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  1. It was an alligator and if you look at my last pics again you will see it perched on the rear seat package shelf where he will be when the model is finished.
  2. Thanks again for all your interests and comments on this project! UPDATE! Had another good day at the workbench with this one. Just moments after sitting down I was handling the body and one of the chrome grill bullets fell to the garage floor and went who knows where (and is still MIA!) This is my only AMT '57 kit so I don't have anymore to replace it. After some frustration and thought I got the idea to glue some material to the ends of the bar to lengthen it. I'm so glad now that I lost the bullet because I like this SO MUCH BETTER! To be honest I wasn't in love with the bullets.
  3. Thanks! I had a full set of those original issue custom parts at one time. I like the look of them but don't like that they stack onto body making it ridiculously LONG. Somewhere I saw where a builder had grafted them INTO the body rather than ONTO the ends so the body wasn't any longer than stock. It looked fantastic. But, yes, if you squint you can kind of see a hint of that custom rear clip. Probably because the lenses I used are the only thing left in the kit of those original parts. I've always like the kits supercharged "409" but it gets used a lot when people build these so I wanted my
  4. Looking really good! I love all the thoughtful chassis and engine painting. That brings all the details to life. Looks like this kit has a good realistic stance to it, not sitting too high as a lot of factory-stock models tend to.
  5. Thanks so much, Steve! I’m really surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response to this project because I really don’t know these 50’s cars. And you might see me do a 60’s car one of these days... Paint is going to be Tamiya Champagne Gold.
  6. I am going to use the kits optional bucket seats and roll bar with a few kit bashed items like steering wheel and, shifter, etc. Lots of detail painting.
  7. I took your advice and problem solved. I guess old habits are hard to break!
  8. That is the link that Fotki provides for forums. It's what I have put for years and years, literally thousands of pictures. When I try to remove the tags it still shows the text underlined and clickable just as you show above. No picture.
  9. Place looks nicer! However, I just updated one of my WIP threads and inserted Fotki photo links as I've always done and once posted it shows the link text, not the pictures. The initial pictures from last weekend are linked exactly the same way and show up fine? Here's an example: [URL=https://public.fotki.com/deucepu/57-chevy-bel-air-st/1619410454759.html][IMG]https://images34.fotki.com/v1605/photos/7/2740157/16353125/1619410454759-vi.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
  10. Thanks to everyone who has commented. These 50's cars are really not in my wheelhouse so I'm hoping I make it by faking it here. I'm really surprised how overwhelmingly positive the opinions have been on how I started modifying the rear end. I figured the kits front treatment would go over good but out back I was expecting quite the opposite. UPDATE! I don't have a lot of resources when it comes to customizing fodder for a 50's car and after completing the initial work last weekend I have been stumped all week on what to do for some kind of grill treatment. For the rolled pan the ki
  11. Sorry Ed can't get to it quicker (I want one too!) but you've chopped enough 32's that you should whip through it in no time! That green sedan by Steadfast is so killer just like everything else they build. I've done some business with Henry, super cool dude!
  12. It's a great color. I'm really glad I went with it! I'm also really happy with the way the wheels turned out, especially seeing them against the green body.
  13. It was a fun journey watching Kit build the Saltster some years ago on the smaller niche forum Traditional Rod & Kustom In Scale. The project spanned a few years and it was a monumental occasion when he completed it. I’m also proud to call him my friend and he continues to teach and inspire me. Congrats, Brother!
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