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  1. Excellent work on the body flip mount, that’s more detail than you showed me yesterday. Firewall is so neat with the rounded magneto relief and you’re the master at making those big drag car wheel wells. I also love the fitted hood hole. This thing is gonna be so killer!
  2. Thanks! It wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating and I did it all on the first try. About halfway through I got into a good groove and cruised through.
  3. UPDATE! Today was finally the day… BMF! I put on one of my favorite podcasts, poured an ice cold drink, sat down at my work bench and took a deep breath. It did not turn out perfect but for my first time ever doing any significant foil work I’m certainly pleased with the results. And I did the whole job in one attempt! Next step will be to spray on the clear coat to seal everything. I finally detail painted the molded belts on the front seats then glued them in along with the roll bar. I also detail painted the dashboard and now need to seal it a
  4. They have terrible headlights, too!
  5. I’ve had the very same idea. My daily driver is a 1987 GT and I would love to build a model of it but the front end on this old AMT/MPC kit makes me want to vomit! 🤮 Very interested in seeing how this turns out for you to get insights on my own upgrade. If it were me I’d also definitely be using the complete correct engine from the ‘90 LX kit. Probably the whole chassis, too! 🤣
  6. Very cool! I’ve always loved the truck and felt it was a shame when they repainted it with the very abbreviated graphics. Is this kit a curbside or full detail? The real truck had a ‘96 Corvette LT4 330hp engine and independent rear suspension. Curious if it has those details?
  7. What a great idea! For some reason I thought the Smoothster kit was 1:25 but I must be wrong because it looks like the wheelbase is perfect. I especially like how you integrated the rear filler pan and scalloped the body for the exhaust.
  8. The original release of the ‘29 Roadster did have the Buick engine. Recent reissue of the Roadster has the small block Chevy that was in the original issue of the ‘30 Coupe. Upcoming reissue of the Coupe will get the Buick engine.
  9. Unless of course the driver gets apprehended for exhibition of speed on the way home! 🤣
  10. Thanks! I do know just enough about these that they need a special front sump oil pan and do have one from the same ‘66 Nova Pro Street kit that I took the valve covers from but then I decided since it’s a curbside undercarriage that I don’t care and will just use a standard pan. 😁
  11. I’m not big into 1960’s cars but after following the lengthy thread here on MCM in the kit reviews section about AMT completely re tooling it’s ‘63 Nova Wagon kit back to its original, stock configuration I found myself oddly drawn to this kit and knew I had to get one. I actually started getting ideas for how I’d build it before the kit was out. Now that I have one and have played with it some my opinion is that it’s a great little kit even in its simplistic “curbside” form. The details are crisp and everything fits together excellent. It’s a terrific foundation for some fun kit bashing witho
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