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Scale I Build

Found 16 results

  1. Binge watched all 4 mad max movies. So i wanted to build something different.
  2. Hey everyone, I had recently done a review of the new Round 2 '17 Camaro SS full detail kit and it got me geeked to do some other reviews on a lot of my unbuilt kits. A lot of them are older releasea from the 90's-present day. I'll post my list below and see if anyone has any interest in seeing what's in the box for some of these kits. If you're interested, leave a comment below and I'll try and get some photos taken and post them in a new thread for that specific kit Thanks! THE LIST! 1920’s 1929 Ford Model A 1930’s1932 Ford Victoria “Lil Viky” 1940’s1947 Kurtis Midget Racer (Edlebrock equi
  3. Kind of an up date on an older post. Got some better pictures and more of them,
  4. Came out looking great. It's a nice kit.
  5. Before I start the next round of builds I took some shots of finished models. The first is the Hudson - I saw some versions in Scale Auto Enthusiast and liked this color combo. The next is the Chrysler 300. I had to paint that with Krylon to get the right color. Difficult to work with and next time out I would do the scribe lines deeper. Then finally the Tim Flock Racer. All relatively stock with some aftermarket. The last shot are my plans for the Winter
  6. Here's an '80's flash-back! I originally built this pro-street Johan '62 Chrysler 300 back in '86. I recently pulled it out of my showcase to do some repair work and upgrade it. Gotta love the '80's. There was a lot of questionable automotive styling trends applied to this model. I wonder what today's hot rodding trends are that we will shake our heads at in the future. More pics and all the details are on my site at the link. http://www.svensworldofwheels.com/62300page.html
  7. Here's another one from my way back machine. I built this chopped top Johan '68 Chrysler 300 back in '89. It's full of all the trendy '80's style custom touches from that period. You can read all about and see more pics at the link. http://www.svensworldofwheels.com/68300page.html
  8. First one done for this year. This went a little better then the Cuda even if i made many mistakes and arent too happy about it. What is done is i bashed a AMT Viper coupe for suspension,engine,transmission,brake booster and engine managment. The rear back up lights was made out of clear parts three,inspired by two other builders on this forum. The plenum and intake is from Revell (Thank you evilbay lol). The steelies are from a member on here,dont remember hes name but has ebay store. The dog dish are from Missing Link and are great. Paint is tamiya,dip stick is home made,alternator wire
  9. So i started one more kit (dont ask why lol) and some ideas popped in as i went along. I`m pretty sure it`s been done before,but it is a first time for me trying to scratch build things as frames and modify the body. The donor is the Dodge Viper GTS from AMT. Only thing left of the original frame is the mid section. I also modified the firewall to get engine enough backwards so it went clear of steering components. This again gives a lot of room in front of the engine and in real life,nice weight distribution. Well,here are some progress. Comments are welcome.
  10. I think this was a re-issue of a 1959 kit and it sure showed its age. I've never seen so much flash or so many sink-holes. Every panel needed filling, all four tyres had huge craters in the sidewalls. I must admit, this was a real challenge to complete. I had to use clamps and epoxy to get the chassis onto the floorpan and do a lot of brutal trimming to get the interior to fit. I used acetate for the windows, the rear being slightly tinted. i hand painted the whitewalls and scratchbuilt the alternator and oil filler tube. I nearly gave up and it made me question my ability as a model-buil
  11. Fantastic kit -- I can't recommend it highly enough. The engineering is brilliantly thought through, the fit is exemplary, and the detail is great. Finished in Tamiya TS-8 Italian Red straight out of the can. Vallejo acrylics for the inside. bestest, M.
  12. A bit of a departure from my normal European exotics, but I heard so many good things about this kit that I had to give it a try. I don't generally like chrome-laden barges, but this is a genuinely cool car, IMHO... The parts, detail and engineering in this kit are superb, as many have mentioned before me. I had the body painted in Tamiya Italian Red already, just waiting a final polish. The rest makes speedy progress easy. No clear coat, just polished paint. I think it gives a nicely realistic sheen. Lots of work to do on BMFing the chrome, and then some more clean-up to get rid of
  13. Good morning Buddies, today i present you my 1957 Chrysler 300 C Sportswagon based on the amt-kit (#38545), i only used the roof from a Jimmy Flintstone body while the quality and thickness was more bad than good. JF has some better stuff like this one i got! I scratchbuilt the interieur and the trunklid section. Lowering the suspension, some wiring in the enginebay, selfmade windows/BMF and Alclad for chromeparts as always completed this beauty in my view. On the licensplate the name of my beloved girlfriend who is the "designer" and gave me the concept for colors. i "only" was the builder
  14. Hallo everyone Today one of my Turbinecar. Look at where I've found it ... 65' Phantom Turbine Wagon Some more pictures, before i tell something about it: ...
  15. Hi here are presented Chrysler Turbine Car from the movie The Lively Set - 1964 Jo-Han, 1 / 25, # EZ-202 Changes to the production vehicle, I would like to mention only short - Remove the vinyl roof - Remove the logos and lettering - Remove the Fenderskirts - Remove the windshield wiper - Make U-bolts and belts of - Make interior and exterior mirrors - Make the decals new, becaus the decals in the kit are not correct - Replace the serial form beautiful wheels with steel rims Ford F100 ('53) First, the images to the original:
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