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  1. Hi all, picked these up at an opportunity shop but no idea what scale or manufacturer they are? Models are almost 16 inches long. They appear to be kits as you can see where body panels have been glued together and seam lines in the engine blocks etc. Mercedes, Porsche 911, Pontiac Tras Am and Ford Mustang Mach 1. all in ‘barn find’ condition with many of the rubber tyres melted or thoroughly rotted. If I knew the scale etc this might help with building options and replacement parts etc. any help at all would be greatly appreciated thanks for reading!
  2. Thanks stitchdup! After some more research I’ve found the first photo is of a 1959 Dodge 3-59D. You’re spot on about the jailbar Ford. If anyone is reading this and know where to find a resin or plastic cab of either that would be greatly appreciated. kind regards,
  3. Hi all, Looking for some help to id some of my grandfathers trucks. He ran a haulage business in Australia. I think number 1 is a 67/68 dodge truck but the others I have no idea about number 2 or 3. Once they’ve been id’d the idea will be to build them in 1/25 scale. thanks for looking.
  4. Hi Everyone! Thanks to all who posted on this thread. I love how you can purchase second hand kits with confidence knowing that someone here will have the instructions if it's not in the box. It's a great community. Thanks again -Grant
  5. Hi all, looking for the Revell #7446 three ford classics kit instructions. kind regards, -Grant
  6. Cheers SfanGoch! Much easier than playing trial and error! Thanks again!
  7. Hi All, Does anyone know where I could source a digital copy of the Monogram mean&nasty Camaro Pro/Street?
  8. I picked this kit up second hand and partially started. The rear wing was missing so I replaced it with one from the Fast and the Furious Supra. Body and wheels painted in Rustoleum gloss black, number plate decals came from the Fujimi BMW 750iL kit. The fitment of all parts was excellent.
  9. Picked up this Italeri Range Rover kit from a car swap meet. It was amongst tables of plane kits at a cost of just $8 AUS!. The theme for the car is a weathered hauler, something that would tow a car to race day (I have a scratch built trailer on the way!). I scratch built a slab of Jack Daniels, Australian number plates and a Supercheap Auto catalogue in the front. The weathering and detail painting took a lot longer than expected but I’m happy with the results. Feel free to comment.
  10. Buick GSX ready for the strip! Engine and rear tyres from the Tony Nancy double dragster kit. Wiring details added in the engine bay. Used bare metal foil around the windscreen (first time using BMF). Comments and constructive criticism welcome.
  11. Tamiya Ballade Sports Mugen. Body painted in Tamiya Metallic Blue and Tamiya Clear. Modifications include: Custom made deep dish rear wheels modified from 65 Vette Street Machine Kit, muffler from a Ferrari kit, scratch built exhaust, rear and back windows tinted, Japanese number plates, custom intercooler and drag tires on the front from another build. Constructive criticism welcome.
  12. Revell ‘Henry J’ 1984 kit. Painted in Tamiya Mica Red and Tamiya clear. Decals from AMT ‘Lil Viky’ Kit. I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out considering the kits poor reviews and difficulty. Constructive criticism welcomed.
  13. Looks great! I have one of these kits, just wondering what size rims you used?
  14. Purchased as a semi-complete model for $10 AUS at a market in a ziplock bag marked 'early Chevy'. Got it home and with a little research, found it was an AMT 36 Plymouth Early Modified. The previous modeller had used superglue on most parts, however because it was a race car I wasn't to stressed about a polished rebuild. What started out as a 'quick' rebuild ending up including: custom decals, weathering, engine wiring, scratch built front roll cage and grill and custom exhaust manifold (exhaust was missing from kit). A really fun kit to re-build. Constructive criticism welcome and encouraged
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