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Found 23 results

  1. Hi guys. Sharing my last built, a 1/25 1969 Cadillac wagon resin kit by Dan Decko. Kuddos to Dan to bring such a rare Cadillac on the market. Sources differ a bit on the exact number produced that year. Between 5 to 14 commissioned by GM to chauffeur their executives around for the 1969 Indy 500 race season. Probably 5 Fleetwood and the rest as DeVille series. A very cool but tough model to build though, my sample was not really straight so fitting body, bumpers and chassis all together brought me some headaches. I brought some light body modifications such as a more accurate curve to the sides of the roof, on the windows trim, and add the lower body trim moldings on the rocker panels. I've painted her in Chateau Mauve Firemist metallic, an accurate '69 color for Cadillac and add extra details on roof and trunk lid. Hope you'll like her.
  2. My Daughter gave me this kit one Christmas a decade or so ago. I cannot understand why Revell equipped this classic woodie with only a Cadillac engine. But so be it. After taking some of these today, I discovered a few things I neglected to do (as is my habit, hurrying to get the next kit started) See if you can spot them. You may find more than I did ! 🥴 help me out!
  3. Hi all, Next up, A Modelhaus resin 65 Impala wagon. I’m going to kit bash it with the Foose 65 Impala kit. ( I will need another one of these as I really like the Foose kit) If you have seen my builds, you may have guessed it will be low... yup. Still gathering bits and planning, so it will be a slow start. The resin kit will supply the body, interior tub, (which will need some mods), glass, and rear bumper. Everything else will be from the Foose kit, or parts stash. I played around a bit with the notion of converting it to a two door, but will likely take the easy route on this one and stay with the 4 doors. Probably Pegasus “T” wheels, which are my wheel of choice for this type of build. Sort of classic, sort of modern at the same time in my opinion. The engine will be a big block, deciding between a BNL resin 454 with modern induction set up, a Ron Olsen LS engine with a similar modern intake, or a good ol 409 with a modern intake, maybe a belt driven turbo. Decisions, decisions.... The body has a slight “twist”, or warp to it. I will try to straighten it, but failing that, it is subtle enough to live with, and I think when glued to chassis it will probably right itself. Any input on straightening would be welcomed. As always, any thoughts, comments, input and ideas welcomed. Thanks for having a look. Cheers, Steve
  4. Interesting two-tone body paint, some missing trim and a little rust... http://www.retrovisiones.com/2011/09/442-dias-442-clasicos/
  5. Built this a while ago and recently added the decals and surfboards. Made the decals and plates on my laser printer and the surfboards are carved from balsa wood with sheet plastic fins. Built as a slammer with Fujimi wheels and tires from the 1/25 scale Lindberg Dodge Caravan snap kit. Paint is Duplicolor. Enjoy!! Cheers....Geoff
  6. Sine my 4 door Galaxie is almost done I’ve got a new project getting ready in the wings. I am going to build a 66 Chevelle wagon using the Replica & Minatures stock conversion. It contains a flat hood, stock height front suspension, tires, steel wheels and dog dish hub caps. Should make for an interesting build. Now the decision of what engine/trans to build it with. Any suggestions on a donor kit for a good small block/ auto trans would be welcome.
  7. The MPC Pacer Wagon, with Vette rear suspension, a Toyota 2JZ-GTE engine with a front mount intercooler, seasoned with a dash of rust and topped with an inflatable raft.
  8. US Cars , AMC , Pacer Wagon ,Amt 1:25 US Cars, AMC, Pacer Wagon, AMT 1:25 Hi Guys! Today I want to show you a Pacer. The model is the AMC Pacer Wagon from AMT. The model is with the flat bonnet. I then combined the model with the hood of the `normal Pacer kit to represent the Pacer Wagon of my friend. More than 30 years ago, in the late 1980s, we were on the road here in Germany for a lot of American car meetings. Cologne, Hanover, Bremen, Osnabrück, Bielefeld were just some of them. Back then we were out at least once a month in the summer months and had a lot of fun and then saw beautiful American cars. The model was additionally provided by me with Plastiksheet strips, so as to represent the equipment variant Woody. Have fun watching and greetings to All by Jan
  9. I picked up one of these Jimmy Flintstone resin bodies. They recommend the AMT 57 Ford or the Revell Ranchero kit. Any experience plus or minus?
  10. Does anyone know of a resin 67-68 Ford full-size wagon kit?
  11. Looks like the 1/25 AMT '65 Lincoln Convertible kit is being pushed as a Wagon more than a Convertible, but that's probably a more accurate description of this kit as it exists today:
  12. (Delete if not appropriate) Please no tirekickers. How many would be interested and for sure purchase a trans-kit of the 77 Monaco/Crestwood? It would come with body,rear bumper,tailights and tub/tub extension. Not sure yet if there should be trim for the wood,or leave that up to the builder. This would be mastered and produced by a professional who today produce very high quality aftermarket products,so it will not be anything as the resin blob offered on eBay. The price range my guess will be in the range $45-$60. You will have to supply donor-kit and extra glass. For now just checking interest. If the response is good i`ll get back with more details. Tommy
  13. My first modification..Subaru Impreza SW - Bugeyes
  14. Build thread for my entry to this years Cannonball run (Sleeperball) over in the cbp. I'm taking the Color Me Gone 330 on making it into a rusty crusty Polara Wagon. I'm going to put a modern Hemi in it, may upgrade with a supercharger might not, they are kind of loud. A arm suspension and all wheel disk brakes being donated from what's left of a Viper (Top right in Red) I picked up months ago. Got other plans that I'll disclose when I get them to sell the sleeper look. Starting point Where it's at right now. Didn't like how the rear window looked so I'm cutting and shorting it some. Might be a gutsy move with only 36 days left but I think it'll look closer to the 1:1 now. More to come. Thanks for looking!
  15. tbill

    1966 longroof

    finished this one off yesterday, hope you like it
  16. Over the weekend I completed Revell's 1966 Chevelle Wagon. The kit itself is great, fell together with much ease. I decided to ditch the big rims and tires that came with the kit (WHAT?!?!) and go with more of a sleeper / stockish appearance. Paint is Tamiya Light Blue metallic with Pledge Floor Care for clear. Interior is Tamiya aircraft USA Intermediate Blue with ZING! blue embossing powder for carpet. I'm a little unhappy with a few mistakes I made, but I'll let you find them on your own I swapped the big chrome wheels for some subtle but cool Rallye's. The only external hint that there might be a little more than you expected here is the NSRA sticker in the rear windshield. MCG supplied the alternator bracketry, Preston's distributor. What's a 4-speed without a tach and shift light? Hard to see in the pics, but I added seat belts. My first time ever working with them. Well worth the effort. As always, comments and constructive criticism are welcome.
  17. This was spotted at the 2014 NNL East show. Kudos to the builder for taking on the challenge.
  18. Hello. Anyone know who offers the best open hood 1965 Impala wagon?
  19. I bought this kit from a Model Car Show in November. Yes, I finished it pretty fast. The plan was to build a Surf Wagon/Mild Custom and this is really a Part One of this project. I'll be building a V8 Drag Boat and Trailer, too, and the Oldsmobile will be the hauler for those. I thought about building this one with only some modifications to make it look a bit better. But when I saw the kit's interior tub, I knew that something needed to be done. After some thinking, I ended up scratchbuilding new door panels from sheet styrene. I was going to install the interior on the chassis floor, so I had to use some styrene to fill some gaps and holes from the upside of the chassis pan. Also the trunk (Floor and sidewalls) was scratchbuilt from styrene. Backseat is from Revell's '69 Nova with some styrene added, front seats come from my parts box and center console is from AMT '57 Ford with some cutting and modifying. I used flocking on the floor and painted the interior gold, as it matches well to the body color. Engine needed some modifications, too. There was a metal axle hole on the block that was so high that it almost hit the cylinder heads. I filled it, added a carburetor and did some detailing for the engine. Though, I wanted to keep it simple, because this kit's engine bay was really simplified and I didn't feel like modifying that area. That air tube on air cleaner is made from metal and I black washed the engine a bit to give it some depth. Chassis has molded in axles and everything. I kept the rear end as it is, I just installed the axles I made as low as possible. On the front I filled the axle holes on the chassis and didn't use any axles at all. I just glued the tires on correct spot once the body was installed on the chassis. Body has no body mods. It's just painted with Tamiya TS-20 Metallic Green and Clear Coat. Then I polished it, put the BMF on and made windows from acetate, since the kit parts didn't fit. Grille was detailed with paint: Detailer black wash, some paint for the chromed Headlights and flat black. It was really tricky to paint that part so, that there was no need to wipe excess paint off from the letters. Register plates are Finnish, and they don't mean "Old-51" as someone might wonder, it's "Oldsi" that is a Finnish Word for "Olds". I finished this on Friday for a Model Car show that was Yesterday. And as my surprise, it won the Custom Car class!
  20. Bought this resin kit over a year ago, but didn't get around to it until 2013. I originally tried to cut up the donor car, but it was easier with a kit. I used the '68 Police Cruiser as a donor. Comments welcome! Thanks for looking
  21. OK, one of my favorite cars when I was younger was a '68 Plymouth Fury Wagon. Since I like re-creating my youth, I wanted to build one First, the wrong way: Buy a fairly rare Fury 4 door, and cut it up. Then, the right way: Found a resin version of the wagon, So I'm also now trying to put the 4 door back together! Good thing I've got the weekend. More later!
  22. Hallo everyone Today one of my Turbinecar. Look at where I've found it ... 65' Phantom Turbine Wagon Some more pictures, before i tell something about it: ...
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