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  1. I remember that storm very well. Pretty much shut down PG county for two or three or four days.
  2. No problem. SnakeACP45 at AOL dot com
  3. The funny part is, I had a lively email exchange going with one of the customer service people BEFORE I actually placed the order. Haven't heard a word from him/them since they got my money. Though I have to say, the shipment speed was very impressive. So is the product itself, or would be without the broken part.
  4. The OP said: Everybody has one- a list of models never released, not released in a scale you build, or only as something so inaccurate as to be useless.
  5. Looks like what Green Hornet would have driven in the '50s. Very cool!
  6. I noticed when the kit was first introduced that the peaks at the front fenders were rounded off, where they should be sharp. I don't know if this is what's being talked about or not, but if it is, the body would have to be corrected too.
  7. First rifle I ordered hasn't yet showed up on USPS tracking, and it was supposed to be delivered today. Still haven't heard back from customer service on the second rifle, so I sent them a second email today. Meanwhile, I figgered out how to adjust the front sight back to straight-up, which was the dealbreaker. Have now fired ten shots through the thing and I think I like it. The broken part is mainly cosmetic and I can live with it (or maybe even fix it), especially if they offer me some sort of concession. I don't think it would be worth the hassle of returning it, waiting for a replac
  8. Not too bad! Looks like the AMT kit. It's always fun to take a "not all there" kit and drag it across the finish line--Improvise! Adapt! Overcome! And, as always, Model On!
  9. Might have been before your time. I think you're a couple years younger than me. This would have been in the late '50s or VERY early '60s. Then WS went on to portray Ronald McDonald (I don't know if this was nationally or just locally). I don't know when he was the WRC weatherman, if he was that this whole time, or what. Of course he later went on to do weather for Today show and he's known nationally for that.
  10. Yes. In the DC area, Bozo was played by...wait for it...Willard Scott!
  11. Is there a Hobby Lobby, Michael's, or Jo-Ann Fabrics near you? Some of them carry embossing powders. I bought mine at a HL a couple years ago.
  12. In my experience, Wet Look Clear is very tough stuff. It looks to me like you haven't smoothed it out down to level yet. I've never used the Micro Mesh pads so can't comment on their grit. If I were trying to fix this, I'd start with 3M WetOrDry #1000 grit, wet. Then on to #1500, then #2000, again, wet. Then my beloved Wright's Silver Cream.
  13. Flintstones pretty much was prehistoric Honeymooners. I didn't realize that until years later, as I was too young for Honeymooners in first run and didn't learn about them until late-night reruns many years later. And Jetsons, of course, was pretty much space-age Flintstones.
  14. Alan, just to clarify, I believe the two cars in Chuck's pictures are the AMT second issue (one issue of which was the Pro Shop) and the Revell 2D sedan, not the Revell snapper hardtop., which is a completely different kit. I happen to think the Revell snapper is a nice kit, but Chuck's opinion of it doesn't seem to be quite as high as mine, if I read his comments correctly.
  15. He didn't actually say there was a Tamilya '57 Chevy. The above is what he said.
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