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  1. James , Paint runs can be frustrating at best. Time and patience can fix the problem .Good luck fixing the paint issues. Be Well Gator
  2. Lee, What are you going to use for the winch cable ? I use braided fishing line from Muskie Master . Be Well Gator
  3. James, I always enjoy following rebuilds . And though 1/16th isn't my preferred scale . I will be following this project . Be Well Gator
  4. Larry , This is a great project . You did a fine job on the Grille fabrication as well as the rear fenders ,winch tower and the rest of the wrecker apparatus. Love your weathering. It looks to be spot on from here ! Be Well Gator
  5. Ron, Nice work on the trailer fabrication . I like your wood deck as well . Extreme;yt curious as to what you might use for a load ? Be Well Gator
  6. Scott, Sending prayers your way to help you recover from your recent illness. I like your choice of color. Looking forward to seeing what the graphics will look like . Be Well Gator
  7. Nice project. Awesome work on the printed battery box mounts . Will be following this build ! Be Well Gator
  8. Scott, Wow ! I love the cab color. And the chassis red is close but not that close. I think I would have gone with a graphite or Gun Metal color on the chassis. That said I am looking forward to seeing what graphics you go with. nice work thus far ! Be Well Gator
  9. Roger, That is exactly what I do. Though I may vary the order in which I build the sub assembly's. most Often I will do the engine and tranny. And the the chassis and it ancillary parts . I haven't built that tractor as yet. I do have the Italeri kit though. i have built a coup-le of the Great Dane extendable. They are great kits . This combination will look great together. Have you given any thought as to what you will put on the trailer for a load ? Be Well Gator
  10. Ron, nice project you have here . I have one or two of those kits. You are giving me some ideas of what to do with them . One of these days I will get some stuff from Auslowe as well. Be Well Gator
  11. Lee, Nice work on that trailer. Exterior post vans are a favorite of mine! Be Well Gator
  12. Jeff, I like your choice of resin Brockway and the mixer . It makes a nice vocational truck. Down in South Florida back in the 70's and 80's Brockway was the Truck of choice for dump trucks . Don't remember ever seeing one set up as a mixer. I like your use of the Z channel . Great idea ! Be Well Gator
  13. Jerry, the blue looks much better. It appears that you learned how to use the Novus Polish . I used it in the past. But somehow much supply vanished . Have to get some more next time I am in the States. you polish job looks great. Be Well Gator
  14. Dan, I am not a race fan. But I like what you've done on this set. nice work. Be Well Gator
  15. Looking good from here. like the colors you used. Be Well Gator
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