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Scale I Build

Found 12 results

  1. Hi folks, I'd like to start a WIP on this project. It's about this Fujimi kit: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/966180-fujimi-12450-porsche-911-carrera-3-8-rs Basically, I have started this kit already in May 2017. But gradually finding out about it's numerous shortcomings (more about that later), I put it aside for the time being. Some days ago, after finishing the Porsche 928 S, I opened the kit's box again and it clicked! So I decided to proceed with it. The first step I did last year already, is that I filled the panels of the sunroof. No Porsche RS ever came with a sunroof! I used styrene melted in glue for filling back then. I used this instead of regular filler because I heard that glue can help to prevent the appearance of ghostlines. Someday soon, we'll see if that's true... It does not look too nice but the surface is even and smooth as glass. There are quite a lot of aftermarket parts that I will use on this one. Nearly all of them are coming from Scale Production (SP), a German specialist exactly for these kind of things. Here are the parts: The 964 RS model comes with a different kind of rear bumper but the Fujimi kit has the regular Carrera one. So I cut that out and replaced it with a resin bumper part from SP: It took some sanding and filling with Plasti-Zap CA, but it worked out okay. The big rear wing has been fixed at this stage too: As can be seen, the wing needed filling as it's one part with the engine cover. On the lower side just aswell as the upper side: A little mock-up with the wing "board" fixed. I love that view! The Fujimi kit comes with molded-on door handles like this: Proxxon time! I also drilled 2 holes for the separate SP door handles to be fixed in later on: Like that: That's all for now. I hope you like my progress.
  2. This is build #24. I didnt plan on adding another project, but a good friend of mine from England gave me this kit. No matter how many projects you have, its good form to build this kind of gift as soon as you can, to show appreciation, and to get it done before either one of you snuffs it. I got this kit at the right time...i've been feeling like doing something inspired by Singer, and Gambella...an upgraded, special car. Whilst i like the Avelanche Porsche(Gambella), i find it to have too many bodywork things going on for my taste, and it looks heavy. Singer does Porsches right!, and thats the style i like, but with a balanced splash of Gambella. Cant remember where, but i saw an earlier 80's 911 that was a twin turbo, 850+ HP beast, and thats another bit i want for mine! This is being built as the curbside kit that it is, BUT thanks to how it has a removable body like all other Fujimis, i can add a fully detailed EM chassis, and engine at any time. I dont wanna change the main design of what i already consider as a perfect design, i just wanna add a bit of "special" to it. Kinda like if you saw it in a dark room as a silhouette, you could tell immediately what is was, then -Suprise! when the lights are turned on! -Photo 1; The kit. -Photo 2; I didnt want to have pop-up headlamps this time, but i didnt want Ferrari F40 style either, so thats when i decided to split the difference, and have them be thin slits with LED's. -Photo 3; Whilst the scalloped side vents do work with the design, i've never liked them on cars -i DO like the wheels!! -Photo 4; I'm gonna be utilizing the look of the tailights a bit. -Photo 5; I love the simplicity of Singers, but with the tasteful splash of upgrading!
  3. Does anyone know if these wheels were ever kitted in any of the Porsche kits or maybe some other kit? Anyone making them 3D or resin? I would ask Empinut,but seems he's been away from the forums for a while now. Thanks for any help.
  4. This is the Tamiya 911 GT2 road version kit. I was going for a "Barely street legal look", and I added carpet, and various other parts to make a "closer to stock" looking interior. I got rid of most of the racing bits on the body, relocated thecustom petrol cap, and since I couldn't stand that type of wheel, a modified them by removing some of the "Spindles". Thanks for looking-in!!
  5. This build was mostly finished in 2016, there is a build thread on this forum. I just had to finish the license plates - which I did this year... It is a dog of a kit, quality is low, general fit is poor and the way it is supposed to be assembled makes it difficult to get right. It was sprayed with some old nail polish, one of may favourite colours on one of my favourite cars, shame it looks a bit strange... hopefully my '85 Fujimi 911 will turn out better! Comments welcome!
  6. So this is Tamiya GT3 kit that I build mainly in box stock style. Modifications include aluminium spun hubcaps that were make by a friend of mine and restyled rear wing. Idea was to create a slat flats racer- styled street legal sports car with local ( Finnish ) EU- plates. Color is Tamiya Blue Violet and decals are from different kits.
  7. Does anyone have instructions for a Testors (Fujimi) Porsche 911? I picked up a buildable kit on eBay, but the instructions are missing. Thanks! Steamboat
  8. I wanted to make another fast build since my last one was a lot of fun and turned out great (Link to its U-G thread: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/123302-porsche-911-outlaw-8-hour-build/ ). This newest build took three days from start to finish, but the middle day became a resting day with no progress since work was very tough that day. I decided on the Tamiya Starcard Porsche 911 GT2, and at the start I was going to build it with the Starcard livery, but in the end I decided to dust some Tamiya TS19 Metallic Blue over the black plastic which the body is molded in. It turned out great; a very dark color with a lot of blue pearl and sparkles in it. Here's a few photos, enjoy!
  9. I was bored yesterday and decided to challenge myself by building a car in less than a day. My kit of choice was Revell's re-release of the Porsche 911 carrera 3.0 which I've built as an Outlaw. I already knew tires were completely wrong so I'd already dug out another set, but I also had to find another set of wheels because the originals were simply too badly molded... I also need to find another set of door handles due to the same reason but so far no good. Other than wheels and tires it's got a bit of lowering done to it, otherwise it's box stock. The body is painted with a light dusting of Tamiya solid black, and misc. details are painted using Humbrol paints and sharpies. I'm pretty satisfied with the result considering it only took eight hours from start to finish. Here are a few pics of the car together with my first Outlaw 911, enjoy!
  10. This is Tamiya's 911 GT2 Porsche in Gravity colors Porsche Pig Pink. Heat stained exhaust and added details like Hobby Design Bride seats with Edward harnesses and other small details.
  11. Found this gluebomb in a local add among some other older kits,all more or less 80% complete. Of coarse the favorite item was the worst,this 1973 Porsche rally car from Fujimi. I think the older Porsche are cool cars,very simplistic and functional,and i guess you all are familiar with the Singer,wich is the inspiration for looks. I`m not going to write an essay on everything done,just ask if you have any questions. Here is the result.
  12. I started these two models a few months back, but ran out of paint and took a break from them. I wasn't originally going to do a workbench thread since I'm pretty new to this and it won't be that interesting, but I'm bored and planning to get back to them soon so I thought what the heck, why not. As my second and third models I decided that I definitely had to have an F40 in my collection, and I also wanted to build another Porsche. The 993 GT2 was perfect. Guts of the F40 I plan on painting the body of the F40 white. I think it'll contrast nice with the black wheels and red seats. As you can see below both cars are basically in opposite stages of their build I apologize for the quality of the pictures, I'll post better ones once I've started on them again.
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