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  1. That one got retooled into the 4-door version for Dukes of Hazzard, and has since been reissued ad nauseam, in all sorts of variations. Ain't coming back. (I know: THEORETICALLY Round 2 could clone/recreate the coupe body/interior, as they've recently proven they're capable, but there's about a thousand other subjects that would be more worthy of that effort.)
  2. Interesting link explaining how this kit came to be, including its many proportional problems and inaccuracies: https://hotrodbunny.com/the-history-of-the-revell-57-cadillac-eldorado-brougham-model-kit/
  3. Black vinyl top over white doesn't look too shabby either, IMHO: https://www.hemmings.com/stories/article/what-it-hasnt-got-you-dont-need-1968-dodge-coronet-r-t No kidding! A prelim Google image search turned up almost no examples. Did find a link to a YouTube walk around of a white example with the double body side stripes: Definitely more low key than the bumble bees...
  4. I seem to recall that the tooling for the 1/16 Mustang was actually obtained by AMT from another manufacturer. Thought I saw that on this forum years ago, but I'm coming up with zero info in my Google search, my Google-fu must be off tonight. I seem to recall the original manufacturer was a well established company that dabbled in model kits in the '60s, then cut bait quickly after turning out this epic fail. That was the explanation for why this was basically a large scale Palmer kit - it wasn't created by AMT. Doesn't explain why the original AMT and all subsequent owners were sh
  5. I'll definitely be following this one. Our family car growing up was a '68 Impala, so they're near and dear to me. Gotta wonder what happened to the tooling for the body/interior of this one? (I know the driveline/chassis got recycled each year thru '76) We really need a plastic '68 again!
  6. Actually, this is 1/25 Revell, back when they were a separate company competing against Monogram. Monogram, Revell, and MPC each had their own squarebody Blazer (and/or Jimmy) kits. Your are correct on the sub-par execution on these kits though. Mid seventies through mid eighties was pretty much bottom of the barrel for Revell kit development and QC. Through sheer luck they chose some subjects that no one else kitted, such as the Jeep J10 (Honcho), but they were usually oversimplified and had proportional problems.
  7. Although I do believe the bed design was already outdated for 1967, the real problem is the boom: It was unrealistic cartoon fantasy in 1967, even when these kits were considered "toys" at the time. I suppose a certain segment of Round 2's clientele might be interested in reliving "warm fuzzy" memories of building one of these in their youth, but I think that will only get them so far...
  8. Sneak peek posted Dec 9 to Round 2's Facebook page, and posted in this thread on page 3. Pasted again for you convenience:
  9. That was my thought as well, similar to how the '71 T-bird has 5 wheel covers - remnant of the promo days. When this one was still the 1970 LTD promo, it also had 5 wheel covers: Can't tell for sure from this pic of there's 4 taillights or not.
  10. That article mentions my main concern: the RC2 debacle that nearly destroyed the AMT, MPC, and PL brands. The fact that they've bought controlling interest usually equates to they can do whatever they want, whenever they want. You'd hope they would continue the momentum that Round2 has been building lately, but who knows? With us starting to get extinct kits resurrected with new tooling ('63 Nova wagon, body for the upcoming '64 Cutlass), I hate to see anything that could rock that boat.
  11. Revell Caprice police car: Became the '94 Impala SS: I know, at least it wasn't butchered into something hideous, like so much of the AMT/MPC annuals...
  12. I'm thinking this might be the case. I stopped at my nearby HL yesterday and they finally had a few new kits on their shelves: the MPC 1978 Dodge truck and the AMT 1966 Buick Wildcat. (OK I know these have been out for a while, but my HL never got them till now). I was surprised to see the Buick priced at $24.99, which is probably about what my LHS charges. Since Round 2 isn't marketing it as a "basic" or "budget" kit (like the '72 GTO, etc.), I was quite surprised to see that price. For the last several years they've been pricing the vast majority of their kits at $29.99. Wondering if
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