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  1. Check out the decal selection at the Hiroboy website. I have found they have a fairly good selection of endurance racing decals available, including several different 935's. They are also based out of the UK, so it shouldn't take too long to receive them. There is also a kit of this vehicle available from NuNu in 1:24 scale. The kit number is #24006, so you should check with your regular kit sellers for availability.
  2. Floatplanes are pretty cool. Floatplanes with guns, even better! I have a 1:48 Kyofu I should finish up someday, neat looking aircraft.
  3. It would be a rare beast. From the references I checked, the 327/350 was only officially available in the '66 Acadian, so there weren't many around even when new. If the car was sold new in Canada, and the VIN is available, GM Canada Historical Services can look up the build information.
  4. I love the ideas and colour choices on the FD-100, great work. I plan to paint mine in a similar shade to what Sam Foose used on the original 1970's build, but with some of your ideas on matching the interior and engine colours.
  5. The other nice feature about the Monogram '53 is the ease in which a modeller can convert it into one of the first production examples. Replace the kit wheelcovers with the stock units from Monogram's '53 Bel Air, and you are ready to proceed.
  6. Some Canadians may want sedans and wagons, but GM is a 'Murikan company, and 'Murikans want Fo'-bah-Fo's and Ess-You-Vees!!! ๐Ÿ˜œ Funnily enough, the reputation of Buick in China is based on the Canadian McLaughlin-Buicks driven by the leaders of pre-PRC China. I have had a few Trumpeter car kits (Pontiacs, Novas, and Falcons), and they have been workable models. The parts breakdown was definitely not like domestic kits, but they are workable. I think things would have been different if the designers had full access to the prototypes, so all the nuances of the real cars could be captu
  7. And to think, I once saw her get tossed out of the campus pub, for trying to use her 'pop star' reputation to get in while underage... Wasn't THAT ironic! ๐Ÿ˜œ
  8. Italeri has some really nice 1/72 aircraft kits they are quietly introducing into their line-up. I just picked up their new 1/72 T-33 kit, and it is a re-boxing of a Platz kit from Japan. Nicely detailed, engraved panel lines, and the shapes for the engine intakes look spot on! Great movie, even if some of the portrayals are not exactly PC these days. Highly recommended!
  9. 1:24 scale. The majority of the Monogram Forty Niners were in 1:32 scale, but the dragster was one of two kits that were produced in a larger scale (the Austin-Healey Sprite scaled out closer to 1:26, IIRC).
  10. It's not too far-fetched, but there is a demand for the Gen-6 Camaros among NASCAR modellers. There are plenty of decal liveries out there, and having the Champion/Most Popular Driver's car available isn't a bad solution. The Chevy SS kit has been very pricey over the past couple of years, and that doesn't look to be changing anytime soon. Salvino's has already said the last Revell moulds were not amongst their acquisitions. They only received the 1980s and 1990s tooling held in Illinois at the time of Hobbico's bankruptcy. The rest of the tooling is housed in China, and who kno
  11. It's a plastic kit, beautiful detail. Ebbro does both this DS21 and the earlier DS19, so there are choices out there.
  12. Mrmike's screen shot of the rear of the Challenger. It was like, "Wait a minute,...". ๐Ÿ˜
  13. I enjoy listening to the podcast, usually some interesting conversations going on.
  14. The pink on the Thunderbird reminds me of the colours on older 1:18 diecasts from China. Then again, I believe many of those diecasts were originally copied from 1:24 and 1:25 scale car kits...
  15. From what I have read, Neil didn't keep many of his older bikes, but would sell them/trade them in once the mileage got too high for reliability. IIRC, the only old ones he kept were his original R1100RS and the Ghost Rider GS.
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