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  1. That’s what I posted back on Friday but thanks for confirming that there is nothing close.
  2. Looking at PaintRef.com, I can’t find anything close to those colours. I checked 30, 31 & 32 and there’s nothing close. It’s probably more than likely it was whatever coloured plastic pellets Monogram decided to throw in the hopper.
  3. The resin kits that were available in the 90's and early 2000's were nearly all yellow coloured. I don't know if it was a result of the resin available at the the time or if it was tinted but I remember being amazed when white resin that looked like plastic kit pieces first started coming out because I'd never seen anything like that before.
  4. What head does he have on that engine? I have a Brumfield head on mine but it's indistinguishable from stock. That cool head is definitely different.
  5. Hobby shop here in Ontario, Canada has announced today that they received their shipment of 60 & 63 pickups today.
  6. A number of years ago, we held a yard sale. The day before I kept checking every weather report I could and each and every one of them said sunny and not a drop of rain all day. So I didn't dig out any tarps or anything. Of course it started to rain. I said: "Don't worry all the weather forecasters said sunny all day so this is temporary.". After 15 minutes I was scrambling for tarps as there was no end in sight. It rained for over 2 hours. I was so mad. How could all of them miss a system that could dump that much rain?
  7. At one hobby shop here in Ontario, Canada the kit was on the shelf for 80+ dollars. There had been no interest and still no interest after being reduced to $65 dollars to get rid of them. Most modellers comments apparently have been too toy like for that kind of money but I'm sure Bond collectors will snap them up which is what, I'm sure, Revell is counting on. Hoping for a stock version in the near future.
  8. It looks like they're selling it as either an up top version or with the top down version. Either way I'll be getting one (or maybe both).
  9. I guess they figured they had to come up with something uglier than the Cyber Truck.
  10. Absolutely beautiful Midnight Purple R34 Skyline, Scott!
  11. That is one cool clean R34 Skyline, Scott. Kudos!
  12. You might want to search for online shops that sell to the Gundam building crowd. They tend to use paints other than what we're used to and often have Mr Color etc. Best if you search for say MR Color or Mr Aqueous rather than Gunze Sangyo as hardly anybody knows it by that name anymore.
  13. Beautiful Thunderbird! 59 is my favourite year of T-Bird and yours looks great in Indian Turquoise.
  14. Beautiful build of the Packard! Love the colour combination.
  15. Happy Birthday, Carl! Hope you’ve had a great day. 🥳🎂🎁
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