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Found 25 results

  1. One of the first car models I ever built was the 1967 GTX. Uncharacteristically of me, I built it as the custom street version. Ever since I have wanted to get another one to build stock. I finally got my chance, as this model was on sale at Hobby Lobby. It's a little different than the one I previously got. I was sad that there were only black stripes, so I had no white stripes to go on my black car. It was also strange it had some of the custom parts, but not the decals or all the modification parts. I made the mistake of using the custom headers as I did not know that the stock were
  2. This one was built pretty much box stock with detail painted parts box wheels and tires. The interior dash and woodgrain turned out pretty well. It looks pretty wicked from the rear.
  3. This is one I started back in 2002. Originally I had painted it with auto touch up paint. Did not like how it turned out so got another body and finally painted it with Tamiya TS-54 light metallic blue today. Thanks for looking, comments welcomed!
  4. Started way back in 2002, it is painted with some Testors' enamel green metallic that I don't remember the name of, but like the color. I was never happy with the black stripes but you know, it's either get rid of it or complete it, so I'm going to complete it. 440 six pack from the kit. I had to trim the inside of the air cleaner to fit and also trim off some of the transmission where it fits in the crossmember to get it all to fit properly. I've waited so long to get this built, the windshield frame has bowed. I am hoping I can straighten this out when
  5. Why are the prices so ridiculous for the newer-issues ( Racing Champions , Round2 ) of the ancient MPC (et al.) 1973-1974 Road Runner / GTX ???? Even the half-arsed RC-era version --- complete with its 1975-1978 chassis and dashboard --- is fetching some stupid money ! Never mind that the Duke of Prunes 'Daisy Prunes' reissue is going for stellar prices ; it's that tin-packaged-with-some-character release that may as well be auctioned at Sotheby's New York Gallery ! What the deuce ? I hope that Round2 will release this kit again , this time sans and endorsements / embellishments ; just a nic
  6. Slotto

    '67 GTX

    Started on the 1967 Plymouth GTX today. Planning to build this one 'Day 2' with a drop top. Stay Tuned...
  7. Slotto

    '67 GTX

    Where to begin... Well, when I saw the movie Tommy Boy, I fell in love with the GTX. I cringed when they destroyed it in the movie. From the moment in the gas station to when they hit the deer. UGH! I saw this kit at Ollies for 8 beans so I bought 2 of them. My plan was to make a Tommy Boy car ans the other would be a S&M car. First thing I did was cut off the top. I've never built a convertible car before so I was in unchartered waters. After removal, I ground down the excess plastic level with the rear window opening and then went to the front window and started grinding away. As I built
  8. Monogram 71 Plymouth GTX kit is a very good kit, minimal flash, and everything fit perfect. This was a bucket-list build for many years and finally built one. Paint is Testor One Coat Lacquer Bronze with lots of hand polished Wet Look Clear. Wheels are Pegasus I staggered the rears and used a smaller diameter front tire. AAR hood is a resin piece with PE screen, changes the look on this one from a stock GTX. A little detailing, did the hood lift spring with fine wire. The air-filter is being redone with some PE screen over the K&N painted lines I've always liked the raked look of t
  9. This is the Revell/Monogram 1/24 scale '71 GTX kit... It gave me a few fits during the final few steps, but all in all I'm pleased with how it turned out. I really enjoy the Monogram kits. Paint is Testors MM Dark Bronze Metallic Decals from Firebird Designs. Wheels and tires from Fireball Modelworks. Highly recommend them all. Gonna try to get outside today, and snap some pictures. Hopefully... Anyway, as always thanks for looking!
  10. Hello all. Before I dive into this build, I want to kinda "re-introduce" myself. I'm Brandon, and I've been a member here for about 4 years now. I joined back when I was 12, and was totally immersed into modeling. I loved it. I had a passion for cars, and I built them. Mopars are my thing, I love anything really from Dodge or Plymouth, as is evident by the slew of '68/'69 Chargers sitting around my room. Well, I'm 16 now, and the models, have unfortunately been replaced by typical teenager things. I kept all my good finished builds, and I still proudly display them in my room. The unfinished b
  11. Been questioning whether or not to get the kit as I hated the 68 kit. I must say this was worth the money and it came out looking not to bad.
  12. This will be my second build. I have some new tips to use and new tools. Last build I didn't use primer, I am this time. I didn't do much detailing either, but plan on hand painting some stuff on this engine. Plan on a two color paint scheme. Going fiery orange for the main body with the tail and hood scoop black. Black interior as well. Very excited. Priming the body and larger parts now, along with engine. Plan on taking more time on letting paint and primer to dry longer. I hope by tomorrow evening I can start hand painting motor.
  13. .....quick question before I pull the trigger on a couple of kits, boys....does the AMT 69 GTX CONVERTIBLE, white car on box,,,have all the Hemi and all the 440 engine parts, and the correct 69 air grabber hood.....and, does the 69 GTX hardtop, blue car on box of a later issue,,,,also have all Hemi and 440 parts included as well.......fill me in, my esteemed forum members.......... thanks to all,,,,the Ace.......
  14. My second time building the kit. Came out good.
  15. ....wondering if I may ask...the most recent 69 GTX issue, blue stock build on box,,,,,i seem to have read or heard that it comes with an incorrect 68 hood from the 68 road runner,,,and not the correct 69 air grabber hood as in previous issues way back....anyone fill me in on this, so I can buy an issue with the correct hood...thanks boys, in advance....the Ace...........
  16. Ok all, my '69 GTX is all done. This was the opening door and trunk project, but I backed out on that, I just wanted to have it done. I am experimenting with learning to take proper pictures of my models, some of these turned out really good I think. I can tell if I take better pictures I better clean up my modeling, all the warts really show. In any case, it is on the shelf now, and on to new projects. Enjoy! Sean
  17. The story: In a country on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Hobbies in general are dieing, and Hobby shops are on the verge of extinction. They exist, but there is nothing Local left in LHS. Everything is on the internet, and with barely a handful of customers store owners can't keep up with the rent, forcing them to close the shops and move the stock to their own basements, selling from their homes. Can you imagine my childish excitement when I set foot in a hobby shop today. 1 of 4 in a 150 kilometer radius from my home. A real shop! I could smell the boxes, I could feel them, I coul
  18. Here is the first of hopefully three entries into this years Cannonball Run over in the Community Builds. It's a '67 Plymouth GTX sporting a 426 Hemi power plant. Painted Rust-O-leum Charcoal Grey Metallic, cleared with their X2 coverage Gloss Clear. There's also a little story behind this build. Some of you may remember that I built a '67 GTX for last years run too. Well I ended up breaking the windshield posts trying to lower the roof. I found this kit on eBay later that day so I bought just in case I could not fix mine. I was able to fix it and so parts from this one have been sittin
  19. Hi guys here's my third build of the year. Some of you may remember that during the build of my '67 GTX last year I ended up breaking the front windshield posts in a attempt to lower the roof line. I bought a backup model on Evilbay just in case I couldn't fix it. I didn't have to use it and it's just been sitting here so I thought I might as well build it up and add it to this years cannonball run over in the community build projects. Nothing has been done to the kit be me aside from a quick mock up last year, the previous owner or someone prior has everything sprayed gross black, one coa
  20. This is the 67 GTX that I've been rebuilding (w.i.p here) http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=76068 It's my second entry in this years cannonball run cbp. The only thing original is the body itself everything else is either from a Viper or scratch built. It features Viper engine and suspension, a little nos should it be needed and a custom fuel cell for longer range. The paint is Chrysler Inferno Red and universial black. To everyone who watched and commented while this was being made, thank you for all your kind words.
  21. This is the rebuild of my oldest surviving model kit and is my second entry to the Cannonball Run cpb. I built it when I was 12 or 13 so it's about 10 years old. My plans for it this time around are to build it up like something from the Fast and Furious movies. It will have the suspension and power plant from a Viper thus the snake part of the name. Bare bones interior, roll cage, something made for performance, haven't decided on a color yet I got a few ideas but just can't decide. Here's what I'm starting with. And now. . . wait for it . . . It's BATH TIME!!! . . .
  22. Hi everyone. I used to build build models as a young teen and hadn't built any in almost 34 years. My wife told me to get a hobby so being she wouldn't let me have real models, I went back to the plastic cars and trucks. Here are some pictures of my first. My 1969 Plymouth GTX and my 1964 Impala SS 409. They are far from perfect but over time I shall get back into shape....any feedback will be greatly appreciated....thanks!
  23. Hallo everybody, today i want to show you a kit out of my category "hate the kit". Its the 1969 Plymouth GTX from amt "byers choice" and the first plan was, to wreck it and put it without front on my junkyard. Work in progress (planed to cut the front, hood was fixed), i was looking for the color i would like to paint, if is real to get for this car, i found this one: ...with a interesting story: Just 16 HEMI-equipped GTX convertibles were built in 1969, and this is one of them. It hasn’t had a restoration since the 1980’s though, and as such it is far from perfect. It is however numb
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