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Found 22 results

  1. I used the amt kit for most of everything, the wheels came from revell’s thunderbolt, the slicks are amt the headers are custom made to fit the chassis. I have lost count of how many times I glued my fingers to the body attaching all the side trim and trim for the vinyl top. I painted it tamyia dark blue which almost looks black which I believe was the original color of the car . The decals are old Billy gooche. This was a complicated build getting the body’s trim right and sanded around. Until next time thanks for looking 👀, Mike
  2. I built this using the very good revell kit. The rear wheels are from revell’s thunderbolt. The white wall slicks are AMT . The headers are also AMT from the 62 bel air super stock kit. The decals came from MCW. Sadly I think they are no longer available.
  3. This is a box stock revell kit with the addition of amt’s m&h slicks crager front wheels and chrome reverse rear wheels. The decals are made by Chris Walsh
  4. This is a out of the box lindburg kit with decals from smp . These are nice quick builds that can be done between more complicated projects. As always thanks for looking 👀, Mike
  5. I started with the revell Sox & martin kit , and added steel wheels from my parts box. The decals are Fred Cady. As always thanks for looking 👀, Mike
  6. New box art for the forthcoming 1/25 AMT #1283 Dyno Don '62 Chevy Bel Air Super Stock: Real car:
  7. I wasn't sure whether to post this one in "model cars underclass" (stock) or here. This is my interpretation of a mostly showroom stock 61 Pontiac Catalina with some mild mods that I believe would fit within the NHRA rulebook for "stock" class (class S/S for 0 - 10.59 lbs./ hp, I figured 368 hp (dual carb 389?) for a 3750 lb. car and came out with 10.19). Dual carbs (Holleys) and the hood scoop (actually a Ford truck part that Pontiac had to assign a stockroom number for) were around then but not on the standard order form as I understand it. I used an actual restored car posted on the web, a beautiful Bamboo Cream colored Super Duty 421, for the "appearance" prototype for this model (here) but wanted this model to be closer to a car driven off a car lot and taken directly to the drags (think Carol Cox's NHRA winning '61 Ventura (first woman to win an NHRA class!)). I'm sure someone might find some errors in my interpretation and the execution of this build but it's just a model car for goodness sake and I had a lot of fun building this one. This is the excellent Moebius kit mostly OOB but I added the resin carbs (Fireball), aluminum distributor and air cleaners (Detail Master) and misc. solder fuel lines and wire linkage and brake line. The carbs and air cleaners are likely over-scaled but I'm happy with the over-all look of the engine. I scratch-built the hood scoop using Evergreen styrene sheet and the tach using Evergreen rod and tubing. I airbrushed Scale Finishes base paint for the Bamboo Cream with a Tamiya TS-13 clear coat and masked and airbrushed the tri-color interior using Tamiya acrylics. Remaining areas were painted using Tamiya acrylics and Alclad Chrome over black enamel for the window frames. I used BMF to do the two super thin trim spears on each side as these were too thin to try to mask and paint with Alclad/ enamel. I'm down to a 1/2 sheet of my "good" older BMF and not sure what I'm going to do when this is gone, the new stuff is terrible. I've been building mostly sixties SS'ers since 2019 and wanted to do an early car that reflected the years when they were driven off of the lot and directly to the strip without a lot of mods, true super "stock" drag racing. I'm happy with this one, hope you like it too! Cheers, John
  8. Heres my Ford starliner super stock build, small slicks, seat belts, BMF, Nice kit by AMT..
  9. Here is my 70 SS Chevelle, removed the roof an put Cutlass Convertible on! Used Woopie kat decals
  10. Here is the 68 Dart the classic Red light Bandit, wired it up, ad'ed battery cables sanded slicks, this was a fun build, used the Revell hemi kit. I'll post a few more pics now that I have my cell cam set right had it on wrong mode, kept taking to big a pics.
  11. Here is the 68 Dart the classic Red light Bandit, wired it up, ad'ed battery cables sanded slicks, this was a fun build, used the Revell hemi kit. I'll post a few more pics now that I have my cell cam set right had it on wrong mode, kept taking to big a pics.
  12. I hope I got this close. My only gripe with it is the "high-low" carb setup which messes up the hood alignment. Also, I wish I had done more homework before painting the intake manifold. It really needed to be the same hemi color.....
  13. Here are a cpl pics of the new release Mustang 5.0 Revell kit, I had no major fitting problems,has a nice detailed interior, race seats an stock seats, very nice exhaust setup if you build it per box, I used a high rise manifold an Demon carb, a nicer set of headers to some short pipes "66 nova ones" 2 sets of rims, an some small slicks n I went a size up, like from 14" to 15" slicks, I will post some finished pictures under drag cars when finished, thank you all for looking an have a great week. Oh, also working on the vintage revell Bob Glidden p/s Thunder Chicken, jk my pops always referred to them as this, he raced n worked at GM, kinda inside joke..
  14. Hi all, here is my 65 Ford Falcon Gasser I just finished, wired an plumbed out, had a rough time. Someone started it an trashed the body, but, I think I pulled it out ok, ran fuel lines from Moon tank thru grill, plug an dist wires, clean sleak inside, thanks for looking. I'm doing the k.c. spurlock fruit of the loom funny car now, did the deep red car, looks like ox blood red. Post a few pics later,
  15. Here is bob hamaltons Red Alert Chevelle, unlike the vintage Amt kit,I built this as correct as I could, the orig kit had single headlights like a 71,72, 73, the 70 had twin lights ea side, also, the orig kit has a blown engine with a hat. Lol, also kinda big deal, the orig kit has a 4 speed. And Bobs was automatic. H handle shifter, I made one. Also went to GM dealer and got the paint code for Cranberry red, it "75" by the way, the body shop mgt even mixed me some an gave me formula, pretty cool of him. So here ya go, my Red Alert, thanks for looking,
  16. Hello all, here is the Red Alert Chevelle I just completed, and as correct as I can do, unlike the Amt vintage kit this is the right year, and motor, and not a 4 speed. Yup the Amt kit has single headlights, like a 71 or 72, the 70 had twin lights ea side. The old kit has a blower set up, the real car mid high manifold and carb, also the old kit has 4 speed. Correct car is the automatic, H handle shifter. " I made one" well have a look and hope you like it as much as I do.
  17. Here is my 68 FIREBIRD. "Foose" not so much. I didn't use Foose tires. Wanted to go super stock stock Elemenator type. I like it, hope you will also, its wired up, and has battery cables etc. Thanks for looking, have a great day.
  18. Has anyone heard anything from Rick? He is really good about answering emails and I have not heard from him about a small issue I had on an order and was hoping he is ok. It has been several months and that is just not like him. He has really nice decals and normally great customer service. I would like to order more if I know everything is alright. Thanks
  19. Here is my 67 Charger I build for a YouTube build, 2014 48 hour build. I started it Friday at 8:00 pm, and worked till.9:30 Sat, slept about 4 hrs, and worked from 2 oclok sat,till sunday at 7:30 am. At 3 I made my push to finish. I completed it at 6:30pm tonight. Came out ok. Here are a cpl pics,
  20. Hey guys, here is a S/s Sox n Martin 68 Dodge Dart, it was the Hemi kit, and I had a set of old sox n martin decals, and I like jade green, so I thought Y not, I put the detail.work in. Plugs. Batt cables, also made a tac out of the little tree spruce round piece. Looks ok, put a decal on face. And wired it too dist cap, now I suc at the foil trim, always put on too thick, working on that, afraid.of cutting the body with the knife. Lol.
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