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  1. I’m trying to find a beard trimmer with guards that will allow me to keep it at just a smidge over 3/4”, but most of the ones I’ve seen seem to be made to cut at 1/2” and under. TIA. Links would be appreciated.
  2. I've got a complete, unbuilt kit stuck away somewhere, and after reviewing the instructions Ace provided, it looks like adding wider wheels and tires should be fairly simple without any major modifications or extra parts. Thanks so much for your generous offer. This board has amazed me many times by the way other members step up with parts, info and advice for other modelers, and you're obviously of the same mindset.
  3. In my mid-teens I was into 1/25 funny cars, mostly Revell and MPC kits. I also built this kit, which for some reason popped into my mind today. Looking at the box, it seems to be (technically) something other than a funny car. As you can see, it's designated a "Pro Comp". Would there have been a huge difference between the classes, and if so, what?
  4. Thanks for the help! That's what I was hoping to see. What did you use to "chrome" the wheels?
  5. To be more specific, I'd really like pics of any of his white letter tires paired with his 5-slot wheels - painted please. I don't anticipate any issues painting the tires, but I'll be curious to learn what "chrome" works best on resin wheels.
  6. Ya know, I used to think my Google skills were more than adequate, but even though I tried searching for these directions on Drastic Plastic, I didn't get anywhere. Thanks for the assist and the advice.
  7. I've got numerous kits with big block Chevy engines but I'd like to add this intake manifold and side draft combo to one of them. These parts come in this kit which I neither want nor need.
  8. I've got this kit, which I think has potential, but I need some ideas for modifying the suspension. It has the Eckler's flare package, which should allow you to run wider tires, but instead the kit setup just moves average size tires further out. I tried to find the instructions online so you would have a better idea of what I'm up against, but no luck.
  9. Something to keep in mind: the '74 had a split rear bumper/tail light panel assembly.
  10. Perhaps I missed it. Do we have a release date for the Cougar?
  11. I keep my "surfing" to relatively safe sites (TTBOMK) such as hobbies, cars and politics. Over the years I haven't had a whole lot to be concerned about until about a week ago when an email showed up referencing my name and a couple other things that made me nervous. Knowing virtually nothing about computers etc, I was wondering if getting a VPN might prevent more of this kind of thing.
  12. I'm asking because I saw a Barbatos Rex video where he used one and got fantastic results, especially with the fan attachment. When it comes to paint recommendations and modeling equipment tests, Barbatos Rex's word is usually gospel to me. OTOH, I just finished watching another person review the same 'brush, and there wasn't a whole lot about it that he liked. I'd say his biggest gripe was that the fan tip seemed to spray more heavily toward one end of the spray pattern, which showed up on the test paper. Anyway, I'd like to know what you think of yours. Comments + a number grade (1-worst, 10-best) would be great.
  13. Here's a video of the build of the kit.
  14. I've got two of these (Non-Pro Street) that are still waiting to be built. The only real knowledge I have about them is what I've read, which seems to be mostly positive with two alleged exceptions. 1) The front suspension is weak and sloppy. Some have said it's hard to get the tires to look correct because the supporting components aren't strong enough to hold them in place correctly. 2) The grille is a poor fit and lacks decent gluing areas that would help affix it to the front of the fenders. Again, these issues are based on comments I've read, but they popped up enough to make me wonder. OTOH I have seen a number of pics of these cars where there was a grille fit issue of some kind. Any thoughts, personal experiences and pics would be welcome.
  15. One of my modeling holy grail dreams came true with Round2's recent re-release of the Mach Won Mustang funny car kit, which hadn't seen the light of day since the mid '70s when AMT first offered it. I was, however, disappointed to see that the new release doesn't have the original decals, which I thought made the original box art so appealing. (Seems like they also offered a Ford support truck with similar markings back in the day). Anyway, I'm hoping you guys can point me to someone who offers new prints of these decals, as I don't have a lot of confidence in decades-old ones.
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