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Scale I Build

Found 23 results

  1. Hi. Starting a build of Aoshima's Pagani. Lot's of parts. But it's also a good opportunity to talk about some paint ideas. The blue is Testor's De Ja Blue, with a overcoat of Tamiya Clear Blue. It's not polished out yet, I'm debating on whether to use the micro mesh sanding pads, or just do a polish with Novus. I kind of don't want to do anything - but need to smooth it out a bit. The combination of Tamiya clear colors painted over other lacquers is something I've been experimenting with. You can get some unique color shades out of it. Attached are a couple of other examples. Tamiya Clear Orange over Tamiya Brilliant Orange. And Tamiya Clear Red over Testors Mystic Maroon. Still getting the hang of these. I'll post more of the Pagani build as I get into it.
  2. Hi. Here is Hasegawa's Mazda Cosmo Sport. I'm not a fan of curbside, but this was a really interesting subject. One of the mistakes that I made was not reading instructions beforehand. There are several holes in the model for different versions, and i neglected to fill them before I painted. I found a solution though, which was to take some used micro brushes, cut off the tip, and use a portion of the brush to fill the holes. Luckily, the color was a really close match to the white. Lesson learned, right? There is always something.
  3. Hi. A couple of Alpine 110's. The Team Aseptogyl livery was challenging and fun. The decals are from Studio 27.
  4. Here's my completed Ferrari 330P with Historic Racing Miniatures engine.
  5. Hi. Here's the Moebius '61 Pontiac Ventura. Love the wheels on this thing. I broke the windshield trying to get it to fit, but Moebius customer service was great. They sent me a new one quickly.
  6. Here is work in progress on the Fujima 330P Ferrari, with Historic Racing Miniatures engine. Most challenging part was deciphering the instructions for the engine - but it is a great addition to the kit.
  7. Hi. Having fun building Tamiya's VW Karmann Ghia. But the bottom side trim (two horizontal trim pieces) are proving difficult to detail. I've tried a number of methods: 1) bare metal foil - but the trim pieces are really thin and difficult to cut the foil thin enough 2) masking and painting with a chrome marker - but the paint leaks through the paint edges 3) doing a "dry brush" of chrome - but again, rendering a thin straight line is really difficult. As of now, I'm think my options are to either sand off the trim and repaint or cut my loses and finish the model without that detail. I'm usually a stickler for detail, so I'm not crazy about that last option. Any other techniques you've tried out there? Thanks. Doug
  8. Really enjoyed building this Ebbro kit. Parts fit pretty well. Lots of small details included in the kit.
  9. Hi all Here are some photos of a 1950 Chevy I just finished. Some minor detailing. Who can guess where the wheels came from?
  10. This is part "workbench" part "under glass". I finished a Porsche 917 build. It's the Fujima kit with a Historic Racing Miniatures engine. Had to sweat through getting the older decals on the car. the first photos are the build in progress. The last photos are some other 917's - I have one more in my stash to build. Maybe next year!
  11. Hi. This Lancia 037 from Hasegawa was a great kit. Just difficult enough. I cut away the body to show the engine and added some Studio 27 detail parts. Pretty good fit for this model. If you want to see how the build progressed you can see it here http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/121356-lancia-037/
  12. Hi. I'm starting work on a Lancia 037, by Hasegawa. Actually, a pretty cool kit with engine detail. I'm working my way through the interior and the engine bay. Have some more pieces to add. And i have to say that everytime I take photos of work in progress I see flaws, like the seam on a transmission or exhaust. Wonder why I don't see it while I'm building. Could it be my fading eyesight! At any rate, these photos kind of keep you honest in terms of spotting flaws.
  13. Finally finished this off before the end of the New Year. Definitely a challenge, but fun. Did some "on the workbench" photos here http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/119251-47-chevy-fleetmaster-galaxie/
  14. Hi all and happy holidays. These pics show a build I hope to complete before the end of the year. I tried something new (for me) which was spraying the body with Tamiya Clear Orange over white primer. I found it to be really challenging because the clear is unforgiving if you make a mistake. If sprayed too heavily, it pools into a darker color. Really tests your patience! The hubcaps have nice engraving and if you flow some thinned black paint into them it looks pretty cool. More later.....
  15. Just finished this build. It was probably one of the most difficult ones I've done because of all the fitment problems in the kit. Hood didn't clear engine. Wheels didn't fit wheel wells. Etc. So a lot of plastic carving. Here are some of the prelim stages
  16. I can't believe how long it took me to get around to building these models. Maybe a year! I thought they would be Winter 2015 builds. Of the bunch, the Trabant was the toughest, mostly because of the trim. With the other builds, I tried my hand at making workable hinges and it turned out ok. I used reference photos of the 1:1 cars to decide on the color schemes. Purchased some aftermarket decals for the Renault.
  17. Hello from Morristown NJ I always liked the Lancia Stratos and picked up a Hasegawa kit. But, it's curbside and I wanted to add an engine. First thing I did was to scribe and cut open the hatch Then I transplanted a Ferrari engine from a Fujima Dino kit - closest thing I could think of for a proper engine for the Stratos Next, added some seatbelts Really like the Alitalia livery on the car And here's the completed car with some Italian cousins, Fiat 131's
  18. Before I start the next round of builds I took some shots of finished models. The first is the Hudson - I saw some versions in Scale Auto Enthusiast and liked this color combo. The next is the Chrysler 300. I had to paint that with Krylon to get the right color. Difficult to work with and next time out I would do the scribe lines deeper. Then finally the Tim Flock Racer. All relatively stock with some aftermarket. The last shot are my plans for the Winter
  19. I decided to build a couple of 50 era cars and chose the 51 Chevy and 50 Olds. It was like a tale of two builds the Olds went together pretty well. The Chevy was one of the worst designed models I every tried to build. Fitment problems all over the place. Was glad to get that one done!
  20. dougwintz


    Winter in the Northeast is not the best painting weather. So this year, I decided to paint some kits in advance. I already had a VW Bug built - so I decided to paint some other VW kits in September - a Vanagon, a Samba Van and a cargo van. I painted, bagged them, then starting working on them when the temp got to freezing. This is kind of a cross between Under Glass and On The Workfbench. Here are some pics of the VW Bug I had already built - it's from the Tamiya kit The next to be built which i just finished, is the Vanagon from Revell of Germany. I found this kit (and the Samba Van) very difficult to built. Lots of warping - but with patience and a few clamps it worked out. Here are some pics Next to be built is the Samba bus - here are some pics of the partially finished bus And in pieces is the next project - the cargo van
  21. Really enjoyed building this kit. The interior used upholstery inserts from Scale Motorsports I think the air cleaner is from Model Car Garage Next couple of kits I'm going to try Marcos Cruz' scribing process for panel lines. I think it will help for these darker colored cards.
  22. I'm torn between "this is cool" and "what is wrong with me!?" Nissan engine detail Mercedes engine detail
  23. Hi...here's my take on this excellent kit from Galaxie
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