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  1. Best of luck. I hope you find one.
  2. Jim, if you do eBay, there many current listings for this kit. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313&_nkw=Moebius+Death+Dealer&_sacat=0
  3. I was trying to catch the maker of the Lola kit. I believe it was a Scale Productions kit. Although he only used the upper portion, he did an amazingly realistic job. I learned something about slot cars as well. I never realized that the front wheels/tires were mostly just for show. Thinking about it after watching the video, that makes perfect sense. LOL
  4. I found this to be an entertaining video. The language used was a combination of model building specific and layman's terms.
  5. Luke I'm envious of your haul. You have a wheel set addiction like I do! I tried a large, multi kit order from HLJ and the only shipping choices were FedEx or DHL. Both I believe were in the $50 range. On top of that, those shipping services are required to collect Canada's HSTax, and of course duty/tariffs. Altogether a very big ouch on top of the kit prices. Now I ship 2 to 3 kits at a time using Small Packet ($27) and it sneaks through in regular post. That makes for a big cost savings!
  6. "...multi version." That is great news. I'm wondering if one of those versions might be the Californian. Or would that be going into copyright territory?
  7. Bernard, thank you very much for your post. I appreciate the history provided and the pictures. This will probably convince me to get two kits. One as straight from the box build, and one with some additions to make it resemble the Californian. I really appreciate what Atlantis is doing both with this kit and the Mooneyes kit.
  8. To add to my previous post, they are $30. ...probably double the "cost" but make the" value of the build "priceless"! Altered to my thoughts by stealing from an old MasterCard theme. LOL
  9. I'm not sure if these are the ones you were thinking of. "curt raitz", on this forum has sets that he makes under the name miniscurtraitzing, TruWire, in four different sizes. As others have said, they are fantastic. There is a thread here from December, 2020 with a topic heading "dragster wire wheels". I wish I knew how to link a whole topic thread here! LOL
  10. Thanks Mike. Very interesting. Light weight Honda with a heavy weight Nissan!
  11. Mike I'm curious. The box says "Transkit". Is a donor kit required, and if so, which one?
  12. eBay purchase arrived today. jazhobby is a great vendor.
  13. In the time that I found a diagram for the parts breakdown of the HP-C+, you solved the problem! LOL You did exactly what I would have suggested. Since the airvalve body is removable from the airbrush body, it makes it easier to totally disassemble, soak/clean the parts and reassemble with a little SuperLube applied.
  14. I sure hope you can Lee. From what I've seen, it builds up into a really impressive model.
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