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  1. Nice! It's been on my bucket to-do list for a while too. I'm doing the Hilborn injected version with the flat black roof, using a combination of the Monogram 55 hardtop and the Revell 56 sedan. Decals (and life) have been my road block too.
  2. Beautiful build. Excellent job with the engine compartment detail and the paint looks great. I'm not crazy about the black grille, but I guess you could say I'm a Mopar purist. Otherwise it's a sweet ride!
  3. Super nice! Can you tell us about the wheels?
  4. Nicely done! It looks great as a 'vert. One of my favorite cars.
  5. I have a built up AMT 70 Challenger if you're interested. It has the R/T hood. You would need to remove the hood bulge or find a resin hood. Also the AMT kit is based off a convertible so the hardtop roof is not very accurate. It also has Magnum 500 wheels. I think the Monogram 70 Challenger T/A could be built without the hood scoop. And it comes with Rallye wheels, which the car in your screen shot has at least one of. That might be a better starting point. Unfortunately I don't have that one. Looks like a fun project. I like the different colored front fenders and mismatche
  6. I love scratch building as much as anyone, and I think it is true to the roots of our hobby, but sometimes you just need to take time into consideration. It would have taken me a couple of hours to scratch up some tubs for this old MPC chassis. 15 minutes of CAD, and 2 hours of printing while I was doing something else, and here's the result. I'll spend a few more minutes of CAD time and make it fit exactly!
  7. The detail is just sick... Awesome!
  8. I have a picture of Earnhardt's 77 Olds showing the top part of the coil protruding from the firewall. I have several pictures of mid 80's Fords showing the coil mounted on the engine. Of course the distributor is at the front of the engine so they kept the coil wire short. Maybe it wasn't mandated by the rule book.
  9. Here's a trick I use. I picked up these sequins at HL. They are a little over 1/4" in diameter. I glue the head of a pin (preferably a spherical one) into the center hole, and mount the assembly in place of the kit's reflector. Here's a picture of a finished model. I'm working on another that needs better headlights right now, I'll let you know how it comes out.
  10. The k-frame should be semi gloss black. The frame rails are part of the unibody and are body color.
  11. Very nice ! Looks like you could jump in and drive it!
  12. Wow, that came out great! I've been following the WIP. Nice job!
  13. I use a 1 oz. medicine cup with about 2 drops of water. I guess a "pinch" of chalk would be the right amount. The chalk settles to the bottom so you need to tilt the cup a little to get some on your brush. Play around with it a little and you'll find the right amount. The neat thing is you can let the water dry out and store the cup with the chalk after use. I've got a stack of them with different colors. I just add a drop or two of water and I'm back in business. For lighter colored models, you can make it a bit more gray and add a little colored chalk that is close to the body
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