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Found 18 results

  1. Been wanting one for awhile. Finally found one at a good price. It's a nice kit. I was surprised at the detail. My problem was some parts being molded in black. The grill is also molded out of rubber mesh.........That you have to cut to fit. That wasn't fun. There's also no opening hood. It would have been nice to see an engine. Over all though, it's a very nice kit that I would recommend.
  2. My latest build, a 1990 Eunos Roadster by Tamiya. I used to own a Mariner Blue ‘90 Miata so I had to paint this one blue too! It’s Krylon Colormaxx gloss “True Blue.” The finish has more orange peel than I’d like, but I don’t have the patience for wet sanding and polishing ? It’s good enough for my shelf! Not much else to say really, this is a pretty simple curbside kit that goes together nice and is a quick and easy build.
  3. This one took a bit longer than anticipated, but its completed at last! Old Tamiya kit, started as a box-stock build for a online contest, but didn’t get finished in time. Mid-build, as the box-stock requirement was lifted, some aftermarket decals and small additions like foil, etc were used to liven it up a bit. Yes, the lights work, and it does run! And a few on a base before it got sealed in the case and put on the shelf! And here is the link to WIP thread in case you missed it. Thanks! Alex
  4. I'd been wanting to build a replica of an early Miata for a while, and I saw the original 1989 Miata showcar on the Mazda display at the New York auto show a couple of months back and took a bunch of pics to make a replica of the first of these cars that the world got to see. I used the Revell kit - from looking at pics online the Tamiya kit of the same model Miata looks a LOT better but is curbside, so I wanted to try one of these to get an idea of how it goes together and to see what I could learn about it for the next time I build one (or bash one from the Revell AND Tamiya kits). The kit goes together ok - you need to remove about 1/16th - 1/8th of an inch from the bottom of the windshield or it won't assemble properly, and I removed about a scale inch from the subframes to get it sitting more like the ride height of a stock Miata too. Even so, it looks a touch high, but then unlowered Miatas often do. The bumpers don't fit on there well...actually, they fit GREAT, they snap right into place but the gaps between them and the body are a little big for my liking, the rear lights would be better off being replaced with some vacuum formed ones in clear plastic (so you can paint them how Mazda intended a little easier) or the Tamiya ones would probably fit pretty well too. My kit also had a BUNCH of short-shotted parts - I had to make some engine parts from scratch, both of the windshield wipers were completely useless (so they're not on there, but that's not too obvious at least with the hood open, which is how I planned to display it anyway) and next time I do one I'd like to sand off those oversized doorhandles and get some more in-scale ones 3d printed. That said, this was a fun build, and I miss my 1:1 Miatas, so it was cool to get to put one on my shelf! I used Createx bright red paint for the body, replaced the Revell gauge decals with a photo-reduced copy from a real Miata, added some missing plumbing and wiring to the engine bay and used a couple of little photo etched pieces where a part was missing or looked a little clunky. I'll definitely be building another, even with the various shortcomings that I didn't enjoy with this kit, and it makes me want to go blast around some winding roads on a warm day with the roof down! Thanks for looking!
  5. I'm a little late to the party, but I wanted to post my 2018 completions, minus a 1950 Ford Convertible I built as a gift. It was a busy year outside of the model-building world!
  6. Hi. Here is Hasegawa's Mazda Cosmo Sport. I'm not a fan of curbside, but this was a really interesting subject. One of the mistakes that I made was not reading instructions beforehand. There are several holes in the model for different versions, and i neglected to fill them before I painted. I found a solution though, which was to take some used micro brushes, cut off the tip, and use a portion of the brush to fill the holes. Luckily, the color was a really close match to the white. Lesson learned, right? There is always something.
  7. Well here is my latest builds, a Honda beat and a Mazda autozam az1. A couple Japanese kei cars. I'm pretty happy with them since I have never built anything like them before lol. The autozam is box stock and the beat was lowered and photoetched emblems. Both have custom plates I made.
  8. Anybody (looking at you, Erik Smith ) have any content pics of the 1/25 AMT Mazda Rx-7 kit(s)? Not expecting much from a kit with a "one piece engine compartment", but I think this is the only 1/25 scale first gen RX-7, and it does have a separate hood, so maybe a halfway decent engine compartment? The body looks a bit "stubby" to my eyes, but hard to tell for sure. Mikado version:
  9. This model I got from amazon for $8. It is an Arii kit. They are a Japanese brand and this kit falls under their 1/32 Owners Club series which includes many unique vintage Japanese cars. Anyways, the Carol was Mazda's second passenger car and the 360 model was powered by a 360cc water cooled inline 4 motor that made about 19 Horses. The model is box stock except I just added some styrene rod to the sides to replicate the chrome trim that was supposed to be on the car. It took about a week to build and it was a fun quirky build.
  10. Know about the whole Photobucket thing and I never liked that service much anyway, so now I can post directly on the forum Anyway, here's 1/2 RX7s i'm working on on top of everything else on my plate. One is mostly the Cafe Racer with a big a$$ turbo and some other upgrades, and its already painted Tamiya Deep Blue Peril (will post that one later). This one is getting further body adjustments (opened up the headlight to put in some clear ones with sliver backing), suspension upgrades, and a 2005 GTO LS1 with a supercharger from the spares box. Note this may not be to everyone's taste, and this isn't some 100% perfect show stopping contest build, but a fun build. Color is undecided for this one, so stay tuned!
  11. Simple build just added fuel injection, two tone interior and flocked. Used Historic Racing Miniatures rotary wheels chromed with alclad on Fujimi stretched tires.
  12. This was a fun quick build. Close replica to the Liberty Walk RX3.
  13. Has anyone ever built the arii 1/32 Mazda carol, if so what does it look like when it is finished and what is the kit quality like? pictures of the kit from online: the kit only has like 20 parts I think.
  14. Hi guys. This is my first Under Glass post. The build was a long one and it was a lot of fun. I learned a lot along the way and here she is in front of my recently completed garage facade.
  15. Evening gents. I'm coming back after my big DBS let down with a build heavy WIP, Tamiya's RX-7 R1. I've ditched the BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH stock turbos that where molded onto the oil pan, cut out the stock air box, battery, and intercooler for a custom setup. For one, I'm using a Hobby Design turbo to run a single turbo setup rather than the stock sequential setup. I pilfered an intercooler from my R-34 kit and a rear spoiler from my R-32 kit for a few more custom touches, as well as Aoshima 18 inch Gram Lights 57 Xtreme's instead of the stock wheels. Gram Lights: A few engine shots: a little work on the exaust. The down pipe is custom made from sprue I heated up and bent to shape. It will mate up almost exactly with the turbo in the engine bay. I also used an exhaust from an aftermarket kit. It will have a slanted appearance that seems to be common now-a-days on STI's. It still needs work obviously... and the rear wing: All parts still need some serious cleaning up. Seam lines need to be gotten rid of and many of the custom parts need to be fully sanded and formed. I'm still in the mock up phase but for the actual engine, I'm getting ready to transition into the next step which will be running plug wires, oil lines, brake lines from the master cylinder and smaller details like a blow off valve and oil filter. The body will be painted telefonica blue (TS-51). The hood will be carbon fiber along with the front and rear spoiler. The rims will be model master metalizer gunmetal.
  16. Hey. I rarely post my projects on forums anymore but I figure I'd give it a shot for old times' sake. These are different versions of Aoshima's Mazda sports car kit. All three are painted with nail polish and cleared with Testors Wet-Look clear decanted and shot unthinned through my {Paasche H with a #3 tip @ 20psi. They will built as a part of a fictional club of street racers. The liveries will all have similarities and hopefully by posting this thread, it will motivate me to focus on finishing them. Thanks for looking. Antonio
  17. Hey guy's. This kit is from Aoshima. It's the Vary garage demo car. It's pretty box stock except for the wheels which are resin TE37V's. Added some carbon fiber to the rear diffuser and some interior details. The color is bright aqua pearl.
  18. Hi All, I'm currently working on a Fujimi Mazda Savanna GT. I'm looking at converting it to a drag car (in the vain of a Mazda RX3) There is no way the drag wheels from Hippie Hemi kit I have will fit under the current wheel arches. I presume there will be a fairly drastic modification needed to get the wheels to fit so i thought i'd ask for tips before i start. Cheers
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