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  1. While researching something else, I noticed that Tamiya and Mr Hobby offer "smoke" paint, which seems to indicate translucence. I wondered if these could be used over colors like red, yellow or silver (and possibly others) to make subtle stripes etc. Anybody done this? Pics?
  2. I look forward to learning what you think of them as your opinion is highly respected on this board. As I mentioned initially, the video only gives a few good glimpses of them being used, so any larger pictures and assessments you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Seems to be a fairly good product and the price and tip selection make them hard to pass up.
  4. I swear I heard or read that they offer an enamel paint that's meant to help you create slightly rusty exhaust manifolds. I took some time and searched their site but didn't find anything, so I sent them an email. Got a surprisingly unhelpful reply. Did I imagine this or am I confusing them with another hobby paint manufacturer who actually offers what i want (moderate rust on iron)?
  5. Wish I could get my younger brother on your team. He does amazing work in mig and tig welding, and the company he works for has clients whose names you'd instantly recognize. Me? I was a C- student in gas welding, so I didn't consider this to be any part of my career path.
  6. I came across this video a few days ago and thought some of you would find it interesting. The markers are from a company called Zoet, and the reviewer in the video seems to think they're oil-based, as opposed to being an ink like the Molotows. I will say this is not the greatest "proof" video, but ff to 3:18 and go from there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfaS2ewI_FU&t=5s Knowing this group, the first question will be how will it react to a clear coat, and I don't have that answer. They come in a 3-pack (+/- $10.00) with .7, 1 and 3mm tips. (See video link).
  7. Beautiful work! Love that color. Would you mind sharing which exact paints you used for the body and engine (ex: Model Master #1619).
  8. Agree 100%. Normally I'm not a big fan of green cars but I'd love to have a 1:1 like that in my driveway and that kit on my shelf. Great work!
  9. Once again, all your research-based efforts were rewarded with yet another amazing showpiece. Well done.
  10. I may have access to the ambulance. Just wondering what all I'd have to do to convert it to a hearse.
  11. For some reason I was under the impression this was supposed to be out by now. My apologies if I missed something blatantly obvious regarding this.
  12. Compare the inside curvature of the C-pillar to a side pic of a 1:1 Duster. Close, but off enough that I wouldn't build it without fixing it. I think it could be improved with a little effort, but the responses I've gotten so far indicate that no one has bothered to try. Similar situation: Ertl International Scout II. I used to walk by one every day I went to high school, and my HS German teacher also had one, so I was somewhat familiar with how they should look. Ertl's version has a grille that curves across the top, where it should be straight. Easily fixed (SAE built one and showed how to do it) but 99% of builders don't for some reason.
  13. To be honest, having seen about a decade's worth of your work, I would bet the farm that a modeler who would take the time and effort to create highly accurate representations of three-color '50s/'60s interiors would never let something as obvious as this slide. I may not be able to build at your level, but I will always strive to make a more accurate product. If the first thing your eye is drawn to is an error, something should have been fixed.
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