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  1. Andy's Hobby Headquarters Youtube channel preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9ij0cTrI78
  2. Alan, I will be following your progress. The original kit was Tamiya. This reissue is a Tamiya / Ebbro collaboration. I wonder what Ebbro contributed to this kit?
  3. Member fromTron-uh Ont here!
  4. Ebay "Buy It Now" $26 https://www.ebay.ca/itm/MONOGRAM-GREEN-HORNET/402707882879?hash=item5dc342a37f:g:PDIAAOSwJAxeKTl1
  5. I have two well stocked LHS within half hour drive. Dailey Hobbies in Whitby. Randy, the proprietor, is very knowledgeable. The other is Wheels & Wings Hobbies in midtown Toronto. Otherwise, HLJ as I purchase many JDM vehicles. eBay sometimes has some surprise bargains.
  6. Thanks for the reply Steven, and thanks for giving good advice as to the AWG that I should look for.
  7. That looks like a great purchase Steve. I'm curious as to whether you feel the scale thickness is good. Also where did you find this multi-color spool?
  8. Looking forward to seeing where this goes, when this kit gets in your queue.
  9. I noticed the Tamiya Castrol Skyline Gr. N kit on your workspace. Those are very rare indeed, as are all of the Tamiya BN R32 race variants. How did you snag that one?
  10. This kit kept popping up in my eBay searches. A vendor called shop_us_store, located in Chesterfield, UK has them. The price keeps changing, but hovers around mid to low $40 CDN range, shipping included. I did an additional eBay search and was pleasantly surprised. A company that I have made many CD purchases from, rarewaves.ca , also had them listed. They are also a UK based business. The listed price was $41, shipping included. I couldn't resist. Luc, many thanks for posting the unboxing video.
  11. I am not an "AMT fan boy" , nor is AMT my favourite brand. However, the portion of your post, that I placed in bold, is both misleading and inaccurate. This has been covered in multiple past threads, and explained very well by Tom Geiger. The molds that constitute AMT kits are currently owned by Round 2. They have passed through varied hands of ownership. Each time a new owner has bought them, that new owner rightly should make money from their new asset. So the molds are not in fact written-off any longer. I am thinking that that your lack of knowledge about this aspect of model kit history,
  12. I looked up Foster's Lager internet home page, and it has a blue background. Here is the address: https://www.fostersbeer.com/av?url=https://www.fostersbeer.com/# I would attempt an eyeball match to this color. Hope this helps.
  13. I recently purchased a Martini decal set for a Porsche 997. Is the Fujimi 911 GT3 R the best model kit to use? Is there a way to make the Tamiya 911GT3 into the R version. Any advice from those knowledgeable in all things Porsche would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Thanks Greg. I am familiar with the tractor kits and they are quite well done.
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