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  1. Thanks, John. Apparently Badger's got a fantastic product if it works with such a variety of paints. The array of shades they offer it in should prove helpful to a lot of us.
  2. Ummm, it's grammar. 😁 Just kidding. Seriously, thanks for the response to the question. Some time ago I saw a Cutlass you'd built and painted with Createx (killer color BTW). I've heard that stuff takes a bit of a learning curve to get great results, so you're leagues ahead of me as far as getting fantastic finishes from craft paints and acrylics.
  3. You quoted my spelling of pedantic incorrectly, wrote "bread" instead of break, and used quote marks unnecessarily on the word dictionary. 😁
  4. I'll play! The 1980-1982 Corvettes. I thought the front and rear caps on these was a vast improvement on an already good design. You still see '74-'79 owners adding that rear cap to their cars. Mine was a red '80 with red leather, but this was my favorite paint job (light/dark claret). By that time emissions had neutered the engines, but driving down the road with the sun behind you cast a neat shadow thanks to those peaked fenders.
  5. I've seen a lot of YouTube reviews about this stuff and almost everyone seems to really like how it performs. The issue I have is it's an acrylic primer and most/all of them were using acrylic paints over it. I use enamels almost exclusively, and my pedantic brain wonders if an enamel will adhere to it. The reason I'm so interested in this stuff is because they offer it in +/- 10 shades, including one called "metal". If I could get this stuff to work with my enamels, that "metal" base would be great for some of the more translucent paints I've got and would like to use. So, w
  6. I wish I could see your pics but apparently this new software prevents them from showing up. You may want to contact Dave to see if there's a workaround for this.
  7. Absolutely beautiful work. Based on the instrument panel alone, it looks like your eyes and hands are working together just fine. Are those AMT tires? They seem to look period-perfect on this.
  8. Thank ya, sir! I'm admiring your project. Is the body resin, or did you luck out and score a vintage MPC kit?
  9. Now I'm really kicking myself for all the times I passed over this kit. Yours are obviously very clean builds, but the paint colors you chose just "pop". Nice work! Would you mind sharing the exact paints you used (ex: Model Master #1614 etc).
  10. I'll just join the crowd in saying you picked a fantastic color for this. The stance is dead-on as well. Did you happen to do any engine or chassis detailing?
  11. Love the modifications and sourced parts utilization. You gave new life to one of AMT's better classic kits. Great build!
  12. I'm betting the kit drip moldings will be OK to leave as-is. The pieces at the base of the C-pillar look flatter, which is what I'm trying to replicate, but I want to make sure I get the closest size possible. I'd appreciate specific mfr P/Ns for any recommendation. Also, what's the best way to make those pieces join together at the trunk-end of the C-pillar?
  13. The early 'Bird gets the...win. Nice job on that one. Any chance you remember what exact purple paint you used on it? (Ex: Testors #1512).
  14. I'm thinking you're right about the software update being the issue since you've never had a problem posting on here before. I hope it can be resolved soon 'cuz we love seeing your in-progress work.
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