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  1. Very sad. I always liked him, from the first time I saw him in Magnum Force. IIRC he was the last man standing of the Magnum Force. (IIRC, Eric "Otter" Stratton was the first of the Magnum Force that was killed.)
  2. When I was a small child--maybe 6?--I had a book that had all kinds of stuff like this in it. I MIGHT even still have the book somewhere, if somebody didn't throw it away. I remember the name "Wily Ley" associated with it in some way. Wow, now I have to get one of these kits.
  3. I just found the pics of my model I mentioned. Still have it. It really deserves a cleanup, but OTOH, I kinda dig the "barn find" look it has now. Some modelers work VERY hard to achieve "weathering" that good.
  4. What is that color? That's how I want to paint mine. First time I ever noticed that color (same color?) was on a '69 GTX. I painted my JoHan '69 Road Runner with AMT Surf Green as it was the closest I could find in 1969. (I still have that model.) I'm pretty sure that color or its closest equivalent was F5 in '69, but what is it in '68?
  5. Fabulous thread, I Learned Stuff today! Thanks to everyone who participated!
  6. You can put me down for multiples of all three.
  7. As we celebrate mediocrity All the boys upstairs wanna see How much you'll pay for What you used to get for free. --The Prophet Tom Petty, "The Last DJ," 2002
  8. Sweet! You really captured the look and "feel" of these things! Well done and Model on!
  9. Fabulous idea, magnificent execution! HELLA WELL Done and model on, old friend!
  10. Wasn't his name Roland, not Ronald?
  11. Very, VERY cool and very well done! Model on!
  12. Never thought about it before, but you're absolutely right--it DOES sound like a fuel "cackle." Now, how about the openings of Motley Crue's "Kick Start My Heart" and Montrose's "Bad Motor Scooter"? Anybody else ever hear anything there?
  13. Did not know that, thanks for sharing. I was never a NASCAR guy, but wasn't Cale Yarborough always #21, the way Richard Petty was always #43 and Smokey Yunick was always #13? Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. Along these lines, why do people say "VW" and think they're saving time? Yes, "VW" is shorter on paper than "Volkswagen." But spoken, "Vee-Double-U" is four syllables, and "Volkswagen" is only three. And easier to pronounce, to boot.
  15. I'm a word guy, so this is hilarious to me. Best one along these lines I ever heard was someone was introduced as a Belgian, and someone else said, "So you speak fluent Belch, then?"
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