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Found 22 results

  1. I've been wanting to build a Jeep Gladiator pickup for a long time, so I bought Revell's most recent "Pink Poison" reissue of their '81 Jeep J-10 pickup and got started. I built this kit in the mid '80s and recalled most of its shortcoming and faults, but it's the only game in town for a bi-scale Jeep J-series truck. so off I go. First step, separate the one-piece(!) cab and bed along the vertical joint line between the two: Next, create a rear cab wall using styrene sheet and reference photos. The Full Size Jeep Forum has been a lifesaver for reference photos, so breaking the rear cab wall down into smaller pieces and different levels, I was able to come up with something close. Here's a good look at the earlier small window rear cab wall on a real truck: I did cheat a bit with the ribs/depressions, as the inside corners should have much smaller radii (essentially making each depression much more rectangular in shape), but I also knew very little of the lower two-thirds of the rear wall would be visible once everything was assembled, so it was a compromise I decided to accept in the name of progress. Anyway, here are the pic of my progress so far: Base piece, step one: Second piece layered on top, to add rib detail. The depressions with be filled slightly to soften/gradually taper the depressions: Greenhouse band/layer added: Same stage as above image, but you can see how the rear wall is just slightly inset from the cab's rear wall. This "step" will also get filled to soften the transition between the wall and cab in the greenhouse area: Tonight I added the raised section around the window glass, most of which will be removed when I create the window opening:
  2. Does any company makes Straight 6 engine for a AMC gremlin? I want to re-create my uncles first car which was a 74 gremlin but the AMT kit only has a V-8 and his had a straight 6 thanks in advance for any help
  3. Note the RHD conversion was performed by the importer, and so explains the less-than-inspiring dash design. Other aspects of the conversion left the reviewers less than impressed, such as the windshield wiper pattern is unchanged and original left-hand mirror remains adjustable, while its mate on the RHD driver's side is not. It's fun to get the British take on the rather peculiar (and yet still typically American) Pacer. Here's what they had to say regarding the issue of the Pacer's doors : "More fundamental is the Pacer's major gimmick--its unequal size doors--is negated by the change [to RHD]. The doors are massive (so heavy in fact they can be an effort to open) and that on the right hand side is 4in longer behind the window than its opposite partner. The intention is to allow easier access for the rear seat passengers from the (right hand) kerb side. In practice, unless the front occupant is at the most forward point of seat travel it is not possible to get into the back without tipping the front seat. As a driver's door, however, it can present considerable difficulties of exit in a confined space. The door's width, plus the long trailing edge mean that it is not possible to get out with the door opened, say, a foot clear of the body--potential owners with narrow garages beware!"
  4. I can't believe they made a model of this. I guess they did, 'cause I built one. Looks like that back axle needs some attention.
  5. I finally have finished something since April lol. I painted this thing last year and put it back in the box until recently. Could add more to it but I'm calling it done. Fun little kit to build though.
  6. The MPC Pacer Wagon, with Vette rear suspension, a Toyota 2JZ-GTE engine with a front mount intercooler, seasoned with a dash of rust and topped with an inflatable raft.
  7. Hi all,hope alls well for ya,,I just finished this Revell "Ice Patrol" kit. Fun kit to do,,sprayed w/Testors "Lime Ice" quickdry enamel,,and some basic wiring and such. Always enjoyed the early 70's AMC products,,my grandpa had a Blue + white interior Jeep Wagoneer ,,had many a fun trip in that one. Enjoy the builds here,,Build on!
  8. Still have some things to finish up on the Pacer Wagon for NNL West's wagon theme. Vette suspension, a Toyota 2JZ-GTE engine and a bunch of weathering. Front splitter and rear diffuser are 3D printed.
  9. I've been looking around here and I've been loving all the awesome models I've been seeing. I also don't see many AMC's other than the occasional gremlin. So I decided to share one of mine with you all. (I build a lot of AMC's....)
  10. Original box for comparison:
  11. Hey all,,enjoy all the great builds here,,gotta be the best builders on the web today,,IMO. A recent build of MPC's 1970 AMX. I built it as a replica of my Dads 69' 1:1 AMX,,same color+ stripes,,changed the rim highlights a bit,,did some accent painting on the bumpers + sidepipes,added the blower{ my Dads was a 390 4 -speed w/carbs ,},w/ dealer factory "Go Package",,I remember always having to climb around the rollbar to get in back when dad and me and my older brother would jump in for what my Dad called " a sunday drive" lol. And off to MIS speedway to watch the early 70's Trans-Am cars race,,,All the ol" Stangs,,Cudas,,Javlins,Camaros, were there,,fun stuff. That car was a ground pounder,,As far as the kit goes,,it was a bit of x-tra work to clean flashing on alot of the parts,,but it was worth it. The working steering setup works well,,and most of it went together well. Keep up the great works out there,,,S
  12. Does anyone have a recommendation about a paint color that is a good match for the OEM color on the engine block of a 1969 or 1970 AMX? Thanks for your assistance.....
  13. In the early 1970s the Hurst company, better known for its racing products introduced a hydraulic rescue tool which became known as the "jaws of life". That product has become well known today. Less well known was their effort to market a rescue vehicle based on the AMC Gremlin. The Hurst Rescue Systems 1, combined an AMC Gremlin with a Hurst Rescue tool (power head and spreaders), medical and firefighting equipment including a 25 gallon tank of water and foam concentrate. In 1973 an HRS1 sold for $11,000, a new Gremlin sold for about $1900 so most of this cost was the equipment. Why they chose a Gremlin? We may never know, but as it makes for an interesting model I'm glad they did. Less than a dozen are known to have been sold, and only one is known to exist today. The remaining example is a 1973 model still owned by a fire department in Georgia which bought it new. There is not a lot known about these vehicles, most of the info being based on an article on the sole survivor. There are a few ads showing the car and the basic equipment. I'm starting with an AMT (MPC?) 1975 Gremlin kit. The real HRS1s were offered from 1972-1974, so I'll be taking a few liberties. I have not been able to find any good quality photos showing the interior layout, so I'll be relying on my best guess. I've got the body taped off and painted.
  14. Johan kit, decals from Firebird Designs, Tamiya paints.
  15. Bought the kit with my tax refund. Been wanting one for my collection for awhile. Had to oreder the decals because the ones the kit came with fell apart. The kit itself wasn't bad but, there were some issues. The engine was highly detailed; even had an air grabber on the air cleaner. However, the engine bay was not detailed, nor was the underside of the car. I also hated the rod system for the wheels. Especially, since I only had one rod with the kit. Over all though it came out OK.
  16. Just completed. Despite some fitment issues, a good build.
  17. I've been very busy with life "stuff", and sorting out casting for other projects to satisfaction, but in the meantime had started this project (before the new year) on a very rare and interesting car, the AMC AMX/3. Styled by Richard Teague, and chassis development by Giotto Bizzarrini, the AMX/3 was developed into a fully operational vehicle, with 5-6 cars built & remain intact today. The car was mid-engined design, with fully independent suspensions front + rear, a 390 V8 and 4 speed transaxle bespoke. Reference photos, in particular of the under chassis, are not easly found, so I built some areas with less detail than others, rather than to try and "fill in" detail incorrectly, instead building only as what can be clearly seen. Again, is being built in a manner condusive to casting & assembly ease, but also to make as accurately as I can do so. Enjoy!
  18. Could have been better, but the kit isn't that great. Wish it had the stock stripes too.
  19. Had to do a lot of work on this one. Got a really crappy Rambler pro-street model and then had to buy the decals separately. The fit was horrible and I had to trim a lot of the pieces to make them fit. However the rods for the wheels were of plastic and could not be trimmed, so I just glued the wheels straight onto the model. The decals were a tad larger than the car, so I had to trim them. They were also on giant sheet, so I had to trim all of them out separately too. It was a pain, but it looks good.
  20. Just wrapped up building this Johan 1970 AMC Rebel "The Machine." You can see more pics and read all the details on my site. Here' a link. http://www.svensworldofwheels.com/70_amc_rebel_machine_page.html
  21. More good news for AMC fans from John Greczula ...... http://wwwboard.spotlighthobbies.com/index.pl?read=1704010 -Steve
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