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Found 12 results

  1. Hi! Since I was 15 and helped my next-door friend instal Hooker headers on his 304 - 3 speed Gremlin X, I always had a soft spot for the strange little car from AMC... I had a 76 AMT Gremlin X in my stash, but what to do with it that would be a bit unusual? Let's see... I LOVE traveling to the Mount-Washington Valley in New-Hampshire, and I've driven to the top of the mountain a few times, by car and motorcycle. And I LOVE a famous Mexican restaurant in nearby Conway Village, the Cafe Noche. What if, in my fantasy, an all wheel-drive, twin turbo rallye Gremlin, sponsored by said restaurant, would enter the famous Run to the clouds, Mt Washington's response to Pikes Peak, held in mid-summer since eons? There you have it: AMT 76 Gremmy, mashed with AMT's Dodge Stealth powertrain and platform, both extensively modified, of course. Parts box seats, Foose 64 Impala rolling stock, Monogram's Turbo TBird intercooler, MPC's borsch altered wing (modified). Throw in a lot of scratchbuilt: door panels, roll-bar, console, shifter, hand-brake, bumpers, scoops, radio antenna, air intake plenum, some sponsor and event home-made decals, etc. Tamya's paints + Alclad and Molotow's chrome. It remains to be seen if the typical Subarus and Focus will feel threatened... But we can entertain the fantasy. Hours of fun with styrene! CT
  2. Does any company makes Straight 6 engine for a AMC gremlin? I want to re-create my uncles first car which was a 74 gremlin but the AMT kit only has a V-8 and his had a straight 6 thanks in advance for any help
  3. I can't believe they made a model of this. I guess they did, 'cause I built one. Looks like that back axle needs some attention.
  4. I finally have finished something since April lol. I painted this thing last year and put it back in the box until recently. Could add more to it but I'm calling it done. Fun little kit to build though.
  5. Original box for comparison:
  6. Here is an old thread fix caused by the botophucket debacle, Conceived and built in the 80's, it's going to get some attention to resolve some issues (like no back glass) after the Phantom Ranchero GT is done. Scan of photo taken in the mid 80's gremlin01 by Mike, on Flickr More recent photos with better camera gremlin04 by Mike, on Flickr gremlin07 by Mike, on Flickr gremlin03 by Mike, on Flickr gremlin05 by Mike, on Flickr IMG_3262 by Mike, on Flickr
  7. In the early 1970s the Hurst company, better known for its racing products introduced a hydraulic rescue tool which became known as the "jaws of life". That product has become well known today. Less well known was their effort to market a rescue vehicle based on the AMC Gremlin. The Hurst Rescue Systems 1, combined an AMC Gremlin with a Hurst Rescue tool (power head and spreaders), medical and firefighting equipment including a 25 gallon tank of water and foam concentrate. In 1973 an HRS1 sold for $11,000, a new Gremlin sold for about $1900 so most of this cost was the equipment. Why they chose a Gremlin? We may never know, but as it makes for an interesting model I'm glad they did. Less than a dozen are known to have been sold, and only one is known to exist today. The remaining example is a 1973 model still owned by a fire department in Georgia which bought it new. There is not a lot known about these vehicles, most of the info being based on an article on the sole survivor. There are a few ads showing the car and the basic equipment. I'm starting with an AMT (MPC?) 1975 Gremlin kit. The real HRS1s were offered from 1972-1974, so I'll be taking a few liberties. I have not been able to find any good quality photos showing the interior layout, so I'll be relying on my best guess. I've got the body taped off and painted.
  8. Here is a project ive been working on for a while. Using the Gremlin X kit, and the 1933 Willys Gasser kit as the main donors. The main idea was a wild chromed out gasser show car. Something from the late 70's early 80's show car circuit. Name = Gizmo Color Scheme = Bright Green with Purple Windows and Accents, Chrome Everything Interior = Metal Flake Silver Vinyl with Diamond Pleats Engine = Early 392 Hemi with Hilborn Injection Overall Look = Wild. Here is the progess so far: First thing was to lop off the factory front end and make some new frame rails. I made these the correct width to accept the Willys front axle and springs. Rough Suspension Mockup Check the stance and fit of the hemi Removal of pesky fuel tank, and chassis smoothing. Suspension Mounts and new wheels and tires from Comp Resins. Switch out from the funky willys rear end to the 9" out of the AMT 62 Thunderbird Scratch built some ladder bars, and finished up the chassis mounts. (still need shocks and steering linkage)
  9. Just completed. Despite some fitment issues, a good build.
  10. More good news for AMC fans from John Greczula ...... http://wwwboard.spotlighthobbies.com/index.pl?read=1704010 -Steve
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