. all researched as he would do. This model was to be his entry into the 2003 GSL common kit class for the AMT 1962 Thunderbird. He spent a ton of time working on the interior using all of the photo etch that is included in the Model Car Garage detail set. He went
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