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  1. Looking forward to it! I really enjoyed the last issue, it was great to have a new Model Cars Magazine to read. 🙂
  2. Great job on the C8! I’m not sure about the Corvette as a mid-engined car but you have to admit it is a good car.
  3. Nice build of the Jaguar Randy, up to your usual standard. I built a test shot of this kit for a magazine and, when doing my research found that the kit represents an E-type built between June and October 1962. Here's an excerpt from my article "Revell’s new kit sits between the Monogram kit and the Heller kit in the development of the E-type. Inspecting the chassis moulding reveals dished footwells and recessed bulkheads behind the seats, introduced in June 1962 to provide more room for taller occupants. Aluminium trim on the dashboard and centre console is present and the engraving suggest
  4. Here's my '32 pro-street pickup. I built it a few years ago so some people may have seen it before. It has a Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland resin cab and pickup bed, scratch-built chassis rails incorporating the suspension from the Revell Willys kit along with lots of extra details.
  5. Hi, do you know about Kit Form Services? https://www.kitformservices.com/
  6. Hi, I had assumed the pieces you mentioned might still be on the chassis trees. You could get parts from the aftermarket, kit-bash or reclaim the parts from an old build that had met its demise in some way. One of the reasons I mentioned this kit was that you mentioned the idea of doing a grain truck.
  7. Nice build! If you want to buy a new one, the Tyrone Malone's Kenworth Aerodyne 'Hide Out Truck' Transporter kit would fit the bill - just omit the race car hauler body. McLaren Models in Falkirk is a good place to buy AMT kits in the U.K., they have this kit on Page 8 of their AMT section for £39.99.
  8. Nice build of the Model A - I really like what you've done with the roof.
  9. I have been spraying with Zero paints for quite a while now. After having mixed results with their primer I have switched to Badger Stynylrez primer and have been successful with quite a few models now. It is important to do mist coats and build up the coats until you have an even coverage of your colour. The models pictured here have Stynylrez primer and Zero basecoats. Don't expect the base coat to be glossy and it may have a slight texture, these will be sorted by the clear coats (this is shown in the picture with the blue background of the C5 body shell). The VW van has their clearcoa
  10. Nice conversion to a daycab - your colour scheme flows nicely through with either trailer attached as well.
  11. The Coors trailer will be useful for me as I have an old White Freightliner big rig set that hasn't been opened yet and I'm confident the decals will have faded by know (like they have on a couple of other old kits I have). It looks like Round 2 have chosen some good kits to bring back out this year - the reworked International cabover will prove to be popular.
  12. I like the advice about using a light coloured metallic close to the shade of the desired candy paint as a base coat - I'll give that a try.
  13. Nice build of a Mk1 Cabriolet! The cabriolets didn't suffer from the same quality control problems as the VW Rabbits as they were all built in Germany. You still see them on the road today as they were built for a longer time than the MK1 hatchbacks.
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